Wednesday, November 29, 2006


What a result,
I think this is more than we were all expecting, a new wargame, new packs, new information sheets and translation of the panzer tales
-The first gaming packs seem to be orientated arounf the following campaigns:
- Battle of the Bulge

The Models in singles and packs!

The "Panzer Tales" books in ENGLISH!

Wargame Sets + Rule Sets (USA Exclusive?)

About World Tank Museum™
World Tank Museum™ is our name for the series of incredibly detailed model replicas of historical tanks and armored fighting vehicles first released in Japan. The series was created by ArcLight Corporation, and the models were produced by Kaiyodo.
U.S.-based Design Team
The core U.S.-based design team at Bay Process Consulting Center, Inc. consists of research and text by Dana Lombardy, research assistance by Charles Sharp and T. P. Schweider, illustrations by Rick Drennan, packaging & visual design by Nicolas Solberg and book & comic layout by Mark Schumann.
The U.S.-based team is making these models available for the first time in English, along with providing new content.


Monday, November 27, 2006

1/144 Pro-hobby Future Releases!!!!!

check here for more exiting releases from Pro-Hobby, many more nations covered:
Cezch, Italian, French, Imperial Japan, JSDF, British, RAf, German Russian and more!?

1/144 Military Aircraft Decals by "HaHen"

An interesting range of decals made my a German Enthusiast.
Some intersting decals for "coldwar" and "modern" aircraft in German Airforce Service.
so if your looking to decorate more of those Bandai and Cafereo aircraft here is your chance!
Many more at the site:

Friday, November 24, 2006

1/150 Tomytec update

Farm Collection - Release Date : Feburary 2007

Factoary Collection - Release Date: March 2007

Saturday, November 18, 2006

1/150 Tomytec Factory & workers !!!

1/150 Tomytec Factory & workers !!!
Also coming soon,
3x Factory units - "woodworking", "ironworks" and "food processing"
3x "workers" colour types (24 pieces)

available for pre-order:

1/150 Tomytec "Building Collection - FARMS" & Figures!

1/150 Tomytec "Building Collection - FARMS" & Figures!
A new range of buildings and figures available from Tomytec, based arounf traditional Japanese Country Farms, and associated figures!.
There is a set of three farmyard complexes and three sets of figures.
All of these are an ideal compainion to the Machinimi Collections!
Available now, if you can find them in stock - they appear to have been very popular and are already hard to get hold off!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

1/144 F-Toys Twin Engine - Series 2 Box

1/144 F-Toys Twin Engine - Series 2 Box

another pictur,e this time of a different box!?

1/144 Dragon, Stug III & IV - Japanese Edition

sorry, picture is not great quality!
but here is the first photo of the Japanese packaging i have seen!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Project 144 Exhibition #4 - Tokyo Japan 19/11/2006

Project 144 Exhibition #4 - Tokyo Japan 19/11/2006
Official Notice & Directions
for a sneak preview!!
Links to official report will follow next week?

1/144 Dragon Panzer Korps - German StuG III & StuG IV

US Release: Janurary 2007

1/144 Panzer Korps - German StuG III & StuG IV

This series showcases some of these powerful vehicles in 1/144 plastic kit form! Each Inner assortment includes the following:
DRA 14041 StuH 42 and StuG IV Early Production
DRA 14042 StuG III Ausf. G and 15cm Sturn-Infanteriegeschutz 33
DRA 14043 StuG III Ausf. B and StuG III Ausf. F/8
DRA 14044 StuG III Ausf. A and StuG III Ausf. F/8 w/ Ostketten
- Highly detailed accurate 1/144 molds
- Designed using CAD technology
- Tracks come as separate parts
- Outer road wheels come as a single unit to ease assembly
- Photo-etched parts
- Decals by Cartograf
More detailed and packing shots should appear soon!
Thanks to all who pointed this out.

