Thursday, December 31, 2009

1/144 B-29 Re-issue (New Decals) by Minicraft

Same old kit, but new decals....

This time for:

  • USAF, 19BG, 30BS, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Fall, 1950.
  • Royal Air Force, No.15 Sqn, Germany, 1951 Royal Australian Air Force,
  • RAAF Australian R&D Unit, mid-1950

See Sprues and NEW DECALS here:

Available: Now?
Price: Same

Happy New Year

Here is to another year of great 1/144 news, models and excitement!
Long may it last

Image: dan /

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1/144 by MiniMe @

A selection of very nicely made 1/144 kits by 'MiniMe' on the german FlugzeugForum.

It is always nice to not only a nice looking kit, but also to wonder at the skill and effort made to add these extra fine details to the kit to make it different from the standard package.

The kits shown are

Fw-190 D-9 by Platz
Red 1 of Oblt. Hans Dortemann vor.
Fw 190 D-9, Werke Number. 210003 of 12./JG 54 in Achmer, October 1944

Bf-109 By Eduard

(Photos with permission of MiniMe, Sepia print by BD99)

144 World Blog - introduction

Not so much a new blog, but one rediscovered.
Some interesting work focused primarily on IJA/IJN subjects, although other nationalities also provided for.

Monday, December 28, 2009

1-144 Boeing BWB (Blended Wing Bomber) @ Fantastic Plastic

Time to start counting all that Christmas money!

This is just the first of a series of interesting releases by Fantastic Plastic in 1/144 in the coming year. It must be said that between Anigrand and Fantastic Plastic there will be a few tough choices to make in the year ahead.

This next release from Fantastic Plastic is the Boeing Blended Wing Bomber Concept, championed as potential replacement for the B-2.

This is kit also allows for some "What if...?" potential from the ubiquitous Luft'46 through more Pan-Am Airliners , or Fed-Ex / DHL Freighters of the future?

This is going to be a big kit 45cm m and only 7 parts....
"wheels up" but with stand.
3x Decal Schemes (by JBOT)

I think this will make it accessible those amongst us who despair at the brain surgery techniques required on some of kits today!?

Available : Now (December 2009) - Short run initial batch of 25 so act quickly!
Price: $75 USD + ( $ Shipping Extra cost)

Also check out the current schedule for 2010 >> here <<
Current available kits >> Here <<

Nasa BWB >> Here << & >> Here <<

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Algernon "Dive Bomber Series" - website update

Algernon Products have launched "Dive Bomber" website for product information and large size pictures >>

They look like protoype/pre-production models, so they should improve by release date - if prior experience holds true.

Algernon Products: "Dive Bomber Series"

 ○ Type 33 Comet
 ○ Type 21 Comet
 ○ Ju-87D-5 Stuka
 ○ Ju-87G-2 Stuka
+ Colour options
+Series Special (tbc)

Available: 20 April 2010

Wonderfest 2010 Winter (8-Bee)

Old News: here

Christmas Joy from Anigrand - 2010 Releases!

USA VTOL X-Planes 'All-in-1' Special set

- Bell X-14A,
- Hiller X-18,
- Curtiss-Wright X-19
- Bell X-22a.
The X-planes VTOL special set package contents bonus kits of the 1/144 LTV XC-142

Available : January 2010
Cost: $78 USD + ($12USD Shipping)

USA Penetration Fighters 'All-in-1' Special set

- McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo, > i <
- Lockheed XF-90, > i <
- North American YF-93 > i <
- an X-6 conversion kit for the Convair B-36 (B-36 not included!)

Available : Feburary 2010
Cost: $58 USD + ($6.50USD Shipping)

Luftwaffe Junkers EF-132 - WWII Late Planning bomber
- Luftwaffe Design, Soviet built! (see previous post)

-Bonus Items to be Confirmed!?

Available : Feburary 2010
Cost: $ ??? USD + ($ ??? USD Shipping)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1/144 Babylon 5 and other Sci-Fi

Green Dragon has posted the following information on some 1/144 kit commissions from Fantastic Plastic , although dont expect them too early in the year!?

Alfred Wong has done the masters of a new 1/144th scale range of Babylon 5 kits for Fantastic Plastic. Kits so far are the Thunderbolt class Star Fury, Minbari Nial Class, Narn Frazi Class and Zephyr 109 (AKA the Raider triangular fighter).

Some other kits are also available from Fantastic Plastic: January 2010

some older works Fantastic Plastic: Alien Dropship Star Trek "phoenix"

interestingly.... is this the new martian war machine master for Pegasus Hobbies?

Algernon "Dive Bomber Series"

Algernon "Dive Bomber Series"

 ○ Type 33 Comet
 ○ Type 21 Comet
 ○ Ju-87D-5 Stuka
 ○ Ju-87G-2 Stuka
+ Colour options
+Series Special (tbc)

Price: TBC
Available: 2010?

