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1/144 F-16E & F-16F Fighting Falcons - Foxone

1/144 F-16E & F-16F Fighting Falcons - Foxone
Resulting from the poll on his blog Foxone set about creating another set of excellent looking  kits

Each kits consist of 48 resin and clear parts, and both come with two decal schemes each, pilots are available separately.

This first batch is is an interesting set of kits as they appear currently to be exclusively used by the UAE (as the USA chose the F-15SE instead), furthermore according to press reports quoted by Flight International, this is "the first time the US has sold a better aircraft [F-16] overseas than its own forces fly"

I suspect there could be further variants of this kit produced, certainly by offering different variants and decal options to then the sales of this kit would be greater .

F-16E Kit - Yen 3,500
F-16F Kit - Yen 3,500

Modern Pilot Set (8x) - Yen 500

Available: January 2012
From:  Radjapan and HLJ

1/144 Nakajimi G10N 'Fugaku' by Fujimi

 1/144 Nakajimi G10N 'Fugaku' by Fujimi

These are  pre-painted, part assembled aircraft models, available in five different colour schemes.
You are going to need a lot of shelf space if your going to collect all of them!!

Price;  RRP 3,000 Yen (street price 2,500 Yen)
Revised Availablity: Feburary 2012

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Friday, December 30, 2011

1/144 USAF U-2R "Dragon Lady" 9RW (Military)

1/144 USAF U-2R "Dragon Lady" 9RW (Military) - Dragon
The next in the unrelenting series of aircraft in the Dragon Wings series is a 'built-up' version of the U-2R 'Dragon Lady'

Features a 9RW schema:

I would imagine that there will be a very welcome kit version of this is to follow if the recent X-1,X-4 and X-15 releases from Dragon Wings are to act as a guide. Interestingly they also flag this as a 'military' version... CIA, NASA or RoCAF even versions to follow, certainly other U-2R schemes are to come? I'm not sure as to the differences between the C and the R varients would easil allow for a Gary Powers craft?

Available: Feburary 2012
Price: estimated $30 USD

- Fully detailed 1/144 U-2R "Dragon Lady"
- Stylish metal stand included
- Pre-assembled

Despite its advancing age, the U-2 “Dragon Lady” continues to fly high-altitude all-weather reconnaissance missions for the US Air Force (USAF) even today. Built by Lockheed, the U-2 is powered by a single engine, and its high-aspect-ratio wings and light construction resemble that of a glider. While its particular platform is required by the high altitudes at which the aircraft flies, this also makes it very difficult to operate. Indeed, the U-2 has to be flown at near maximum speed to avert stalling. Landing is a particularly hazardous undertaking as it uses bicycle-type landing gear and titanium skids on its wingtips. It can fly at altitudes of 21,000m, requiring the pilot to wear the equivalent of a spacesuit.

The U-2R (initially known as the TR-1A) is a modified U-2C featuring larger under-wing “superpods” and increased fuel capacity. The type first flew in 1967, and the final example was delivered to the USAF in October 1989. It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney J75 turbojet engine, and a total of twelve U-2R Dragon Ladies were built. Various surveillance and intelligence-gathering sensors are carried onboard.

This specific variant of the Dragon Lady is the subject of Warbirds’ new 1/144 scale die-cast model. It’s exciting as it’s a brand new design made from completely new toolings. The long, slim fuselage and outspread wings are accurately reproduced. Panel lines are finely engraved on it. With a wingspan of more than 210mm in this scale, this is a truly impressive model. To enable it to be presented to best advantage, it comes with a sleek metal display stand. This high-altitude recon aircraft is rarely seen, but collectors can now get their very own U-2R at desktop level!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

M25 Tank Transporter ' Dragon Wagon' - Strategist

M25 Tank Transporter ' Dragon Wagon' - Strategist
(Consisting of the M26 Tractor Truck and the 40-ton Semi trailer M15)
Strategist have just announced their most impressive product to-date, a assembled and painted M25 Dragon wagon. It  has excellent detailing and  fantastic array of articulated parts, in fact the more you look at the level of detailing and the parts which can be repositioned the more impressive this item becomes. Clearly, $60 is not loose change. I do think it is value for what you are getting, as it is actually cheaper than the Matuo Kasten Dragon Wagon resin kit which you still have to build and paint. It is good to see that Strategist is still producing some interesting designs with a level of detail that is exceptionally fine for this scale.

