Saturday, January 31, 2009

1/144 "War of the Worlds" Diorama by Pegasus!!

1/144 "War of the Worlds" Diorama by Pegasus!! (aka Trumpeter?) _______________________________________________________

This is an interesting turn up for the books! A Sci-fi diorama in 1/144!

This is made by the same people who bought the cool sdkfz 251 and KarlMorser etc!!!

Comes in Model kit form (1/144 scale)

#9002 War Machines Attack model kit (Base 8" long)


1/72 Area 51 UFO AE-341.15B model kit (8.25" Dia)
This is 1/72, but at 8.5 Inches, i think you might get away with putting this up against a Anigrand or Unicraft Hanebau???? the model whilst interesting doesnt give to many clues as to a natural scale? It would be much larger than the WOTW Martians...

other 1/144 UFO

1/87 Busch Gmbh UFO Diorama (out of production)
Although designed for HO railways, the bush documents also make a bid for N (1/160) & TT (1/120) dioramas. The model is @6 Inches and included 14volt electronics for lighting etc.

1/187 German WW2 aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin

Announced at the Chicago Hobby Industry Trade Show in October of 2008.

The re-established Hawk/Lindberg kit company (USA) just issued the German WW2 aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin model in 1/187 scale.

I do not know why the weird scale. But the kit has about 1,000 parts, including 50 aircraft in this scale, and a lighted and detailed hangar deck. Wowsers!

The ship model will be 55 1/4 inches (1403 mm) in length! The wingspan of the Ju-87 will be 2.9 inches in that scale. (not sure that wingspan sounds right?)

planned for late in 2009.
It is a shame that Lindberg did not go the extra mile and release this in 1/144, A missed opportunity I think! ??? :o(

it comes with its own aircraft, or maybe you could replace with 1/200 metal items or 1/160? I think 1/144 would be too large...

1/144 more Altaya / IXO for 2009

1/144 Altaya / IXO for 2009
There seems to be a race on between, Altaya and Anigrand as to who can bankrupt us first?
#38. Glenn Martin 167 Maryland France
#39. Armstrong Whitworth A.W. 38 Whitley UK

1/144 Miniwings Gotha-244 b-1 & Ju-87 A-1

1/144 Miniwings Gotha-244 b-1 & Ju-87 A-1

Some photos of the contents of contents of some of the miniwings kits.
Nice fresh and crisp molding on these product.
its worth noting that the clear parts come supplied with extra copy, in case your knife slips!?
also see here for reviews on other miniwings kits

A-Model in 1/144

A-model in 1/144

Rumoured releases 2009+ ??

1/144 An-225 'Mriya' (62 cm Fuselage!) (2 foot long!) - although i have seen references going back to 2006! Not sure if this is the same prototype, but shown for size net to an Rvel An-124

1/144 An-2 Colt
1/144 Canberra
1/144 C-130
1/144 UF-1
1/144 + arrgh - ( i have lost the description!)

Rumoured releases 2008 (still not arrived)??
1/144 Manchester
1/144 Lincoln
1/144 He-111

maybe one of the Ukrainian guys can help me out on this one?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/144 Star Wars vol.2 by F-Toys ! (upd)

1/144 Star Wars vol.2 by F-Toys ! (update

More pictures on the Platz site:
the prices have increased from 399 Yen to 473 Yen!

its curious that there is no mention of a special, as per Star Wars Vol.1?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/144 Star Wars vol.2 by F-Toys !

1/144 Star Wars vol.2 by F-Toys !
hot off the press...
A new series of 1/144 starwars by F-toys.

01. AT-AT
02. Snow Speeder
03. Y-Wing
04. Advanced Tie Fighter + Darth Vader (in 1/144 wow! - must get him alongside the Hanebau )
05. AT-TE
06. "Special Item"

Available 23/03/2009
Price: (?) But i imagine usual price range?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

1/144 CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln

Scratch Built 1/144 scale
USS Abraham Lincoln

48 Photo Images of more detail an be found here, with text

The ship and many accessories are scratch built, the aircraft look like 1/144 Kits and Gashapon.
Looks like a lot of time went into that project!!!!1

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/144 IJN 17m Uchibi Ship (Plastic model) by Interallied

1/144 IJN 17m Uchibi Ship (Plastic model) - by Interallied
Well, not a big boat man, but we dont get that many in 1/144 however I do know these are popular with our friends from the "Lucky Country"
This appears sold out, but as its a plastic injection kit there must be *some* out there somewhere?

Available. 01/2009
Price: 1,000 Yen ( 7 GBP, 8 Euros, 10 USD)

1/144 F-4J Phantom II by "Organic" (update!)