1/144 scale Short SA.4 Sperrin Insurance for the V-Bombers

1/144 scale Short SA.4 Sperrin Insurance for the V-Bombers

By Anigrand - Availabe for preorder

Hawker P.1127 'Kestrel' >> Here << (not so sure on this one!?)
Centre: Gloster Javelin >> Here <<
Short SB/5 (WG768) Lightning Prototype >> Here <<

Monday, December 14, 2009

1/144 Star Wars - Firespray 31 Class (Boba Fett 'Slave I' Ship)

1/144 Firespray 31 'Class Patrol and Attack Craft' Star Wars - Anigrand
Firespray-class patrol/attack ship Prisoner transport prototype
Unit price: US$68 / International shipping: US$10

Available: "Coming Soon"

For more information on Starwars craft:

or... more importantly here, I think we are talking the:
Boba Fett 'Slave I' ship!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

1/144 Panther "Super Coelian" Flakpanzer - CGD Conversion

1/144 Panther "Super Coelian" Flakpanzer - CGD Conversion

Combat Group Dynamix is continuing to produce it's Whermacht'46 Series:

Now, No longer will you have to search e-bay for expensive garage kits...
If you want your Panther based "Super Coelian" Flak Panzer.

This unit is a Turret conversion that comes with an adaptor for both Takara WTM (World Tank Museum and Dragaon (Doyusha) Can.Do tanks.

Panzer Tracts #20-2 by Thomas L. Jentz (so thats good enough for me!)

has this a mockup in photographs from the WWII period on a Ausf "D", although #20-2also has drawing for this turret on a Ausf. "G".

WTM 02 = Ausf. "G"
WTM Vs. 5 = Ausf. "G"
WTM 07 = Ausf. "D"
WTM 08 = Ausf. "G" (Doyusha) = Ausf. "G"

War Games South = Ausf. "A", "D" & "G"

The Flak Turret comes in two varients as the:
CG: "Collectors Grade" = Smooth Surface Finish @$7-
WG: "War Gamers Grade" = Rough Surface Finish @$5-
and both options are also available painted @$10-

It can also be used or supplied in the
panzerstellungs configuration(painted/unpainted)

these can be found on CGDs Ebay store.

new releases on CGD Facebook!


Colour Comparison Charts by PetersPlanes

Petersplanes has compiled an exstensive number of soruces and oppinion to draw up an immpressive array of information relating to aircraft colours and paint brands. You may even have witnessed some of these discussions across some of the various modelling and historical information forums!

The spreadsheet covers a compilation of Humbrol and Tamiya paints to match (most) RLM, French, Italian, RAF and US WW2 colours, the colour chart is of RLM colour chips (from Merrick) with Testors, Humbrol, Tamiya and JPS best matches from the above spreadsheet suggestion.

The main article is posted here at Aeroscale UK Forum >> Here <<

links also links to the XLS (Spreadsheet) & JPG (Colourchart) >> Here <<

Friday, December 11, 2009

Division Panzer 144 - Model & News Website!

Division Panzer 144 - Model & News Website!

I have found this interesting new 144 model and news website for 144, nicely laid out and full of good references for 144 models.

Worth you taking a look and adding to you favourite links, also its in Spanish - so you may need to use "google translate" (or similar machine translation?)

Monday, December 07, 2009

1-144 F-Toys Starwars Vol.3 (Actual!) UPDATE

The F-Toys "Star Wars Vehicle Collection 3"

1. X-Wing (Red 2, Wedge Antilles) WWW Platz Com 1
2.  A-Wing Fighter WWW Platz Com 2
3. B-Wing Fighter WWW Platz Com 3
4. Trade Federation AAT (Armored Assault Tank) WWW Platz Com 4
5. DELTA-7 Jedi Fighter WWW Platz Com 5

Price: ¥ 473 each.

Available: February 22,

I assume there will be usual colour options and specials?
Special = TIE Interceptor

update (pictures of F-TOYS 3)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

1-144 A-9/A-4b Service Tower (Luft'46)

1-144 A-9/A-4bService Tower (Luft'46)
Designed for use with Takara 1/144 WOTL Series Specials.

Original design service platform for Takara A-9/A-4b, this has been produced using the Shapeway 3D modeling service and so is unpainted (Pzkpw IV not included)

For info, the Pzkpw IV was (palnned to be) used inconjunction with hydraulic jacks to raise and lower the tower. the Pzkpw IV would then be used for moving it short distances and the tower could then be fined tuned with the in built wheels.

The A-9/A-4b Service Tower will be available on CGD ebay site:

the 1/144 A-9 and A-4b Takara models can be found at 1-144 Direct ebay site: