Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1/44 Stealth Black Hawk - Dragon

1/44 Stealth Black Hawk "Operation Geronimo"- Dragon

Dragon are treating the 1/144 modeler very well this year, first the Chinese J-20, and now the 'Stealth Black Hawk' used in the recent raid in Pakistan.

Not a lot of information to provide at the moment:

Available: tbc
Price: $16

It appears to be a "1+1" kit, so two kits in the box

Link: Dragon Kit #4628

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1/144 Fokker DR.1 Triplane - Kampfflieger

1/144 Fokker DR.1 Triplane - Kampfflieger

It has been some time since we saw a new 1/144 model from Kampfflieger and now he returns with an nice favourite of many, the Fokker DR.1. Even if you only owned one WWI aircraft the chances are that this is the one you would have...... and, you would probably paint it red!?

Available now:

White, Strong and Flexible : $9.16
Frosted Ultra Detail : $12.77

dont forget that you can also combine Shapeways Orders from many stores, such as:
Small Scale Shop
CG Dynamix

Also, check out "Dom's Decals" for WW1 decals for Dr.1 options (Jasta 19 & National Marks)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

1/144 Luftwaffe Ah.472 Trailer -

1/144 Luftwaffe Ah.472 Trailer -

Brengun have released a great looking Photo Etch and Resin Trailer to enhance your Luftwaffe Airfield dioramas. The detailing and qaulity look excellent, what more can i say, just look at the photos!

Available: May 2011
Price: 14.16 Euros

There are also a number of accesories for Hunters, Harriers, Oxygen and power carts recently released from Brengun.

1/144 Tank Depot 10x Figure Set - CGD

1/144 Tank Depot 10x Figure Set (Unpainted)- by CGD

A number of factors have led to CGD to release an interesting set of figures. The demand by modellers to have accurate scale 1/144 to enhance their dioramas, and more interesting for the whole 3D printing experience Shapeways are trailing a new "ultra fine" print medium. This has led CGD to design some figures that look like figures and not just a collection of lumps and bumps!

You will get 10 figures in an assortment of poses, designed to be used around an "armour maintenance depot", interestingly these come with detachable foot places so you can have your figure supported on its own base, or detached the figure can be attached to diorama directly (remember to paint them first!)

Note: This material provided by Shapeways makes they figure more like Resin than Plastic, and may need care when handling.

HD Images: Build Figures Gallery

Availiable: May 2011 (Limited Edition)
Price: $19.90 (via CGD Ebay)
Price: $

See CGD for more info:

or, they can be added to a shapeways order at:

Mercedes L3000 Truck - Panzer Depot

German Mercedes Benz L3000

Now available from Panzer Depot, another 'soft skin' item for your collection!

Together with Opel Blitz, the Mercedes-Benz L3000 3-Ton diesel truck was one of the primary transport vehicles of the German Army during World War II.

7434 units were made. The truck was powered with 6-cylinder 95hp engine.

Available: May 2011
Panzer Grey - $17.80
Dunkel Gelb - $17.80
Camo - $18.80

Our Website:
Our Online shop:

1/144 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Series by F-Toys

1/144 'Maritime Patrol Aircraft' Series by F-Toys
  • E-2C Hawkeye
  • S-2 Tracker
  • S-3 Viking
As per the usual F-Toys appraoch, expect some alternate colour options and a series special or two!?

Price: 600 Yen
Available: 25 July 2011

Source: Platz

Friday, May 13, 2011

1/144 Control Tower "Type A" - Sankei

1/144 Control Tower "Type A" - Sankei

More known for their 1/150 N-Gauge railway diorama pieces Sankei are producing a Modern Control Tower Card/Papercraft kit.

It looks pretty good and is likely to be pre-cut/lazer cut to make construction easier!
Its not cheap but this is a nice precision card kit.

Available: (pre-order - for End of May 2011)
Price: 2800 Yen (35USD)

Judging by the Shizuoka photos there will be a second version of this kit also being issued.

1/144 Big Bird Vol.5 - Algernon

1/144 Big Bird Vol.5 - Algernon

Algernon disclosed the main items in the next installment of the Big Bird Series.

The line-up is quite interesting as it has items previously available as metal kits from Altaya and Atlas, resin kits and the H6K5 Type 97 Mavis 97 a kit from Trumpeter?

