Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1/144 Resin Kits by Dameya @ HLJ

Previously only available in Japan, via Dameya Net or Hobby Shows.

Dameya kits are now available at HLJ for International Sales, so there are now more ways to spend money on kits and avoid EBAY prices!!


See the Japan Only site below for images of products available via HLJ.

Dameya kits are also available for international shipping orders via the RadJapan Site

1/144 CM32 TIFV - by Strategist

1/144 CM32 YunPao TIFV 'Cloud Leopard' - by Strategist

I know some of you guy like to see unusual or modern fighting vehicles, well today I bring you both The CM32 YunPao TIFV (Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle) 'Cloud Leopard' is both modern, unusual and representative of the modern power base establishing itself in the Asia. It is not only China rearming itself with native fighting capabilities, but other Asian nations are also developing their capabilities too. In part to counter the build up of the Chinese military, and in part as a reflection of their own economic powers and national confidence and pride.



Material: Mixed Media (PU,ABS,Alloy)

Product characteristics:
a. Independently rotating wheels.
b. The 25mm turret can be rotated 360 degrees.
c. The drivers compartment hatch can be set
in the 'open' or 'closed' positions.
d. The Two hatches on the 25mm turret can also be set in the 'open' or 'closed' positions.
e. The Two rear infantry roof hatches can also be set
in the 'open' or 'closed' positions.
f. The entrance ramp door can be set in the raised or lowered positions.

g. The infantry compartment has seating for six soldiers.

h. The machine gun on the 24mm turret can also be independently rotated.

Buy now:

Available: March 2011 
Price: $45 USD

More information

Monday, March 28, 2011

1/144 BAC TSR-2 - Pit-Road

1/144 BAC TSR-2 - Pit-Road (ref: SN06)

The ill fated TSR-2 (Tactical Strike Reconnaissance) project of mythical status.

Many of you will know of this aircraft and will need little reminding of this aura and mystique that surrounds this aircraft. Those of you who know little or nothing of this aircraft should read and learn......



Some great sprue photos at Hobby Search and Pit-Road

Available: March 2011
Price: @Yen 2,000

other TSR-2 refs

Also, the TSR-2 would look great next to another period cancelled project the Avro-730

Fumi Blog Info

Sunday, March 27, 2011

1/144 "Mega Town" Diorama - CGD

Looking for something different with which to display your 1/144 items, or to make an imposing display? CGD have released a new large scale diorama tableau that will enable you to recreate scenes from towns of Northern France through to the cities of the Eastern Front.

The 1/144 "Mega Town" diorama from CGD that measures approximately 12" X 13 " (30.5cm X 33cm). This diorama comes is fully painted and can be supplemented by a range of other CGD products that you may already have (or, can be purchased).

Available in 3x colour options:
"Summer" (as shown),

contact CGD for options on ordering.

Available from CGD here

Price : $89USD
Available: March 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1/144 Westland Lysander MK. I / II - Foxone

Foxone has release a new set of kits, the 1/144 Westland Lysander MK. I and Mk II.

I think these are great and am glad to see this kit produced. It is one of those unsung hero's of WWII, not the fast sexy fighters such as the Spitfire or P-51D, or the city destroying Lancaster's or B-17s, it is however an important and interesting aircraft.

Working initialy in it Liaison role and subsequently in its more famous role of landing and retrieving SOE Special Agents into occupied Europe.

The Lysander was flown by around the world by over 12 airforces and services in WWII and afterwards:

More picture galleries of the FOXONE Westland Lysander can be found here

A breakdown of the parts lists can be seen here:

Each box has 1x Kit and 2x Decal options as shown on the images above.

Another interesting little item, the 'Welbike'. Although more famous for use by the British Paratroops at Arnhem, it too was use by SOE special agents.
Designed to allow for the rapid movement of paratroops once landed.


Available: March 2011

Lysander Mk.I 3500 Yen
Lysander MK.II 3500 Yen
Wel Bike 500 Yen
Japan via Foxone or Yellow Sub
International - Radsan or HLJ

Previous Lysander Posts on KG144

Reviews on Internet Modeler for MK.1 and MK.2

Monday, March 21, 2011

1/144 Zero/Rufe A6M2-N Floatplane - Sweet

1/144 Zero/Rufe A6M2-N Floatplane - Sweet

Box Art-Work

Available: April 2011
Price: 1600-2000 Yen!

Includes: 2x Rufe kits, Plus Transport Trolley and Water Diorama plate.

more info

Sunday, March 20, 2011

1/144 A6M2 "ZERO" MODEL 21 - by X-Plus

A6M2 "ZERO" MODEL 21by X-Plus

"X-Plus - Heavy Metal Series" appears to be another brand range from the "Century Wings" hanger. A producer of very detailed premium die cast metal scale aircraft in a range of scales.

