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1/144 WW.II US Forces P - 51 D Mustang (2 Kits in Box) - Platz

Platz 1/144 WW.II US Forces P - 51 D Mustang (2 Kits in Box)

Platz' 1/144 great aircraft series that has received popularity with precise mold expression and easy-to-make kit composition will re-emerge from the fall of 2018 again.

First of all, it is two sets of P-51D Mustang that received high evaluation as the first work to commemorate this aircraft, series.

Set a lot of decal choices for Mustang, which is indispensable for Ace's ride machine and colourful marking, and will redesign the explanatory diagrams and packages so that you can make it easier.
Restarting the series aiming to feel the pleasures of airplane models again.

1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly - 2 kits in box
- Exquisite mold expressions beyond scale such as delicate panel lines
- Large format decals set with 5 markings
- Decalized canopy frame and nose anti-glare
- We also prepare the wing invasion stripe at the decal
- A decal configuration that can enjoy painting with reduced masking work
- Decal made by Italian Cartograph Decals
- Easy-to-understand explanation of painting by color printing

The 58th All Japan Model Hobby Show New Products
Available: Now on sale
Cost: 1,900 YEN

Ref: PDR-1


1/144 Japan Navy Local Combat Machine Shiden Kai (Late Type) (2 Kits in Box) - Platz

1/144 Japan Navy Local Combat Machine Shiden Kai (Late Type) (2 Kits in Box) - Platz

At the end of the Pacific War, Shiden Kai was born to intercept US military aircraft striking the mainland Japan.

Waterfowl fighter aircraft Improved Shiden which was born as a mother of strong wind.

It was a masterpiece fighter with a balance of various performances by a combination of sophisticated aircraft and honorary engine of 2,000 horsepower class with repeated refurbishment.

Production was limited to a few due to the late arrival, but the 343 aircraft corps which gathered the best of the Navy showed its performance to its fullest and showed an appropriate success for the Japanese navy's last fighter aircraft .

Renewed development started from this autumn, on Platz' popular 1/144 great aircraft series that has received favourable reviews.

The second is the appearance of Shiden Kai that appeared at the end of the war and decorated the end of the Japanese Navy fighter unit.

New decals, packages, explanation diagrams, while keeping detailed mold expression and easy-to-make kit composition.

It is 2 kits in 1/144 scale which you can enjoy the airplane kit with ease at reasonable size.

1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly )2 kits in box)
- Total length at completion: 65 mm
- Reducing paint difficulty by decalizing the canopy frame as well
- Modeling the late stage with small vertical tail area
- Exquisite mold expressions beyond scale such as delicate panel lines
- Silk screen printing decal with marking of 5 aircraft set
- Decal made by Italian · cult graph
- Easy-to-understand explanation of painting by color printing

■ Prototype Unit 6 Navy Aviation Technology Factory Flight Experimental Department 1944 Yokosuka
■ 343 Naval Air Corps Battle No. 701 Squadron Captain Captain Takashi Okubuchi Captain Matsuyama Station April 1945
■ 343 Naval Air Force Battle No. 407 Captain Captain Captain Forest Captain Yoshiaki Capital Bureau April 1945 Matsuyama Station
■ 343 Naval Air Corps Battle No. 301 Squadron August 1945 Omura Station
■ No. 5243 Kawanishi Naruo Factory

Available: Soon
Proce: 1,900 YEN

1/144 DH-88 Comet, Bernard 191 L’oiseau Canari & Alpha Jet - Creations Chaubet

1/144 DH-88 Comet, Bernard 191 L’oiseau Canari & Alpha Jet - Creations Chaubet

Creations Chaubet has been producing interesting metal cast aircraft from his workshop in France for some years.

Metal Kit & Decals
193 : DH-88 COMET- 20 €   
194 : ALPHA JET - 20 €   
195 : BERNARD 191 L’OISEAU CANARI - 30 €

Metal, Assembled and Painted/Decal
432 : DH-88 COMET - 39 €
433 : ALPHA JET - 39 €
434 : BERNARD 191 L’OISEAU CANARI - 59 €

I would recommend that you check his site and review the kits available, I have always been an admirer of his France 46 era prototypes.

You will also find many  items not available in 1/144 from any other producer:


Available: November 2018
Shipping: Orders over 80 Euro are shipped free
Payment: Paypal is available

The de Havilland DH.88 Comet is a two-seat, twin-engined aircraft developed specifically to participate in the 1934 England-Australia MacRobertson Air Race from the United Kingdom to Australia.

Development of the DH.88 Comet was initiated at the behest of British aviation pioneer Geoffrey de Havilland, along with the support of de Havilland's board, being keen to garner prestige from producing the victorious aircraft as well as to gain from the research involved in producing it. The Comet was designed by A. E. Hagg around the specific requirements of the race; Hagg produced an innovative design in the form of a stressed-skin cantilever monoplane, complete with an enclosed cockpit, retractable undercarriage, landing flaps, and variable-pitch propellers.

A total of three Comets were produced for the race, all for private owners at the discounted price of £5,000 per aircraft. The aircraft underwent a rapid development cycle, performing its maiden flight only six weeks prior to the race. Comet G-ACSS Grosvenor House emerged as the winner. Two further examples were later built. The Comet went on to establish a multitude of aviation records, both during the race and in its aftermath, as well as participating in further races. Several examples were bought and evaluated by national governments, typically as mail planes. Two Comets, G-ACSS and G-ACSP, survived into preservation, while a number of full-scale replicas have also been constructed.

