Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Not the cheapest models available, but there are some interesting items in the range and they are plentiful.

these apepar to be Plastic ABS, they will proably look much beter after they have been primed and repainted.

There is also a range of contsruction equipment, ships!, buildings and regular vehicles.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

1/150 Tomytec Scenics - Trees - "Jyoukei Collection"

1/150 Tomytec Scenics - Trees - Jyoukei Collection

Along side the original machinimi collections and the recent Farm and Factory collections, Tomy now bring some additoanl scenic materials!
These are in "Kit" format.
001 - "Zelkova" ?
002 - Japanese Cedar
003 - Black Pine
Due: March 2007
Yen: 460

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kampgruppe 1/144 - Worldwide !!

It has been a while since i published a view of who around the world is looking at this site!

It is a pretty true statement that for a little over the year this site has been runnign we must have had people turn up from every country in the world that has an internet connection!


Here is a picture of last weeks watchers!

new 1/144 Wargaming group on Yahoo!

For all of you interested in "War Gaming", be it models, rules, scenarios, help and advice
there is a new group on yahoo you might be interested in!

Monday, January 15, 2007

More 3D "printers" - $600?

More info for those of you who have interest in "3D Printing" and the future of Modelling!?
plus, these are "open source" the plans etc are free, and you can also contribute your own, time and skills to the project - see these sites for further info!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

1/150 TV Camera Crew

Pro-Hobby have released a "1/150 TV Camera Crew", I stongly suspect these are for use with the latest series of "Bandai Working Vehicles" which are a collecion of "Satelite Broadcasting Trucks"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

1/148 (British "N" ) Pithead Minitures - New Season! (updated)

Pithead Minitures - New Season!
many figures have been remodelled
please take a look

070114 - New British Achilles

070114 - New British Matilda 2

070114 - New British Challenger

070114 - New British Archer

061218 - New British Matilda 1

061217 - New British A13

061217 - New British MkVI


061213 - New German Infantry pack (50 figures)

061213 - New German Sig17

061213 - New German HQ pack (6 figures)

061213 - New German Panzer Jaegers (6 figures)


061213 - New German 120mm mortar

061213 - New German 81mm mortar

061213 - New German MG 42


061213 - New German PAK 38

061213 - New German PAK 40

061213 - New German Sig 33


061213 - New German Sturm Pioneer

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

FAB@HOME - 3D Printer = $2,500

FAB @ HOME Project
It is coming, soon the revolution begins and we can all design and build the kits we desire at home!
For the same price as a 1986 Commodre C64 + Hard Disk + Printer cost in Europe during 1986, you can now join the advanced group of 3D modellers!
Soon we can trade files for models????????

Monday, January 08, 2007


1/144 SWEET
BARBAROSSA Summer Ver. (2x Kits)
no further information, i expect it to be excellent quality if
their previous kits are to be mentioned!
it will be interesting to see if its just new decals, or includes any specific modifications?
available for pre-order (Feburary 2007)
from Aoshima & HLJ
I imagine it will become available via usual global stockists too
when released!?
any link to other information on this kit would be appreciated!

1/144 Kai

Modellbrno 2006
Ki-46-II Kai

some very nice model work going on at the show, not all 1/144 - but worth a look!
see if you can find the Aichi underwater?.
If you know who made this kit, please let me know as I have someone who would like to speak to that person.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Please take a look at this site, it has some very interesting composite photgraphs and has a hight 1/144 content!

1/144 Dynavector Metal Kit! - IJN Type 18 Shinden (Lightening)!

1/144 Dynavector Metal Kit! - IJN Type 18 Shinden (Lightening)!

well what you see it what you get - I don't know much about this except it would be cool to get some!!

1/144 World