This range of particular interest and not to 1/144 collectors is a range of
A6M2 "ZERO" MODEL 21's from the 1941 Pearl Harbour Attack.

The A6M2 Zero is very well detailed for a 1/144 metal die-cast aircraft and will no doubt be a must have for any serious IJN/IJA aircraft collector.

Each model comes with each own presentation base modeled in the form of an hanger aircraft lift, with an identifying plaque.

More Pictures:

When i said 'premium' this related not only to the detailing but the price also!
HKD$ 234 (Hong Kong Dollars)

They can be bought directly from the supplier, or it would appear selective local stockists:

1/144 German Dicker Max 10.5cm SPG - PanzerDepot

1/144 German Dicker Max 10.5cm SPG - PanzerDepot

A new production, a German experimental vehicle designed to destroy enemy armour and bunkers. It was used actively in the early stages of invasion of Russia during 'Operation Barbaross' but was retired by late 1941. whilst it was proven to be a useful tool that was highly effective at penetrating fortifications and heavy Soviet armour. It was less suited to the tactics of 'blitzkrieg' to the more restricted movement of the gun carriage and the traverse of the main weapon.

More info on "Dicker Max" on Wiki , Achtung Panzer and Valka

Available: March 2011

Grey: $17.80
Camo: &18.80
Winter $17.80

For details please visit our Website: http://www.panzerdepot.com
our online shop: http://www.panzerdepot.com/eshop/catalog

If you like this, you may also like PanzerDepors 'Sturer Emil' issue.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1/144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.7

1/144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.7

The series subtitles on various Japanese websites is confusing labeled as "WWII German and US Fighters" or "European Theatre" - although the line-up and marking don't quite tie-up.

Still, it is should be much a welcomed series; with an all new 1/144 P-39 Air Cobra, a new 1/144 mold of the P-40 last seen in the early Bandai wing Club release, and an 'old favorite' The Bf-109 in E-4 guise.
  • P-39 Air Cobra
  • P-40E Warhawk
  • Bf109E-4
There is a range of German, Romanian, US and British markings.

The P-40E Flying Tigers will please many buyers as these guys have a legendary status in the flying world.

The P-39 should be a pleaser, as it has not really seen the light of day since the early days of that Revel kit! I think its a cool shape, and most of all that RAF cam scheme looks very nice indeed!

The bf-109s are for the most part 'ticks in boxes' there is a desert and an Early War/Battle of Britain Scheme, and a Romanian scheme - luckily the aircraft numbering does not clash with the forth coming Tomytec Gimix Bf-109 series numbering for Romanian aircraft in that series!

I would expect the usual Item and Series colour specials!

Available: May 2011
Price: 473 Yen per Item

Friday, March 11, 2011

1/144 Vomag "Command Car" - Kampfgruppe144

1/144 Vomag "Command Car" - Kampfgruppe144

'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I'

Kampfgruppe144 is able to bring you the next most support unit from the Vomag Series of vehic;es - that being the Command Car or 'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I'.

The Command/Targeting (Messwagen der Befehlsstelle) carriages were based on the same Vomag chassis as the version equipped with the 88mm gun. However, they were instead equipped with a revised chassis and range of "Targeting Computer" options.

This release is the 'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I', which was equipped with the Kommando-Gerät 36 (Primary rangefinder and mechanical analogue computer for directing anti-aircraft guns (featuring Ziess Optics)) which required a crew of 15 to operate it effectively.

The 'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I', was used to direct the targeting and firing for a battery of consisting of 4x Vomag 88mm vehicles.

The Command/Targeting (Messwagen der Befehlsstelle) carriages were designed for the acquistion and targeting of the long range, high altitude bomber fleets of the RAF, USAAF and laterly Soviet forces.

This new model comes with many new features, not previously implemented:
- Revised chassis converetd to allow for the transportation of the large crew,
- All new detailed Kommando-Gerät 36 'Targeting and Range Finding computer',
- Revised side panels (targeting and transportation mode options),
- Revised 360 mounting for the Kommando-Gerät 36

Produced from 3D CAD models, and manufactured using Shapeways 3D process.

The Kit is available in two colour options:
- Early War - Panzer Grey (info)
- Mid War - DunkelGelb (info)

Available: March 2011 (12-03-2011)
Price: 19.90 USD (Panzer Grey) ("Buy now")
Price: 20.90 USD (Dunkel Gelb) ("Buy Now")
Production Agent: CGD / CGD

An extended history page for the Vomag Series has been provided Here , it also includes a section on the deployment of the Vomag 88mm and Vomag Command Carriages, and a further description of the Kommando-Gerät 36 !!