Material: PU, ABS, Alloy
Product characteristics:
1. The machine gun on the tractor unit cabin can be independently rotated.
2. Windows on the crew cabin have been cut out to reveal interior detailing:
    a) With the drivers windows are also provided with the armoured shutters raised with support struts in-situ, and
    b) The crew shutters lowered as was common practice.
3. The crew cabin superstructure is removable to reveal interior detailing.
4. A detailed jib crane with chain hoist is provided on the tractor truck and is also:
    a) Detachable,
 b) Movable.
5. The rear A-Frame is repositionable to allow for it to be:
    a) Raised allowing the tractor unit to be used for light recovery work on the battlefield, or
    b) Lowered to allow the semi-articulated trailer to be docked for tank transportation. 
6. Further detailing on the tractor unit includes:
    a) Dual winch system, with handling gear,
    b) Acetylene and oxygen tanks,
    c) Suspension and drive detailing,
    d) Lighting systems,
    e) Pioneer tools,
    f) Exhaust stack,
    g) Independent rotating wheels.
7. Furthermore, the semitrailer is also presented with the same exceptional quality and accuracy provides the following detailing:
    a) The trailer mates with the tractor unit by means of a towing coupler allowing it to be freely positioned as required,
    b) Detailed loading deck and ladder construction is demonstrated,
    c) Axles are exposed and detailed,
    d) Side stowage bins are fully represented,
    e) The rear loading ramps are articulated, and can be raised or lowered,
  f) Independent rotating wheels.

 See more images at the strategist website:

Available: December 2012
Price: $58 USD
From: Zeta@eBay

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1/144 Dragon Warbirds F-117 37th TFW USAF

1/144 Dragon Warbirds Lockheed F-117 37th TFW USAF

USAF 37th TFW, 415th TFS Nightstalkers, Eglin AFB, FL, 1989

Planned Release: Janurary 2012
Estmiated RRP: 30 USD

 Well, again. No sooner has a model been announced by one another also releases it also!

Interestingly, if we double check the Dragon 2010-2011 catalog there are still a number of items to be released!

1/144 SAAB J-32 "Lansen" -

 1/144 SAAB J-21 "Lansen" -

 SAAB 32 Lansen , looks particuluary sleek and exciting and would look good against the Hawker Hunter that also served with the Swedish.

This aircraft was designed to replace the old Turboprop aircraft in service with the Swedish airforce (Flygvapnet). Swedish Air Force requirements for the P1150 were demanding: the aircraft had to be able to attack anywhere along Sweden's 1,245 miles (2000 km) of coastline within one hour of launch from a central location. It had to be capable of being launched in any weather, day or night. Special attention was to be paid to integrating the electronics and weapons systems to create the equivalent of today's weapons systems approach to combat aircraft design. The aircraft was to be armed with four 20 mm cannons, rockets, bombs and/or a new anti-ship missile being developed, the Rb 04. The design team created a sleek airframe with clean lines powered by a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon Series 100

The kit conforms to the Miniwing signature format and feel being cleanly cast and with well defined panel lines, although a little care will be required joining the fuselage halves.

The main kits comprise of  24 resin components and the new style crystal clear resin canopy, also on this kit there is a fret of 5 Photo Etched parts for added detailing.
Assembly and painting instructions are also included.

Decals are provided by - Y-Kraft of Japan, for the following options:

-    Swedish Air Force - Flygflottilj F1 (Green Scheme)
-  Swedish Air Force - Flygflottilj F17 (Bare Metal) 
Overall another nice Swedish bird from the Cold War Period.

Available:December 2011
Price: 20.70 (Euro)
From Miniwing or Usual Stockists

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

1/144 CH-47 Chinook Sand Filters - Retrowings

1/144 CH-47 Chinook Sand Filters (Revell) - Retrowings
Retrowing continue to expand their range of interesting upgrades for new and classic kits.
This additional is another finely crafted upgrade for the CH-47 Chinook, a set of 'dustbin' Sand filters for the HC.2. Again, these are clean and sharply moulded and should sit nicely on the rear of your Chinook. The detailing has been so finely captured you can even determine the grille on the front of the filters which is a nice touch!

These filters were originally installed on the British CH-47 HC.2 variant operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, but can now also be found on other countries operating in that region.

Available: December 2011

Product Name    :    Chinook Dustbin Sand Filters
Product ID         :    RW44018
Product Price     :    3.99 (Euro)

From: Retrowings eStore
Kit supplied by Retrowings

For other Retrowings products featured on this blog see < here >

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1/144 Me-262 Jumo 004 (Trumpeter) - Retrowings

1/144 Me-262 Jumo 004 (Trumpeter) - Retrowings
Following on from the earlier release this year of an upgrade/diorama part for the Eduard Me-262 Kit, Retrowings have release a similar part for the Trumpeter kit. For a part that is approximately 30mm long I think you will see and agree from the pictures that the level of detail provided is excellent.

Left-hand replacement engine nacelle for the Trumpeter Me-262 kits  (single engine)

Product Name :    Me-262 Jumo004 (T
Product ID      :    RW44020
Product Price  :    2.49 (Euro)

Available: December 2011

From: Retrowings eStore

Kit supplied by Retrowings

Retrowings also can supply a  Right-hand engine nacelle to fit the Eduard Me-262 1/144 kits.  

For other Retrowings products featured on this blog see < here >

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

1-144 NA F-86D Sabre - OzMods

1-144 North American F-86D Sabre - OzMods
I have been a bit snowed under of late, so I have been behind in capturing images of the kits stacking up on the desk.

This post is concerning the new release from Ozmods of the North American F-86D Sabre (Sabredog) which is interesting as it transpires it shares as little as 25% of the parts of with the original Sabre.

I must confess further, I need a new camera and or better lighting (England in the Winter doesn't get you much in the way of quality light) and my camera struggles to pic up the fine detail on very light backgrounds.

This is problematic as the panel lines on this kit are much finer and less trench like than on other plastic kits of gashapons in this scale. I think that Oz-mods should be congratulated on the finesse achieved, so go steady on the layering of the paint.

The plastic is a new formula used for the first time on this kit by OzMods and it should lend itself to easier a handling and building experience. Greg clearly would be interested in your feedback on this material.

The kit contains approximately 28 injected parts and a clear  injected canopy (a separate vac-formed canopy will be available at an additional cost). Decals are supplied for USAF and Yugoslavian schemes and are ALPS printed By Starfighter Decals (according to MBittner the Yugo nose should be blue). This aircraft type was used by wide range of countries, so there is scope for a variety of other schemes.

A very nice kit for those wishing to model the fighters of the 1950 USAF or 1970 Yugoslavia!

Available: December 2011
Price: AU$ 14.95
Kit Supplied by Greg at OzMods

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1/144 Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk - Amercom

1/144 Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk - Amercom

In at No.9, the next in the series of Amercom's 'Flying Fortress' Series is the F-117.
It is due for release in Poland on the 21 December 2011.

It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the Dragon Kits and Doyusha/ models.

Image is used with permisson of Inkub at Miniwojna Blog

1/144 Blue Impulse F-86F Sabre - Doyusha

1/144 Blue Impulse F-86F Sabre - Aircraft Collection #21 - Doyusha
 Featuring the  first-86F Sabre Blue Impulse Team make-up
A new mold, with fully reproduced  marking, comes with interlocking hexagonal standst.

Available: Janurary 2012
Price: 800 yen (excluding tax), all six blind box specification

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol.5 - F-Toys

Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol.5 - F-Toys
There is a 'new'Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol.5 to be released by F-Toys, although on the whole I think it is a very disappointing release from a 1/144 perspective....