1/144 Dragon "" - German StuG III & StuG IV

USA Release: December 2006
1/144 German StuG III & StuG IV assortment set (#CAN 20089)

New Tooling This series showcases seven armored vehicles from the StuG III and StuG IV families and is completely new from the ground up.
Each piece has been painstakingly created using high-tech CAD programs and the latest in design techniques.
Items in this series:
A) StuG III Ausf.B Abt.226 'Operation Barbarossa' 1941
B) StuG III Ausf.F/8 StuG Abt.209, Eastern Front 1943
C) StuG III Ausf.G Unidentified Unit
D) StuH.42 10.5cm, Ardennes 1944
E) 15cm Sturm-Infanteriegeschutz 33 Ausf.Pz.III, StuG Abt.177, Stalingrad 1942
F) StuG IV Early Production StuG Brigade 907 Italy 1944
X) StuG III Ausf.F/8 StuG Brigade 243, Eastern Front 1943-44

Main Features:
- Blister display box packaging
- Road wheels designed as a single dual-wheel unit (with inside and outside road wheels)
- Vehicle tracks are detachable.
- Special bonus StuG III F/8 in a white winter camouflage scheme
- All newly tooled
- True to 1/144 scale
- Fully researched and accurate
- Detailed camouflage patterns
- Fully assembled
- Includes a sturdy display case (USA Package)
thanks to machinehead, airman & Wtmblog

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Panzer Tracts!!

Panzer Tracts

this company provides an excellent source of refernce material for modellers and those with a hoistorical interest!
Some very well researched items with visits visits around the world to existing models and museums with the factual dimensions from variuos sub models recorded as well as exstensive research and historical analysis.
I have now purchased a range of their products and am very imperesed!

Panther PZ V

panzer quiz (may you conver to other languages??)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hornby buys Airfix!!

While the news that Airfix has been bought by a UK company will be welcomed by plastic Spitfire aficionados, Hornby warned that change was inevitable. The company said it was planning "a new range of Airfix's plastic tanks, planes and ships adapted for a younger generation with a shorter attention span than its parents".Hornby chief exec Frank Martin told Reuters: "We wouldn't rule anything out. At the younger end we might produce kits which are already painted, already clipped together."Instead of working on something for a week, children can work on something for an afternoon. If that's what they want, we can give it to them."In the short term, Hornby is looking at "character licensing and film character-related products", Martin added.Hornby did, however, say it would "not desert products for the brand's older fans". Martin promised to keep the classic kits flying, stating: "Many of them sell year-in, year-out because they are iconic subject matter." ®

I think that we may see more of the "eazy-snap" type kits from Revell (prepainted, scale that "fits the box" kit) from AIrfix as they target the younger audience, maybe we will get similar if they start going for tanks.
Lets hope the the new business plane includes 1/144!This way maybe we will see more aircraft in the style of Takara/Hasegawa WOTL/ FAOW where the "kits" are prepainted, and wouldnt it be cool, if we got another range of prebuilt tanks (i sadly suspect in the 21cc/NM stlye rather than or maybe even "prepainted" panzer Korps.
Lets hope the new owners can bring the same sucess for Airfix as they have done for Hornby and other brands!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

1/144 B-17F-25 Flying Fortress "The Duchess" 358th BS, 1944 - Dragon Warbirds

ITEM NO: DRW 51003
SCALE: 1:144
ARRIVAL: January 2007

Main Features:
- Fully detailed 1/144 B-17 mold approved by Boeing
- Diecast metal fuselage and wings
- Bomb bay door can be positioned as open or closed
- Rotating propellers
- Accurate engraved panel lines
- Historically accurate markings
- Pre-assembled

1/144 Japanese Modelling Site!

This site is one i picked up from a post from el-bassers modelling site.
I recommend you look at the site below, should be a an inspiration and delight to you!
Aircraft and Armour Modeling blog site

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

1/144 "Coming to America" Part 2 ?



space & trains

This is the site of an intersting importor of Furuta, POPY, TAKARA, F-Toys and TOMYTEC items into the USA!

You will not believe the wonders available here!

there is also a load of othe cheap stuff that might appeal to Wargamers!

and, finally - the pictures shown on the page are high quality and some even I havent seen before, well worth saving into your archive!