For the previous posts regarding the KG144 Vomag 88mm see here

Sunday, March 06, 2011

1/144 F-14A Tomcat, VF-114 Aardvarks - FCM Decal

FCM44033 - F-14A Tomcat, VF-114 Aardvarks

FCM have released another of their well researched ad comprehensive sets of markings and stencils. Professionally printed in the USA.

Available: here
Price: Not confimed but previous edition was < £9 GBP

Saturday, March 05, 2011

1/144 Lisunov Li-2 by Eastern Express

1/144 Lisunov Li-2 by Eastern Express
I stumbled across this kit whilst investigating the IL-12 release from A-Model.
I knew that some of the Il-2 kits below had been released, but had not encountered the kit(s) from Eastern Express.


These kits do not seem to readily available at the moment, i could only find
Avia press and Modelshop.sk that had them online, however other suppliers such as e-models and Hannants stock the remainder of the Eastern Express Range, so maybe these are new?

The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84 (NATO reporting name: Cab), was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3. It was produced by the GAZ-84 works near Moscow, and subsequently at GAZ-34 in Tashkent


Avialble: Now (limited outlets)
Price: @ 28 USD / 17Euro

Welsh Models
Are planning to release a Lisunov Li - 2 (Dakota) in USSR Polar unit livery (others may follow?)

There has been indication that a Li-2 maybe produced as part of the "Art of Tactic" war game system currently being manufactured by Zvezda.

CMR Resin (Czechmaster Resin)
Also, released some Li-2s in 2007, these sometimes do appear on ebay, or can be traded on Airliner Modling forums. Interestingly the website shows these as 'Future' so maybe they are planned for reissue 'some time'
MM11 Lisunov Li-2 'Civil versions'
MM12 Lisunov Li-2 'Military versions'

1/144 Beriev Be-12 / Be-14 by A-Model

The Beriev Be-12 Chayka ("Seagull", NATO reporting name: Mail) is a Soviet twin-turboprop-powered amphibious anti-submarine and maritime patrol aircraft.

The Be-12 entered service with Soviet Naval Aviation, or AV-MF (Aviatcia Voenno-Morskogo Flota), in the early 1960s in the maritime patrol role, and is one of the few amphibian aircraft still in military service in the world.

Initially its role was ASW patrol, but when newer missiles enabled the United States Navy submarines to launch from further offshore, the Be-12 was converted to a search and rescue role (Be-12PS). Small numbers are still in service.


Here is an excellent site in Russian and English on the Be-12 http://www.be-12.info/eng/

Available: "Coming Soon"
Price: tbc?

1/144 A-Model - Ilyushin IL-12 NATO code 'Coach'

The Ilyushin Il-12 (NATO reporting name "Coach") was a Soviet twin-engined cargo aircraft, developed in the mid-1940s for Aeroflot, and first flew in 1945. It was designed to replace the Lisunov Li-2 which was a license built version on the DC-3!

This aircraft ultimately saw service with the Soviet and Chinese Military, including a range of Eastern European Airlines. I expect that this should provide a range of after market decal options not too far in the future?

A-Model are to release two versions;
Il-12 : Twin-engined passenger, cargo transport aircraft, which could carry between 18 - 21 passengers

Il-12D : Twin-engined military transport aircraft for the Soviet Airforce, which could carry upto 32 paratroops/soldiers

Il-12T : Twin-engined military transport aircraft for the Soviet Airforce, that interestingly had a dorsal Gun Turret for defensive purposes (this one looks the most interesting to me!?)

Available: Coming Soon?
Price: tbc?

The IL-14 update to the IL-12 is avialable in resin kit form from F-RSIN kits, and is
available in two options, a) Eastern Germanys 'Interflug', and b) Hungarys 'Malev':

Available: Now
Price: 41 Euro
Source: http://www.f-rsin.com/pages/collection/14053-54.html

1/144 Soviet T-28 Tank - Panzer Depot

1/144 Soviet T-28 Tank - Panzer Depot
A new release by Panzer Depot, one that alread seems to be exciting some out there!?

should be interesting for Wargamers and collectors not wanting pay big ebay prices for those Fairy Kikkau Kits? Wargammers will get the best fun with this fiting the "Winter War" between Finland and the Sovier Union!

I am not a big fan of Soviet Tanks, but I do have a liking for these early 'land ship' tanks with multiple turrets!

For more info on this tank

Available: Now

Price: $18.80 (Early Type - Green)
Price: $19.90 (Early Type - Winter)

Price: $18.80 (Late Type - Green)
Price: $19.90 (Late Type - Winter)

Available direct from Panzer Depot at shop or ebay

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

"Coming Soon" - Foxone Preview

"Coming Soon" - Foxone Preview

Foxone is previewing some of his upcoming kits to be released in March 2011.
Foxone Lysander Mk. I/III & MK.II (Here) (info / wiki)
Foxone X-47B Development log (Here) (wiki)