Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OzMods New Website!

OzMods New Website!
Ozmods have relaunched their website with easier navigation and improved categorisation and grouping of products. So it will be even more easier to find those short-run kits and accessories, often with an antipodean slant! Paypal, also taken!

1/144 Lisunov Li-2 Russia Launch by DeAgostini

1/144 Lisunov Li-2 Russia Launch by DeAgostini
I am waiting for a bit more information on this one branded as DeAgostini (aka Amercom/Altaya) it has a whole array of Soviet and Russian aircraft I've never seen before even close to scale. I have highlighted the 1/144 known to-date and the 'close enough 1/150' scale items, there may be more in the unreleased items!

Already appearing on eBay.Ru, I'd imagine more should be out there if you look!?
1/144 Lisunov Li-2 on

You can buy also:
№ 1 Yakovlev Yak-9       1:90
№ 2 Mikoyan MiG-31B  1:150 (ebay)
№ 3 Ilyushin Il-2            1:120
№ 4 Mikoyan MiG-21     1:120
№ 5 Polikarpov I-16        1:87
№ 6 Mikoyan MiG-25P   1:150 (ebay)
№ 7 Lavochkin LA-7      1:100
№ 8 Sukhoi Su-27           1:160
№ 9 Petlyakov Pe - 2       1:130
№ 10 Sukhoi SU-24          1:170
№ 11 Mikoyan MiG-29SM   1:150 (ebay)
№ 12 Ilyushin IL-4               1:133
№ 13 Yakovlev Yak-38 M     1:120
№ 14 Berezniak-Isayev BI-1 1:87
№ 15 Sukhoi Su-34               1:150 (ebay)
№ 16 Ilyushin IL-2             1:120
№ 17 Polikarpov Po-2        1:100
№ 18 Lavochkin Lagg-3    1:100
№ 19 Tupolev Tu-128P    1:179   
№ 20 Yakovlev Yak-3      1:100   
№ 21 Mikoyan MiG-23   1:150   (ebay)
№ 22 Lavochkin La-5     1:100   
№ 23 Yakovlev AIR-1     1:87  
№ 24 Polikarpov I-153    1:72     
№ 25 Mikoyan MiG-3     1:100   
№ 26 Yakovlev Yak-12    1:87    
№ 27 Tupolev ANT-25     1:189 
 № 28 Polikarpov I-15 bis 1:72    
№ 29 Tupolev Tu-2         1:120  
№ 30 Yakovlev Yak-11    1:81    
№ 31 Sukhoi Su-25        1:117   
№ 32 Mikoyan Mig-9     1:100    
№ 33 Sukhoi Su-15     1:144   (ebay)
34 Polikarpov I-5    1:72
35 Mikoyan Mig-17    1:100

№ 36 Sukhoi Su-9     1:138
№ 37
 Sukhoi Tu-160   1:370

№ 38 Mikoyan Mig-15    1:100
№  39 
Yakovlev UT-1      1:83
№ 40 
Sukhoi SU-2           1:87
№ 41 
Mikoyan MiG-19   1:112
№ 42 
Polikarpov I-3        1:85
№ 43 Yak-15 - 30/08/2012
№ 44 Su-7 - 9/13/2012
№ 45 Li-2 - 27/09/2012       1:144 (ebay)
№ 46 Tu-22M - 10/11/2012
№ 47 TB-3 - 25/10/2012  
№ 48 Su-30 - 11/08/2012
№ 49 ANT-5 - 22/11/2012
№ 50   I -1 - 12/06/2012
№ 51 Su-17 - 20/12/2012
№ 52  Be -12 - 01/03/2013
№ 53 P-5 - 01/17/2013
№ 54 IL-10 - 31/01/2013
№  55 An-12 - 14/02/2013
№ 56 Yak-18, 28/02/2013
№  57 IL-38 - 03/14/2013
№  58 Tu-22 - 03/28/2013
№ 59 IL-28 - 11/04/2013
№  60 A-40 - 04/25/2013

Friday, October 26, 2012

Armourgeddon UK

Armourgeddon UK
Its been a slow news week, so here's me showing off with last weekend's 'Tank Driving' activities!
Be sure to 'full screen' the You Tube clip for the full effect!

I had a great time driving this ex British Army AFV, a Turreted FV432 stationed with the 'British Berlin Brigade' of the 70-80s. (which at the time had a very unique 'urban camo' pattern)

Lots of fun, highly recommended if you're in the UK (well close to the Midlands) or visiting !

Saturday, October 20, 2012

1/144 CGD WWII British Churchill SBG Small Box Girder

1/144 CGD WWII British Churchill SBG Small Box Girder
CGD extends its range of D-Day Engineering and Hobarts Funnies equipment  this issue is the Churchil Based 'Small box Girder Bridge'
Available in
 - Unpainted/Unassembled,
 - Prepainted/Unassembled and
 - Fully painted and Assembled version.

This model is a four part model, containing a Churchill AVRE chassis, turret with Petard mortar, pulley set, and SBG. For unassembled version, 0.5 meter (~20 inches) of 0.5mm (0.02 inch) diameter steel cable is also included.

Specialised Churchills  ( here ) and bridging Churchills ( here )

Unassembled version suitable for intermediate to advance modellers.
Round tip pliers, wire cutters and two parts epoxy glue (quick set type) are required to rig and secure the steel cable. 

Additional length of steel cable can be purchased separately. Please send message to me.

Assembling instructions can be downloaded here:

The model is front heavy, and needs to be weighted down by attaching weights to the bottom of the chassis. (Weights NOT included)

CGD eShop:

Unpainted Kit
Pre-painted kit
Assembled kit

1/144 Mercedes Benz LG3000 Heavy Truck & Tanker - Panzer Depot

1/144 Mercedes Benz LG3000 Heavy Truck & Tanker  - Panzer Depot
Panzer Depots next releases for October are a set ofMercedes Benz LG3000 trucks, one a heavy load carrier and the other a fuel tanker. The tanker is of particular intersest as it will fit into airfield dioramas as easily as the wargaming table...

Online shop:
Ebay shop:

1/144 Fw-189 'Uhu' Kits from Peters Planes

1/144 Fw-189 'Uhu' Kits from Peters Planes
The instantly recognisable form of the Fw-189 Uhu is another great design from the drawing board of Kurt tank. Peters plane has continued the trend of producing multiple versions to appeal to both the modelling and gaming buyer, by means of providing "complex" and "simple" options. Overall a nice little kit, although it would only be fair to note that the full vac-form canopy option will take a little planning and forethought in order to successfully marry the pieces.

Fw-189 - Gold Modellers series:.
This is a revised issue and has a revised mold and has panel line scribing and new more accurate crew vacform pieces. A vacform canopy in 3 pieces with crew nacelle (see pictures)  will allow interior detailing. A solid resin crew compartment is also available for those who want to paint the glazing, and finally 2 x White metal prop, wheels and landing gear struts.Also comes with your choice of decals

Fw-189 - Wargame Series
This version is designed with war gaming in mind  is  more robust and simpler to complete, is comes with solid resin crew compartment (NO vac-form canopies), NO undercarriage (doors in closed position),  NO props but does still come with your choice of decals

FW-189 product page ( found here )
Peters Planes Homepage ( here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1/144 Attacker Bomber Collection - F-Toys
A 'new' release from F-Toys, incorporating some WWII Japanese favourites with "new tooling" and strangely a  Korean War Era aircraft in US and French markings, resulting in a strange mix of aircraft.

Its not clear how this set is arrived at even by recent standards, why they didn't do a complete full house of Japanese items for the domestic market, or go for a more varied set of twin engined attacking aircraft/medium bombers we shall never know!?

Mitsubishi Ki-67 "Hiryū "/"Peggy") (Previously: Hasegawa Kit, Altaya/IXO Prebuilt)
(one of which is the Ki-109 variant)

Mitsubishi G3M Type 96 "Rikko"/ "Nell" - (Previously in the Cafe Reo Big Bird Series )

Douglas A-26 Invader (Previously: Altaya/IXO Prebuilt(Solid Nose))
US & French options..


1/144 Ju-88, Ju-188 & Do-217 Conversions - Peters Planes

1/144 Ju-88, Ju-188 & Do-217 Conversions - Peters Planes
For the next in the series of posts featuring Peters Planes Kits, this week its Conversions! The ideal way to get some extra variety into your collection without purchasing a whole new kit (even if they exist!?).  So, dust off some if your surplus gashopon and perform some updates....
  • Conversion set for F-toys Ju 88A to a Ju 188. Includes new crew nacelle and vacform glazing as well as extended wing tips x2 and replacement square tail. 
  • Conversion set for F-Toys Dornier 217E to either 217K (BMW 801 engines) or 217M (Db603 engines). Also allows conversion to 217N or 217J night fighters. 
  • Balloon Cutter to fit F-Toys Ju88A.Laser-cut card parts to glue onto model to convert it into a Battle of Britain aircraft with a Balloon Cutter
  • German Fug212 and Fug220 SN2 radar made from laser-cut card.

See Peters Planes Conversions Page ( Here )

Check the following galleries for more Peters Planes Do-217 Series and  Ju-88 Series images.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

1/144 Sherman M4A1 - War Room Range by ACI Toys

1/144 Sherman M4A1 - War Room Range by ACI Toys
ACI Toys are returning to 1/144 and have announced a new brand of products labelled "War Room", the first range under his brand is the icon Sherman M4A1. They appear to be pre assembled and pre painted so should quite easily go from box to shelf!

For more information on each of the items in the range see the links below!
US Sherman M4A1 (WR-01-A)
US Sherman M4A1 (WR-01-B)
US Sherman M4A1 (WR-01-C)
US Sherman M4A1 (WR-01-D)
US Sherman M4A1 (WR-01-E)
US Sherman M4A1 (WR-01-F)

I do not have pricing, or availability information at this time. Hopefully it will not be long before these are turning up at retailers, or online.

If ACI can sustain a new range of detailed range of armour,  I would be happy to see many more ranges issue to this standard and quality!

Friday, October 12, 2012

1/144 "Black Ribbon" J-20 PLAAF - Trumpeter

1/144 "Black Ribbon" J-20 PLAAF - Trumpeter
Yes, I know. Another J-20, this time from Trumpeter.
To be honest, you can't blame a Chinese manufacturer issuing kits of these new Chinese Jets. The domestic Chinese market for these items must be comparable for the Japanese obsession with JSDF and the Brits with the need for V-Bombers and TSR-2s!   I can't determine if "Black Ribbon" is another name for the J-20, or Trumpeters Kit Range?

To be fair, this was highlighted back in August on KG144 Blog (seems like so long ago) and appears due for release now on 16th November 2012.

Other 1/144 J-20 on KG144 Blog:

I am not sure if the "Black Ribbon" is a variant on the "Mighty Dragon" etc type names?
So here you go:
145.7 mm Length
90.7mm Width
50 parts + Decal
Scaled down from the Trumpeter 1/72 version.


1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender - Kampflieger

1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender - Kampflieger
Another issue from Kampfflieger that has piqued my interest. This time an US experimental item that looks like it would be equally at home in Crimson Skies, or a Flash Gordon movie as on a USAF'46 flightline roster!

 Clearly, its based upon the experimental Curtis P-55 Ascender developed in 1943, which is a fun little aircraft in its own right. Only now taken further this little "What If" project coudl quite easily have made it into the skies over Europe to do battle with the staffels of Luft'46 project (or even the iconic Me-262), of the J7W2 Shinden-Kai over the Japanese Home Islands?

Available directly from Kampffliegers Shapeways Store in two formats:
1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender "Wheels Up",
1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender "Wheelss Down"

Be sure also to support other Shapeways Producers of  1/144 and  144th , as orders can be combined.

