Monday, January 30, 2006

1/144 WTM Takara "Official" Diorama Downloads! (updated)
One for the 1/144 fans!

since the merger of TAKARA & TOMY their websites have been reorganised
please now look here

Hidden away under the WTM 04 Banner are some interesting downloads! (see link above)

Here are some FREE Diorama downloads for WTM!

They use a bit of black in, but if you have a copy of ACROBAT PRO you can extra the JPG's out of the PDFS (no sadly I cant do this for you its TAKARA Property - ask your own friendly graphic designer - the responsibility and legal issues are your problem!)

but you can use the PDFs as provided by Takara as long as you dont mess around or redistribute claiming ownership!


1/150 Tomytec downloads - Tomy Bus and Machinami House Collections!

for those of you who dont know...
if you poke around on the like above there area number of downloads to allow you to print free dioramas for your Tomy Bus and Machinami House Collections!

1/144 Flightdeck Section - Graphic

Hello all.
Just stumled across this item that is available on the web.
Please refer to orignal japanese site above to download the correct PC or MAC file.

It basically appears to be a section of flightdeck the creator has made availble for people to print (why else would b be there).

If you mke the file availble please refer back to the originating site so the creator can get the credit due to him!

the owner is happy for people to use this! - I have use google to translate!


Sunday, January 29, 2006


Hello AllThe bog has now been running for a whole month and recently I was able to add a stat counter and country tracker (somewhere down the bottom of the page) and even after a few days I am amazed to see people from all over the world coming to see the items I post.

I am happy that all people are now looking at this and just the usual suspects!

Feel free to comment on any items, or make suggestion for subjects or projects to be covered?
Thanks for Looking, the more you look the more I will keep writting!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

1/144 I never thought of that!?

Well I am abit behind this weeks modeling project, as I have been preparing some more ebay items.

However for your delight and entertainment I persent the following novelty!!

This is obviously a 1/144 Takara King Tiger - but what is that turret!!
Well my interested fellows - It is a Turret from the 1/1700 ship!
**** ok, i notice a problem, the ship shown is not the yamato - does anyone know which ship I should be looking for??? does the yatohace 2 or 3 guns per turret????? ****

(there are many intersting pictures, including 1/144 AA Turret in background!)

An interesting and curious mixture - I would like to see what this looks like painted!

I think this might also look good on the Dragon Panzer Corps E-100 and "Maus"????

Friday, January 27, 2006

WW2 reference photographs in Colour !!!

Nice site dedicated to ww2 in color photographs.
All major powers in ww2 covered, USA, UK, RUSSIA, GERMANY and JAPAN, a fair mix or LAN< SEA AND AIR.
I think there is mix of "posed" Propoganda photos and "real" photos, either way an interesting reference for those interested in history or those with modelling projects in need of inspiration or guidance on paint, colour, camoflauge and realistic scenes!


Poppy 1/144 overhead tank PANZERFRONT (reproduction)

(2006/01/27) Poppy 1/144 overhead tank PANZERFRONT (reproduction) approximately 2006/03/26 schedule reservation acceptance start

(2006/01/27) ポピー 1/144架空戦車 PANZERFRONT(再生産) 2006/03/26前後予定 予約受付開始

now this has got me interested!!

I can think of two options, both are appealing, i thinks this is ;

1) the rerelease of the Panzer46 type resin kits sold as B-CLub by POPY as i have previously written that I would like to see again and more importantly buy!!

2) could it be a new POPY Projekt Panzer series???/

it is not clear if kits are released n march or reservations open in march??

any more information?????

Thursday, January 26, 2006

1/144 F-Toys - Platz - "Rescue Wings" JASDF UH-60J "BLACK HAWK".

○1/144 航空自衛隊UH-60J(2機セット) JASDF UH-60J "BLACK HAWK" (Twin Pack)

#78 the machine of the Komatsu search and rescue unit post

i think this must be some kind of joint partnership between f-toys and Platz.

I think that in a way platz have produced the FW-190 and P-51 kit series where you get two models per box this helicoptor series is the same deal.

I get the feeling "Rescue Wings" must be some animated TV series or comic book?

I am slightly curious about the F-Toys 1/144 Workshop as i thought that was mainly used for the gashopon series? - so is this one or two announcements?

Available Feb 19th

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Future WTM Release Options?

There is an interesting post on a well informed Japanese Modeller called "Fumi".
Using google it would appeat he obviosuly appears to have a magazine or picture that in some way suggests we *might* be looking at shots of protype models for *potential* future releases.

The tank in the centre is obviously a Japanese tank. There is a german halftrack in the picture and I cant quite make out waht kind of tanks is at the bottom but it could be Russian.

Take a look via the link above and see what you think!!?

Monday, January 23, 2006

1/144 Prohobby German Troops #1 (Metal)

1/144 Prohobby German Troops #1 (Metal)

An interesting set of "Action" poses struck by German Infantry.
Painted to a high quality, thankfully they look better in real life than the original company publication!

Nicely painted, should be interesteding to add to a diorama.

