Monday, August 30, 2010

1/144 Ju-52 "D-ABIK" Lufthansa 1936 - Hobby Master

Hobby Master Air Power Series
HA9001 1/144 Junkers Ju-52 Diecast Model Lufthansa, "Manfred von Richthofen", 1936

Hobby Master of Hong Kong are launching a new range of 1/144 Aircraft.
Initially the release appears to be a intersting Lufthansa passenger liner from 1936.
It is stated as "New Tooling" so it shouldnt be a reissue we have seen from someone else, the other interesting fact is that HM seen keen to reissue their models under a wide range of paint schemes.

The "1936 Olympics" version would have been another interesting schema, but I suppose the cost of the official olympics license would have been too exspensive?

However another 1/144 vendor has to be welcomed and hopefully this is the first of many.

I dont know a lot about Hobby Master items, information available on forums would indicate a high metal content, rubber wheels and padded/painted decals. Hopefully thie model will have a proper ribbed structure unlike the IXO.

The paint scheme does not look quite right, but typically when needed i cant find a decent 1936 image of this aircraft on google/bing!

Available: Some sites say December 2010/the HM Site says October 2010?
Cost: $50 USD?

Update: Pre-Production Photos Here

Saturday, August 28, 2010

1/144 JU-88 A-17/-11 (A-4/Trop) - Foxone

As previously discussed Foxone are expanding thier JU-88 range with a number of varients in the Ju 88 series.

As the design of the Foxone kits is undertaken using 3D CAD design it means that revisions to the original kit can be seemlessly and quickly integrated.

Therefore I cant add to much beyond what I have previously written on this subject, but this release does provide an interesting an unusal anti-ship aircraft varient, including Torpedo and loading trolley/dolley.

The other interest item of not is the decals, no longer do you need to be an airbrush ninja to create stunning squiggle/wave pattern. This kits comes with some interesting white decals that enable you to do this relatively easily and quickly! It also comes with marking for two aircrat.

Price: 8,000 Yen
Available: Now

For more details see:

Order Details: here and here

Monday, August 23, 2010

1/148 IL-2 - by Zvezda

Звезда 1/148 Ил-2!
Zvesda 1/148 IL-2

An interesting kit has come to my attention, it appears that it may be part of a magazine series in Russian similar to the 'Del Prado' or Ixo/Altaya style approach where a magazine and a model/kit are sold as a package. It is not clear if this is a one-off special, or part of an on-going series?

The kit is simple and cheap by all acounts, please see the link below for more photographs.

The kit appears to have been made by Zvezda and is approx 1/148, again not clear is this is a common size or a size to fit the package?


Obviously, Google translate does not provide all answers!?
So if you have any further information?

"за Родину!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1/144 Ju88A-17/A-4Trop by Foxone

Foxone is continuing with his series of Ju-88 kits for the Expert builder.

This time Foxone is adapting the A-4 into the A-17 Version with Tropical options pack, also a Torpedo dolley and muntions options pack.

The updates to the original kit can be seen in the CAD drawing above, whereby changes to the fuselage and engine exhausts can be seen.

Keep up with the updates as they are posted - here -

No word on availbility as yet.

It is not clear currently if this will be offered as a new complete kit or and upgrade kit?
The design of the original A-4 kit would allow for parts to be swapped out, such a #3 (Lower fuselage, and others such as engine exhausts? Other parts would additonal?)

Of course, you will find out here first!!

1/144 Blue Impluse 50th Anniversery - Doyusha

I am not sure what the difference is between this Doyusha/Dragon Blue Impluse release and the one earlier this years, excpet the extra "Celebration Sticker" and differing colour white and blue bases!? Still, probably make someones day?

1x Box of 12 Pieces.
Available: Mid September 2010
Price: 7,600 Yen


1/144 5.5cm Zwilling Flak Löwe - CGDynamix

CGDynamix have released another item in their 1/144 Paper Tigers/What If Range:

in 1941, Krupp started the development of a new heavy tank to succeed the Tiger II (King Tiger). In July 1942, an order to stop the development of the Löwe was issued in favour for the development of Stupid Heavy Tank 188 ton Maus by Porsche. The Löwe never reached prototype stage and became another Paper Panzer.

The 1/144 Wehrmacht '46 German 5.5cm Zwilling Flak Löwe is based on chassis of Löwe drawing no. W 1663 of 23 April 1942, mounting twin 5.5cm guns. An extended turret is used to house a built-in range finder. Standard components form the Löwe tank is used with addition of 2 loader's hatch and two fume extraction fans on the turret.

Further details and back story - here -

Available: now
Price: $19.90 (3 Colour Option - Here - )
Price; $19.90 (Singel Colour - Here - )

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1/144 SdKfz 9 FAMO 18T - Panzer Depot

It is time for Panzers Depots August release and it does not disappoint!

The SdKfz 9 18T half track by FAMO, or the FAMO 18T as it is also known.

It would be nice to see a version with the tilt/canvas cover, or maybe other variants.
A real nice option for the future would be the Tank Transporter trailer - Sd.Ah.116?

The comparison against the Tiger is interesting as it brings home just how large these beasts are!
They not classified as "heavy" for no reason.

3 Colour options are available.

Available: now
Price: $16.80 & $17.80 dependant on option.

1/144 Waffenträger 38(d) 2 cm Flakvierling 38 - CGD

Waffenträger 38(d) 2 cm Flakvierling 38 - CGD

CG Dymanix have releases another variant of the Waffenträger 38(d) series, this time it comes inconjunction with a 2 cm Flakvierling 38 that can be mounted on the Waffenträger 38(d) or independantly mounted on the appropriate mount. The unit also comes with the transport option and field workshop accessories!

The 2 cm Flakvierling 38 is also available seperately.

Available: Now #1 & #2 at CGD
Cost: $19 Full Set
$11 Vierlinks

more information and photographs here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1/144 ZERO FIGHTER A6M5bType 52 Otsu - Sweet

Apparently due to great demand in Japan, Sweet are issuing another Zero Kit.

Mitsubushi A6M5b Type 52 Otsu

Particular items of interest appear to be: Extra Pilot Armour, Up gunned to 13mm cannon
Woodern wings , Type II unified (wood) drop tank set.

- Package Illustration Huzita Yukihisa
- Decalss option for mulitple: 221 Naval Air Service and 653 Naval Air Service.

Available: 28 July 2010
Cost: 2,000 Yen
Do not forget to access you special edition Sweet Zero Special EditionWallpaper (updated 1280 version) - Here -

Friday, August 06, 2010

EMW Wasserfall SAM Missile by

"Coming Soon".
Brengun plan to release a kit of the WWII experimental Surface to Air Missile that was undertaken as part of the German rocket programme. It was largely abandoned late in the war.

As with so many of htese project and interesting technical exercise and historical curiosity, but how effective could they have been with time and resources running out?