1/144 Henschel 33 D - Panzer Depot

1/144 Henschel 33D - Panzer Depot
1929's Henschel Type 33 D 1 satisfied the German Army's need for a cross-country truck. The six-wheel drive D1 could carry up to 3 tons worth of troops and supplies. It was also used to tow a various Flak ranging from from the 20mm Vierlinks up to the mighty 88mm. It was also deployed by both the German and Italian troops in Europe and North Africa.

Online shop:
Ebay shop:

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

SA-2 Guideline / S-75 - Soviet SAM - Matti's Miniatures

SA-2 Guideline / S-75 - Soviet SAM - Matti's Miniatures
A great choice by Matti's Miniatures, when people think 'SAM' this SA-2/S-75 is just the kind of kit that people think about. A great historic and iconic piece of equipment, well deserving of your consideration!

Other Matti's Miniatures, including the British Bloodhound can be found here on Shapeways

In the early 1950s, the United States Air Force rapidly accelerated its development of long-range jet bombers carrying nuclear weapons. The USAF program led to the deployment of Boeing B-47 Stratojet supported by aerial refueling aircraft to extend its range deep into the Soviet Union. The USAF quickly followed the B-47 with the development of the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, which had greater range and payload than the B-47. The range, speed, and payload of these U.S. bombers posed a significant threat to the Soviet Union in the event of a war between the two countries.

Consequently, the Soviets initiated the development of improved air defense systems. Although the Soviet Air Defence Forces had large numbers of anti-aircraft artillery (AAA), including radar-directed batteries, the limitations of guns versus high-altitude jet bombers was obvious. Therefore, the Soviet Air Defense Forces began the development of missile systems to replace the World War II-vintage gun defenses.

While the shooting down of Francis Gary Powers' U-2 in 1960 is the first publicized success for the S-75, the first aircraft actually shot down by the S-75 was a Taiwanese Martin RB-57D Canberra high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. In this case, the aircraft was hit by a Chinese-operated S-75 site near Beijing on October 7, 1959. Over the next few years, the Taiwanese ROCAF would lose a number of aircraft to the S-75: both RB-57s and various drones. On May 1, 1960, Gary Powers's U-2 was shot down while flying over the testing site near Sverdlovsk, although it is thought to have taken 14 missiles to hit his high-flying plane. That action led to the U-2 Crisis of 1960. Additionally, Chinese S-75s downed five ROCAF-piloted U-2s based in Taiwan.[5]
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, a U-2 piloted by USAF Major Rudolf Anderson was shot down over Cuba by an S-75 in October 1962.[6]

Source: Wikipedia
See also:, and

Saturday, October 06, 2012

1/144 CGD Civilain @ Work WWII (30's - 50's) Set of 6

1/144 CGD Civilain @ Work WWII (30's - 50's) Set of 6
(Civilians in 30's to 50's Workmen Outfit)

An nice little set of figures for your dioramas or railroad/railway layouts, clearing rubble, laying tracks or building installations these should add an extra bit of detail and realism. All, we need know is a girl on a bicycle for them to 'wolf whistle' at! (Although, of course I couldn't possibly condone such sexist behavior!)

This set contains 6 civilians wearing 30's to 50's workmen outfit in various poses, fully painted .

Since civilian cloths varies in colours, this set are painted in random combinations. So if customer purchased two or more sets, the colour combination might be different. (Each set contains only 6 figures):

Figures are set in poses good for doing field works, roadworks or railway constructions.
Figures are shipped with protective bracket.

Modelled according to average Caucasian of height 5' 8" to 5' 10" (1.73m to 1.78m). Figure measures approximately 12mm when standing upright. Highly detailed, highly realistic and in real human proportion. NOT big headed cartoon-ish wargame figures!

Also good for "N" gauge or 12mm modelling.
(Diorama and vehicles NOT included)

CGD Ebay Store
or, to order at CGD WebShop