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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1//144 1920-1930's aircraft by "KIRIN"? Skymax

A range of Aircraft released on 27.02.2006 in Japan
From what I can tell these are claimed to be 1/144
An interesting set!

but why is the DH88 Blue and not RED!!! - well it sees the dh88 is in "FIRE" Drink company colours not the classic world racer red!

Photos from

Seem to be some link between 2x "coffe drinks" and 1x airplane!

Curtis CR-3c

DH88 Rapide

GeeBee RAcer

Spirit of St Louis



Sunday, March 26, 2006

1/144 Takara Wing Museum 3 - ZERO's Special

1/144 Takara Wing Museum 3 - ZERO's Special - Released Japan 27/March/2006

I think these are the specials......? (Pictures when available)

Zero game 21 type (pearl harbor)
Zero Sea Place (gray paint)

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L4 - Specials! (UPDATED)

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L4 - Release Japan 28/March/06

The special aircraft are as follows - Pictures soon:

SP1. The fighter plane on the Mitsubishi zero type warship (Drab GREEN USA!! version!!) S

SP2. The Messerschmitt Bf 109 F (coloring it is different) (aaarrrhhh.... another desert version with "white" nose - the standard items has "black nose")

SP3. North American F -86 the F saber ( JAPANESE JASDF Version!)

better pictures:

standard WCCL4

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

1/144 Resin VW Factory (1939)

This is so cool!

I did not expect to get this when i bid last month, I thought there would be demand for such an unusual item... bit no!

Whilst i love special tank kits, I think this is a nice kit too - makes a refreshing change from the usual products!

2x VW Bettle cars plus a assmebly line and crane unit!

I think I will build it as it was meant, but if you had two of these there would be a temptaion to split the VW's off to make Military versions and use the factory as a "production line" for Panzer I or Panzer II - The crane could be used to add the turrets to a tank?


I have seen these items talked about on the 1/144 Mini Armour Forum

There is a company that sells small scale METAL aircraft for £1.50 (2 or 3 USD?)
I think that "TOYWAY" is not the manufactuere but the UK importer, i would think these items maybe sold around the world with different brand names?

I have now found some, there are not perfect scale models and I imagine them to be sold in small shops as "pocket money" toys for children.

TOYWAY like FURUTA and MICROMACHINES (and arguably some of the cheaper CORGI ranges) vary the scale of the item to "fit" the packaging. Looking at the the range of TOYWAY I would say this is the same! There is one size package from Ho229 to B-52!! I think that meand the b-52 etc maybe heading towards 1/700?? (to be honest this is just a guess based upon TAKARA packets and ranges)

When I saw the Me262 had a look and put it back, but when i saw the Horten I bought both after all, I nearly bought a Russian Yak (The aircraft - not the moose!) but I thought I would check the scale and quality when I got home.

The Horten is a little too small for 1/144 and its wings are slightly elongated compared to the 1/144 POPY Horten 229. You could maybe argue they are not meant to be quite the same item in which case the longer thiner wings and the slightly shorter fuselage is Ok? If it is meant to be the same models it probably equated to the TOYWAY being 1/150? - I would need to verify the measurements and convert to scale the various original Horten aircraft dimensions.

The Me262 is again a bit too big all over, by about 5mm here and there which begin to add up, maybe it is @1/130?

The quality isnt that bad considering how cheap these items are, would they make an acceptable "collection" maybe... the paint work is fine, the cockpit/canopies are "blacked out" the molding that is there is clean although one or two obviousl joins, the landing gear is the worst part and looks like "MICROMACHINES" bulky struts.

The hardcore purist would say no and certainly they would look the poor realtion in a CORGI aircreaft collection, but as one of two pieces to fill a hole in your TAKARA, BANDAI, FTOYS collection then yes, if you collect FURUTA then this is a good match and if you collect MICROMACHINES imagine you would be very happy with these items.

In summary, i think the best match is a metal version of FURUTA?

1/144 TAKARA Me262 and 1/144 POPY Ho229 used for comparisons!

Cafe Reo Dirorama "Coaster" bases (6cm x 6cm) Update

HLJ are selling one of the two sets and they are they ones i have bought, i havent shown them all here but you get the idea!

note that the "road" scene shown here uses 2x road tiles, and before anyone point out a problem with the crazy taxi divers... Japan and the UK drive on the same side of the road ( i.e "left hand drive" )

Note: The Taxi's shown are from one of the TOMYTEC series - oddly I couldnt find these still available in Japan and ended up buying them from a company in Germany!

NAZI Tanks found on moon shock!!

here are some items arrived today!

"Cafe Reo" Diorama coasters... (Moon Version)
"PRO-HOBBY" MGS-8-SS (Pz.I Munitions Carrier) - Metal Cast Version
"PRO-HOBBY" MGS-7-SS (Pz.I ) - Metal Cast Version

The diorama coasters are nice, just about big enough for a small iem.
Cleverly for larger items you will need to buy 2-4 to make a good size base.

note: picture of moon taken from

Monday, March 20, 2006

Following on from my original report - I have been so stupid!!!

of course these items had been shown at the WF2006 !!

please see first link!! - scroll down and there are pictures of the IL-2 7 the "JUDY"

Sunday, March 19, 2006

1/144 B-Club (POPY) Panzerfront Resin Kit

blogger is still being a bit odd, so have mangaged to get a single composite image loaded.