You may also wish to know there is also at least one more set of German Troops to be produced with 4-5 Germans in a Marching or "goose stepping" poses......... Now put those together with the "mini figs" of "CG Dynamixs" - "German Personalities" figures <<>> and you could have yourself an interesting if "politically incorrect" diorama......

personally I like the look of this SDKFZ 7/1 AA version


1/144 Prohobby Resin Russian Truck "GAZ-AA" GK-1-SS MGSS-1-SS

1/144 Prohobby Russian Truck "GAZ-AA" GK-1-SS MGSS-1-SS

A welcome non combat vehicle for the 1/144 arean.
Makes a change form the Opel Blitz and Mercedess 1500 you normally get for the germans.
Now you can get your comrades to the battle even quicker.... or you could just catch a ride on the back of a T_34!

Interestingly this item is a solid cast, with just some tidying up work to do!
Nice detail, even has detailed running gear and mechanicals underneath the truck/

the decals are 3x sizes of red stars, and more interestingly for a russian truck (well I suppose they must have been captured by the GErmans) 3x sizes of "hooked crosses"

1/144 ProHobby Resin Panzer I "Command" MGSS-6-SS

1/144 ProHobby Resin Panzer I "Command" MGSS-6-SS

Also got this little one today, another nice garage kit of a Panzer I - The "Command" Version i think?

Decals include numerals 1-9 and sets of balken crosses in 3 sizes.

1/144 Santa !!!

Look at what the postman delivered today!!

Well the people at PROHOBBY have been having some fun!

They have produce two 1/144 sets of santa - a bit late perhaps for us guys, but there is always next year!? I think they also produced a set themed around the Japanese new yeat, and there is also a Japanese Garden Shrine set that looks well very Japanese!

The two sets are shown here together both sets include a Santa , Reindeer and "santa's little helper" in a very "risque" bent over pose!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

coming soon......?

Ok, as i'm back at work next week items will be posted at a slower rate, but do check back to see what is happening....

I have some ideas for next week...... just think "very cold" and "vodka....!!!!

1/144 sdkfz 234 "Puma" - By WGS

Ok Guys, Final post of the weekend I reckon.....

The third part of the recon patrol?

Pictures are of a 1/144 sdkf 234 Puma.... which apparently never came in panzer grey but where always delivered from teh factory in "Dunkelgelb".... oh well, you live and learn.
I suppose we can all sometimes forget and be fooled by all those Hollywood movies?

Still makes for an interesting threesome... ;-)

This is a metal piece in 1/144 scale made by "War Games South" in the UK.
Whilst aimed at "War games" they can obviously be used to plug the gaps in your colelction that Dragon and TAkara havent released yet. Please check these guys out they have some interesting items!

following this episode, I would recommend priming the items, not to make the paint stick to the surface but to stop it coming off!!

"All your base are belong to us"

This came into my head earlier..... I am sure some of you have seen it before going around on your email systems etc....

Some of you even older may even rememebr and recognise the original video game that spawned this, or at least be able to remember when video games looked like this.

It has now gone beyond the "ZERO WING" video games and the "All your base are belong to us" has spread into the real world.

Have a look at the link, hopefully you will find them amusing!??

Checkout hte movies and links to left:

or download to your pc

other related stuff!

1/144 Rizco Area88 Vol 2 + Specials

see this link for details of standard items:

Not my cup of tea most of these modern Johnnies - but you chaps might enjoy?

First time I have sene shots of the specials in production packs!?

1/700 Takara Ships of the World Series 5 (+1/144?)

Well you ask what am I doing going to the extremes of 1/700 again?
well there is a neat looking stealth ship top-left, and an interesting Sci-Fi Submarine top right.....
However if you read the bottom of the picture there is a reference to 1/144!!
Anybody reading know enough japanese to explain the 1/144 reference to me?
Is it like there recent Yamoto range where there is to be a mixture of scales?

Available soon

1/150 Tomytec Goodness!

Many Good new series from Tomy!!!!! - Listen up Takara and Bandai - this is what the public wnat variety and interest within the respective genre.....!!

Here go

Tomy Machinami Collection 5 - The "Buildings" Series - Check out the mad scientists lab to right!! (whao ho ho ha ha ha, all your bases belong to us!!!! )

Tomy Bus Colelction Vol 8

Tomy Train COllection Vol2

Tomy Trailer Series Vol ??

I'll be placing a preorder for a few boxes of the Machinami Collection 5

nearly forgot:
Available In Japan from Feburary 2006

Saturday, January 21, 2006

1/144 Popy 20mm AA gun

again,, here is another of the special extra kits you get with the Popy Project Flieger and Project Panzer sets.

This is the first one I actually ever did, but just rephotographed it to make it clearer and put it on beer top so you can get an idea of the size.

I am thinking might redo one of these and make a better hob of the paint work.
The only problem is it has very tiny pieces!!!

1/144 Popy sdkfz 222

ah hah!
Finaly finished this one, this popy beast is worse than the vierlinks 20mm flak guns to put together!
I think it looks quite nice, I hope you like it!

By the way..... Otto, watch out for Tommy Atkins in the shadows!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Arnold 6780 Airfield

Here is another interesting kit, quite rare and difficult to get hold of!
The kits comes with parts for the tower, office, seperate hanger and 2 aircraft + 1 glider.
here i go again, I think it could be used for a number of purposes :
(a) Sports aeroclub
(b) adapted for a military base, be it an early luftwaffe base with gliders etc, or as a late volksjager type base for 162/163 aircraft???

1/144 POPY sdkfz 250

Possibly one of the smallest kits.... certainly it has some of the smallest decals ever!!!!!

Also, I hope in the final picture you can see the full effect of the "dry brushing" technique that I have finally got control off on this model!

expect some more in coming days!