Friday, May 18, 2018

1/150 Building Collection - Tomytec

1/150 Building Collection - Tomytec

Interestingly, Tomytec are releasing some kits of "damaged or demolished" buildings in thier Railraod diorama series.

However, these are alos excellent opertunites for modern diorama material for humanitarian relief or warzones scenes ?

I though the warehouse building was a but expensive, but when seen compared to a truck - its clear its quite sizeable...

Warehouse / Industrial - @ 23 USD
【set content】 Pillars, walls, accessories (traveling cranes, etc.), bases, seals
[Approximate size (cm)]W15 xD21 x H10 (Base is almost A5 size)
【Others】· Long walls, pillars etc. are separable 
· rubble attachment 
· powder attached 
· shutters, window glass etc. are not included 
※ glue is necessary for assembly

Building A 'Hi-rise'      - @18 USD
【set content】 Building, debris
[Approximate size (cm)]W 7 x D 7 x H 15

Building B 'Apartment'- @18 USD
【set content】 Building, debris
[Approximate size (cm)]W 13 x D 7 x H 9

Release: Due May 2018

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

1/144 Mini Armor "New Tooling" - Dragon Models

1/144 Mini Armor  "New Tooling" - Dragon Models

Not a lot of information at the moment, but sighted  at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018.

A new range of Dragon 'Mini Armor - New Tools" has been spotted.
It appears the range goes upto at least 18 items (as seen on box packaging), it could be more?
The 'Panzer Korp' name appears to have been dropped.

Shizuoka Hobby Show in 2018 “Business Day” tour
Where: Twin Messe Shizuoka, Japan.
When:10th & 11, then the 12th & 13th of May 2018


Other sources indicate these could cost as little as 500 Yen (subject to confirmation)

No release date given

Sunday, May 13, 2018

1/144 USN Aircraft Recovery Crane NS60 - Metallic Details

1/144 USN Aircraft Recovery Crane NS60 Tilly Crane - Metallic Details

This crane was an iconic symbol of EVERY aircraft carrier in the US Navy from the late 50's till the 80's .

After over 3 yrs of planning ,and research Metallic Details has produced the Tilly crane in 1/144 scale it has 31 resin and 30 photo etch parts .

If you build US Navy aircraft and have wanted one of these for a diorama of it on the flight deck or (they were also use on shore station)recovering a crashes\d aircraft this is the answer
to your dreams

No one makes a model of this iconic crane in any scale or to my knowledge no one has ever made one and the best thing is it's offered at a very reasonable price
Please check it out here;

The kit contains parts for building one crane:

- 31 resin parts;
- transparent film for the immitation of glasses;
- thread for simulating cables;
- photoetching board 110*100 mm (30 parts).

Avaliable: May 2018
Price $35USD

(* F-4 Phantom is not included)

Friday, May 04, 2018

1/144 Type 96 Carrier Fighter (A5M4) AKAGI Fighter Group (set of 2) by  Sweet

Sweet presents a set of two models of the Type 96 Carrier Fighter, the main fighter used by Japan in the earlier part of World War II!

This kit introduces the colorful aircraft paint of the fighters based on the aircraft carrier Akagi; includes decals by Cartograf for six different planes!

Available:  May 2018
Price @ $15 USD


Type 96 Carrier Fighter (A5M4)

1/144 WWI and Schneider Trophy Aircraft - V1- Models (Japan)

1/144 WWI and Schneider Trophy Aircraft - V1- Models (Japan)

A range of 3D Printed Aircraft from V-1 Models

World War I Aircraft

Fokker E.III 'Eindecker'

Pfalz E.I (Morane-Saulnier  Licensed)

Pfalz A.I (Morane-Saulnier  Licensed)

Morane Saulnier L- 'Roland Garros'

Morane-Saulnier N

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c

Bristol M.1c

Schneider Trophy Aircraft

Deperdussin Hydroplane

Morane-Saulnier G Float

Saturday, April 14, 2018

1/144 Brengun Releases for May

1/144 Brengun Releases for April 2018

1/144 Me-163B KOMET „War prizes“ (Brengun Kit)

1/144Me 163B Komet  Photo Etch Upgrade  for two kits (Brengun kit)
It would now be useful to have some Brengun Vac-form canaopies for the 163!?

1/144 MAN EMMA FSA 70 Mobile Tower Resin and Photo Etch Conversion (Revell Kit)

1/144 LET L-13 Blaník Photo Etch Upgrade for two kits (Mark I kit)

1/144 Hurricane Vacu Canopy (Sweet kit)

1/144 BAC Lightning Vacu Canopy (Revell kit)

1/144 German rocket V-2 / A4 & Stand Resin and Photo Etch Kit 
Part of the Bregun "V-Weapons" and experimental aircraft range.

1/144 F-4J Phantom II by SOVA-M

1/144 F-4J Phantom II by  SOVA-M

SOVA-M ('OWL') Model Kits is a Ukrainian company producing their first 1/144.
They are thought to some A-Model Sprues (think C-130/F-4 Blue Angels) - but a SOVA-M are separate company.

Japan Release: May 2018
Japan Price: Y2700 Yen (@ £19 GBP, €21 Euro, $26 USD)

UK Release: April/May 2018
UK Price: 12 GBP

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