"these are not the droids you are looking for....!! "

1. Millennium Falcon [1 / 350]
2. X-Wing Fighter (Red Leader) [1 / 144]
3. Interceptor Tie-Fighter  [1 / 144]
4. Naboo N-1 Starfighter 1 / 144]
5. ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter (with Obi-Wan) [1 / 144]
Sp. Secret Item ......????

Available: February 27, 2012

Source: 8-bee 

Thursday, December 08, 2011

1/144 GSDF Equipment Set - Tomytec

1/144 GSDF Equipment Set  - Tomytec
 This would be appear to have been scheduled for re-release as a result of this years Tsunami disaster in Japan. Many of you will recognise these items from the previously released "Japan Sinks" (see: a, b & c ) sets that tied into a blockbuster Japanese movie on the subject of a monumental natural disaster hitting Japan.
Available as either one large package, or as separate items:

AC904 - GSDF Equipment Set (x3)  6,300 Yen
includes "Quake Emergency bonus 'Seal' ?"

AC905  - GSDF Equipment Set (1)  2,100 Yen
AC905  - GSDF Equipment Set (2)  2,100 Yen
AC905  - GSDF Equipment Set (3)  2,100 Yen

Available: March 2012

 1/144 GSDF CH-47 Equipment Set  - Tomytec To further help your disaster relief efforts, a set to equip your Chinooks!
AC908 CH-47 Equipment Set
Available:  March 2012
Price: 2,310 yen

"UH-1H / J" Iroquois Gimix Series 2 - Tomytec

"UH-1H / J" Iroquois Gimix Series 2 - Tomytec
Product Name
JGSDF UH HC105-6 Squadron 1J (神町駐屯地) with snowshoes Winter Camouflage
JGSDF UH Squadron 9 HC106-1J (Hachinohe garrison) or gun (machine gun 5.56mm) with
JGSDF UH HC107-101 Squadron 1H (Garrison Naha) with floats
JGSDF UH HC108-7th Squadron 1H (丘珠駐屯地) with snowshoes
March 2012 will
2,310 yen (tax included)

Monday, December 05, 2011

Anigrand 1/144 Releases for January 2012

Anigrand 1/144 Releases for January 2011
Anigrand have posted notifications of two new releases scheduled for early 2012.

The Junkers Ju-322 Mammut that whilst impressive looking was not as effective as more traditional gliders.

The Boeing 307 / C-75 Stratoliner that had it not been for WWII could have been very successful indeed.

Friday, December 02, 2011

1-144 Dornier Do-17z - Amercom

1-144 Dornier Do-17z - Amercom
Issue 8 in the series of Amercoms "Flying Fortress" aircraft magazine and model series is....
The long awaited 1/144 model of a Dornier Do-17z

Unit: 1./KG 76
Serial: F1+FH
Based at Beauvias-Tille, France, for daylight operations over the British Isles in September 1940.

Some further interesting information on aircraft F1+FH

Available through stores in Poland, and  e-bay!

Image used with permisson of Inkub at Miniwojna Blog

1/144 Ground Support Equipment - AIM

1/144 Ground Support Equipment - Aircraft in Miniature

A new range of GSE is slowly being been made available by the nice people at AIM.

Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Cart
Heston Steps (Steps more info)

Purchase via Hannants

Keep an eye open as more items are to follow!

1/144 kfz.81 Krupp Protze - Panzer Depot

1/144 kfz.81 Krupp Protze - Panzer Depot

Panzer depot has a light release schedule this month with the kfz.81 Krupp Protze, a combination of light truck with cross-country capabilities with a mounted 2cm Flak.

Available: December 2011
Price: $16.80 USD
 2x Colour options.

Online shop:

Thursday, December 01, 2011

1/144 PLA WZ-10 Attack Helicoptor - Dragon

1/144 PLA WZ-10 Attack Helicoptor  - Dragon

Dragon are continuing to keep up their relentless release schedule, this time with more interesting Chinese equipment!

for more information, see the Dragon USA site

Available: Janurary 2012
Price: 10USD