The Canary Bird is a French great raid aircraft, which was named because of its bright yellow colour. It is derived from the Bernard 190 T designed by Jean Hubert , Chief Engineer of the Bernard Aircraft Company .

The Canari Bird made the first nonstop French crossing of the North Atlantic, the June 13 , 1929, driven by Jean Assollant , René Lefèvre and Armand Lotti . The crossing took place from Old Orchard Beach (Maine) north of Boston to Oyambre, near Comillas ( Cantabria , Spain ), setting a record for the longest trip over an ocean (5,900 kilometers ). The Canary Bird is also known to have transported the first stowaway during the crossing, Arthur Schreiber .

Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet 
The Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet is a light attack jet and advanced jet trainer co-manufactured by Dassault Aviation of France and Dornier Flugzeugwerke of Germany. It was developed specifically to perform the trainer and light attack missions, as well as to perform these duties more ideally than the first generation of jet trainers that preceded it. Following a competition, a design submitted by a team comprising Breguet Aviation, Dassault Aviation, and Dornier Flugzeugwerke, initially designated as the TA501, was selected and subsequently produced as the Alpha Jet.

Both the French Air Force and German Air Force procured the Alpha Jet in large numbers, the former principally as a trainer aircraft and the latter choosing to use it as a light attack platform. As a result of post-Cold War military cutbacks, Germany elected to retire its own fleet of Alpha Jets in the 1990s and has re-sold many of these aircraft to both military and civilian operators. The Alpha Jet has been adopted by a number of air forces across the world and has also seen active combat use by some of these operators.

1/144 AERO L-159A ALCA Czech Air Force, Light Attack Jet - Miniwing

1/144  AERO L-159A ALCA Czech Air Force, Light Attack Jet - Miniwing

Ref. No.: mini323
33 pPastic parts
6 Photo-etched parts
8 Resin parts - for this kit option only!
ecals for 4 options

Full Box Packaging

Available : November 2018 - Free Global Shipping

The Aero L-159 ALCA is a light subsonic attack jet and advanced trainer developed in the single-seat L-159A and two-seat L-159B versions respectively, produced in the Czech Republic by Aero Vodochody. In 2003, the Czech Air Force elected to reduce its own fleet of 72 L-159A aircraft to 24 and has re-sold most of the redundant aircraft to both military and civilian operators, namely the Iraqi Air Force and Draken International.

The L-159 has seen active combat use by the Iraqi Air Force against ISIS. In Draken’s service, the L-159 (colloquially known as "Honey Badger") has been employed as an aggressor aircraft.[4] Since 2007, six L-159A aircraft have been rebuilt into T1 trainer derivatives. In 2017, Aero Vodochody unveiled a newly built L-159T1 for the Iraqi Air Force while the Czech Air Force is set to acquire L-159T2 (L-159T1+) two-seaters

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1/144  AERO L-159A ALCA Iraq Air Force, Light Attack Jet - Miniwing

33 Plastic parts
6 Photo-Etched parts
ecals for one option only
Bag and Tab Packing
Available : November 2018 - Free Global Shipping

The L-159 has seen active combat use by the Iraqi Air Force against ISIS.

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Other versions:

AERO L-159A ALCA Czech Air Force

AERO L-159E ALCA  Draken International

AERO L-159E ALCA  Draken International

1/144 English Electric Lightnings Kits and Decals from

1/144 English Electric Lightnings Kits and Decals from

Some new images from  from showing the parts breakdown, kit contents and built aircraft.

The new kits were well received at Telford (IPMS Scale Model World) last weekend, with modelers exhausting all stocks. Further replenishment's have been placed and should be available early in the New Year.

The mammoth Lightning decal sheet is in stock and can be ordered through our web site for immediate dispatch.

For those people who where unable to attend Scale ModelWorld show, 144th  are holding the launch prices until December 2018.

The decal sheet are available and plentiful at the moment. Modelers wishing to purchase any of the Lightning kits have the opportunity to buy at the discounted price plus postage with free Master pitot tube.

There will be a pre-order form on the 144th  web site shortly that will secure the launch price, simply fill in name and email address when the kits become available contact will be made.  To obtain the discounts you must register before until December 2018.

144th are currently working on masters for the Lightnings missiles which will be available in the new year.

Lightning kits now come with clear resin canopy

See: for more details

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1/144 Mini Armor Series - Dragon

1/144 Mini Armor Series Box (Set of 10) - Dragon

Plastic Injected Kits (New Molds)
Rubber Tracks
Water slide decal printed by Cartograf

What is interesting is the gaps in the kit numbers (SKU) from Dragon, it would appear there could be more to come (there appear to be 8 missing numbers)?

Packaging is designed to mimic the 1:35 boxes, with packs intended for the Japanese market have "card scenery bonus"?

Expected Release Date: December 2018
Expected Price: 60USD (Box of 10)

The original issue "Panzer Korp" Kits list can be found listed here:

Also available as single items for 5-6USD each item.

DR14118 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D

DR14114 - King Tiger Porsche Turret

DR14112 - s.I.G.33 auf Fgst.Pz.Kpfw.III

DR14111 - StuG.IV Early Production

DR14110 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G

DR14108 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Late Production

DR14106 - Jagdtiger Porsche Production

DR14103 -  Stug.III Ausf.F/8

DR14102 - King Tiger Henschel Turret

DR14101 - Tiger I Initial Production