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 "Sparviero" apprears to have people excited as Italian aircraft are not covered too often in 1/14 Gashopon. In fact I can think of only the Macchi C.202 in the F-Toys WWII "War Birds" Collection ,the Macchi 33 & 72 in the F-Toys Seaplanes Collection and an Italian Spad in The F-Toys Bi-plane collection?

The B&V 138C was obviosuly produced by FE-Resin & Miniwing

Prices and Availablity to follow!

1/144 JAS 39 Decal Set - Mark.1/4+ Publications

1/144 JAS 39 Decal Set - Mark.1/4+ Publications

The book and decal publication has 28 pages, including a total of 49 overall and detailed photographs, 12 pages with colour camouflage schemes and their description. Text in English.

A comprehensive decal sheet is added for modellers' convenience, with 1/144th transfers (MKD144012; 1x 100x100 mm sheet) the following aircraft are depicted on the decal sheet:

Swedish Air Force (5x),
Czech Air Force (3x),
Hungarian Air Force (2x),
South African Air Force (1x)
Royal Thai Air Force (1x).

Available: Now:
Price: @£20 GBP

Previous Book & Decal sets from Mark.1

Saturday, May 07, 2011

1/144 CGD German TKS tractor with Pak 36

1/144 CGD German Captured TKS tractor with Pak 36 Anti-tank Gun
fter overrunning Poland in 1939, the Germans captured many TKS tankettes. Starting form 1940 they were put into organized use with designation le.PzKpfw TKS(p). A lot of the captured TKS has their weapons removed and modified to be used as light tractors.

Available: Now
Price : $18.90

Monday, May 02, 2011

1/144 Hanger, HAS & Bunker - By GPM

1/144 Hanger, HAS & Bunker - By GPM.

GPM is a Polish company that I first bought to your attention some time back in 2007, since that time they have expanded their 1/144 range by introducing a range of more affordable and user friendly card based models (inc transparencies for windows where appropriate). The range now includes an excellent WWII Hanger, and a Cold War style Modern Hardened Aircraft Shelter.

The basic construction of these items is based on varying thicknesses of laser-cut card and hard boards that whilst having some colour lend themselves to being painted and enhanced with additional railway style diorama products.

The hangers and shelters are nice renditions of the items concerned, and if ever you wanted to build one of the 1945 style bombed out Luftwaffe Hangers this is the once. Its not too expensive and would be easy to cut and distress to get that beleaguered effect!? (It obviously looks great fully intact too!)

The post-war Hardened Aircraft Shelter would look great certainly for an Warsaw Pact style diorama, but would also look good with other aircraft of that period.

If you have the built the Tom-Tom hanger these should not be too much of a stretch beyond that, if you haven't it would be worth while having a practice on the Tom-Tom hanger to get your and and eye experienced.

The postage on either of the Hanger or Todt card based items is fairly standard, the postage on the Todt Batterie is likely to be much more and worth noting this at the checkout! It was a pleasure however to be on the receiving end of prompt and quick Post (credit to the Polish Mail Service and Royal Mail!)

The Todt Batterie is slightly different scenario. It is a 'mixed media' kit and contains metal, card and 'plaster of Paris' based components (these are the heavy parts) such as the casement and some of the surrounding parts. It is worth noting that to make a truly excellent job of your Todt Batterie then some additional modelling and landscaping would be required.

1/144 Hanger by GPM -
Available: Now
Price: 10.26 Euro 13.79 USD

1/144 (HAS) Hardend Aircraft shelter by GPM
Available: Now
Price: 10.26 Euro 13.79 USD

1/144 Todt Batterie by GPM
Available: Now
Price: 45.90 Euro 61.72 USD

1/144 Alexeyev KM Ekranoplan - Anigrand

Alexeyev KM Ekranoplan "Caspian sea monster"

The Ekranpolans were albiet very large (550 Tons) deomonstrators of the "Wing In Ground Effect" principle, neither a boat, nor a plane, They were designed to skim across lakes and potentially larger bodies of water(?) at very high speeds.

This should be some size!
It is meant to be between 90-100m long and upto 30m at its widest, in 1/144 that is in the region on 700 x 200mm!

I would expect bonus items, certianly there are numerous WIG aircraft that could be incoprorated....

Available: July 2011
Price: tbc

It has been speculated for many years that if anyone was to build this, it would be Anigrand. It would appear they have now done so!