1/144 F-4J Phantom II by "Organic"
Well, well, well, this is what gives me continued hope in 1/144!
Every now and then a new completely unseen and unexpected set of items is produced.
Ok, not my personal favorite but i would guess quite a few people would be interested in these!
What can i say? well I suppose you can read the image as well as i?

5x F-4 Phantom II in US Navy and US Marines Service!
A coordinated release with the recent US Navy and US Marines Releases from Cafe Reo & F-Toys?

VF-96 Fighting Falcons Showtime 100
VF-84 "Jolly Rogers"
VF-151 Vigilanties

VMFA-451 Warlords
VMFA-235 Death Angels

There are meant to come "built", so some minor assembly is required rather than kit build?

Available: 03/2009
Price: 3,600 Yen (@28GBP,30 Euro, 40 USD)

No, I was wrong as 'Badger indicated! shows that 3,600 Yen is PER ITEM!!! 18

1/144 Century Wings - F-14A

1/144 Century Wings - F-14A
A new Takara brand? I have shown these before, but here they area again,
These look like a Limited Edition series of 2000 Pieces of each type!

F-14A Tomcat VF-41 (1978)
F-14A Tomcat VF-84 (1978) (Type 1)
F-14A Tomcat VF-84 (1978) (Type 2)
The GSE accessories look very much n the "pro-hobby style" ?
Price; ¥ 1260 - 5040 !?? (work that out if you can!?)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/144 Barnes Wallis "Swallow" SST (1955)

1/144 Barnes Wallis "Swallow" SST (1955) ==================================
those Anigrand or Welsh Models V-bombers not enough?
the Wolfpack or CafeReo Tsr-2 not enough?
the Minigwings CF-105 not enough?

from 'Barnes Wallis' creator of the Wellington Bomber, the "bouncing bomb" made famous by the 617 Sdn attack on the Ruhr?

The 'Next Generation' concept of supersonic flight!?

not sure i like the new cockpit layout, but it does appear to reflect the original drawings more closely

with Pan-Am and BAOC decals!

1/144 by Altaya Releases Early 2009

1/144 by Altaya Releases Early 2009
A new release is made by Altaya @every two weeks!?
on that basis these should see us to the beginning of March???

(#33) 2009 Dornier Do-24T Germany

(#34) 2009 Nakajima Ki49-II Koh Donryu JAPAN

(#35) 2009 Short Sunderland Mk. III RAF

(#36) 2009 Tupolev TB-3 USSR

(#37) 2009 Handley Page Hampden RAF

thanks to Dirk!

1/144 Wings of War Miniatures Series 3 & 4 !

1/144 Wings of War Miniatures Series 3 & 4 !
  • Wings of War Miniatures série 4 :(2009)
    • Se5a
    • Pfalz D.III
    • Breguet 14
    • Rumpler C.IV-C.VII

  • Wings of War Miniatures série 5 :(2009)
    • Morane Saulnier N
    • Fokker E.III
    • Airco DH.2
    • Halberstadt D.III

Thursday, January 08, 2009

1/144 CF-105 AVRO Arrow

1/144 CF-105 AVRO Arrow
This long awaited kit is now available for order from the guys at Miniwings.
A nice looking kit in its own right, and would look good with the Fantastic Plastic Avro 730, or the forthcoming V-Bombers from Anigrand, or the TSR.2 from Cafe.Reo or Wolfpack Designs.
Released: January 2009!

also see here for reviews on other miniwings kits

Monday, January 05, 2009

1/144 Fw-261 by Anigrand

1/144 Fw-261 by Anigrand
this is now available on full release!

1/144 AModel C-130

1/144 AModel C-130
Amodel have released their C-130 kit, if it is anything like the recent Lancaster these should be very high quality and work adding to your collection if you like modern aircraft!

Looking at the length, it would appear to be an early version?

also, these picture are of the pre-production prototypes!

It would appear these should be in your model shops soon!

....Now, I wonder when they are going to release that 1/144 Manchester RAF bomber?

Wargames Factory

The guys at Wargame Factory have asked if I would share this with you!
They make items in response to the pubic demand! - A great idea, if you ask me!

Current voting Options!

See how the suggestion method works here:

Forum how about a 1/144 SPITFIRE.............!!! Merlin & Griffon versions anyone?

1/144 WWII Figther Options (Battle of Britain?)!

1/144 Biplanes WWI

Sunday, January 04, 2009

1/144 Silver 'Bubble Top' P47 (from Bandai L3)

1/144 Silver 'Bubble Top' P47 (from Bandai L3) ===================================
Another great looking 1/144 Model in retro photo style!
thanks Marvin

Saturday, January 03, 2009

1/144 Bandai Hurricane

1/144 Bandai Hurricane
Sorry, No news!
However, I did find this 'retro' style photo while looking through my archives and thought you might like to see it!?
If stretch the image via the desktop option, it still makes a nice looking wallpaper!