1/144 B-Club (POPY) Panzerfront Resin Kit

Nice little kit, easy to build only '6 parts - harder to paint!

sorry there seems to be a techincal problem seems to be having a problem letting me post pictures.
This means I cant really post ay more reports for now despite having one or two to issues.

sorry, this is beyond my control as far as I am aware?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

1/144 ProHobby "Space workers"

Now these area a bit newer and different.
i imagine they can be used for:

Starwars & Sci-fi
various Diorama

1/144 ProHobby Figures (updated)

Not exactly new anymore, but here are some nice sets of German figures from prohobby.

A set or Marching Soldiers and a set of "action" poses.

The action poses has a more detailed paint work.

The marching soldiers can be used for diorama work?

I think "ZEEK" of the "Project 144" assocaition has provided the master models for these items, sadly i cant quite find his web site at the moment.... I know its out there in a link i have somewhere!?

the site is in Japanese, however with the help of Google translate you can find your way around

Thursday, March 16, 2006

1/144 World Tank Museum #9 1 Box (10pcs) by SUBARUDO!!!

1/144 World Tank Museum #9 1 Box (10pcs) by SUBARUDO!!!

Interesting, the WTM9 series has been spotted available for preorder and with new photographs.

A very interesting point is that these are no longer sold as "TAKARA" but "SUBARUDO".
This seems to have taken effect since the Merger of TAKARA & TOMY

See the new "official" SUBARUDO World Tank Museum Pages!

This rebranding seem to have been carried through to the retailers who now list this item under the new product name.

This could be a move distinguish "trading figures" from the core toy business and the "CHOCO-Q" range of products also now lives with this brand!

1/144 "WWII Warbird Volume " (F-Toys?)

2006/03/16) Fトイズ 1/144 WWⅡウォーバードコレクション 2006/05/下予定 予約受付開始

1/144 "WWII Warbird Volume " (F-Toys?)
This series has come out of the blue??

Due for sale in Japan 2006/05!

I think it might be F-Toys????
(a) due to the distribution of items vs specials
(b) F-Toys usually have fresh ideas when producing items!

8 "Types" + 4 Secret - similar to F-Toys twin engine perhaps?
10 items per box

2x Type - Japanese plane.
2x Type - Italian Mc 202 (Macchi).
2x Type - German Heinkel He-100.
2x Type - Russian IL-2M3 Sturmovik.

WWⅡウォーバードコレクション 10個入未開封BOX

1/144 Jagdpanzer - MicroArmour (update 2)

More pics of the retail promotional picture.
Standard Pieces + Box Photo Artwork

Japan Sale Date 25th Aprl 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

1/144 Maus (Panzer Korps0

Just messing arund, nothing special to report - just an exercise in trying out new paints!

Monday, March 13, 2006

1/144 CafeReo MilitaryAircraft "big bird" - update

big composite pitcure of close-ups from this series...
Still no word of "if" or "what" the specual "might" be?
I suspect it will be a colour variation -
but doesnt take a great leap of imagination to reach that conclusion!?
still seems on track for April 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006


thought you might like to see these?

Pithead Sdkfz 10 Tractor (1/150)*
Pendraken Nebelwerfer (smaller version) + associated 3 mn crew (10mmPendraken)*
Pedraken AA emplacment. (10mm)
Boxes various

"Emperor's" Nebelwerfer (Larger Version) (1/160)* - I like this a lot - the all over detail is fantastic - perhaps need a little more dept on the tubes at the front? Can be configured to be in "tow" mode, but wouldn't recommend you switch between towed vs deployed much

* - scale as stated by manufacturer/vendor

1/100 Spitfire Mk Vb (Tsubasa Collection)

1/100 Spitfire Mk Vb (Tsubasa Collection)
I think i have seen these before but never paid too much attendtion to them in the past, primarily as they are not my main scale. I think I have either seen past or planned series covering "Spitfire", "Zero/Zeke" and Bf109....
I show it today as it was sent to me as part of a large order from a good seller in Japan, I was to give it to someone else but they asked me to build if for them first!
The main interest points are they are quite nice but take up more room than the 1/144 and the other main point is the construction methos is now the same as the recent 1/144 TAKARA Famous Aircraft "Wings of the Luftwaffe" series where they are essentially clip/glue kit that are prepained to a good standard! This 1/100 range comes with a more "executive" style base than the usaul takaras.
A final point of interest is that in Japan these are distrubuted by "Doyusha" the same company that distributes "Dragon"/"Dragon Micro Armour"

1/144 M109a6 Paladin (Panzer Korps #26)

1/144 M109a6 Paladin (Panzer Korps #26)

Here is a simple representation of the M109a6 Paladin from the Dragon Panzer Korps Series (no. 26).
I actually bought this series by mistake I wanted the one with the British AS90 SPG! I must pay more attention on e-bay.... Still, there is not point wasting these items so I decided to try some "desert" scene painting. These color is a little washed out on the photos as its a shade darker in real life, also the camera also shows up and highlight items you dont see with the naked eye!

1/144 M1A2 "All American" Abrams (Panzer Korps #26)

1/144 M1A2 "All American" Abrams (Panzer Korps #26)
Here is a simple representation of the M1A2 "All American" Abrams from the Dragon Panzer Korps Series (no. 26).
I actually bought this series by mistake I wanted the one with the British AS90 SPG! I must pay more attention on e-bay.... Still, there is not point wasting these items so I decided to try some "desert" scene painting. These color is a little washed out on the photos as its a shade darker in real life, also the camera also shows up and highlight items you dont see with the naked eye!