Wednesday, August 07, 2019

1/144 Convair NX-2 American Atomic-Powered Bomber Concept (1961) - Fantastic Plastic

1/144 Convair NX-2 American Atomic-Powered Bomber Concept (1961) - Fantastic Plastic

Price: $125.00 + Shipping
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About the Design   
During the 1950s and 1960s, the United States military actively pursued developed of a long-range strategic bomber powered by atomic energy. Of all the designs developed during this period, Convair's were probably taken the most seriously. Its NX-2 had two principal variations; one had three nuclear X211 turbojets housed in its rear fuselage, plus two underwing nacelles housing single Pratt & Whitney J75 chemical jets for use during take-off and landing. The second variation had four NJ58 nuclear turbojets placed in pairs, but no conventional jets for assistance.

In 1961, President Kennedy decided that nuclear power for jet aircraft was unfeasible, and ordered the program cancelled.

About the Model
Fantastic Plastic Models' NX-2 will depict the three-engine version of Convair's design, which includes the underwing jet nacelles.

Scale: 1:144
Material: Resin
Number of pieces: 41
Length: 14 inches
Pattern by Anigrand Craftswork
Casting by Anigrand Craftswork
Decals Designed by JBOT
Decals by Printed by Tango Papa Decals

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

1/144 A-7E Corsair Foreign Service - Heroes Models

1/144 A-7E Corsair | High Visibility (USN) | RESIN KIT
Ready to assemble resin model in 1/144 scale with clear resin canopy and canopy masks.
Silk print waterslide decals for four planes that flew in the Us Navy with High Visibility liveries.

Available: July 2019
25,00€ TAX included

1/144 A-7E Corsair | Foreign Service | RESIN KIT - Heroes Models
Ready to assemble resin model in 1/144 scale with clear resin canopy and canopy mask
Silk print waterslide decals for three Hellenic Air Force and three Royal Thai Navy aircraft.

Available: July 2019
25,00€ TAX included

for more details of base kit - see

Monday, July 22, 2019

Silver Spitfire First Circumnavigation of the Globe

Iconic British Spitfire Aircraft  Restored for a New Audience in a World
First Circumnavigation of the Globe

In 2019 two intrepid aviators will attempt to fly a Silver Spitfire around the world, taking in some of the most famous landmarks on the planet from the Grand Canyon in the West to the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji in the East.

The Spitfire is a UK treasure and an emblem of freedom across the globe. The Silver Spitfire expedition will hopefully promote the ‘Best of British’ worldwide showcasing the nation’s heritage in engineering excellence, and an aircraft that changed the course of history. The Spitfire embodies not only a pinnacle in aerospace engineering and design but commemorates a generation of intrepid aviators prepared to stand up to oppression and make the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of freedom.

The expedition will reunite the Spitfire with the many countries that owe their freedom, at least in part, to this iconic aircraft. The unmistakable sight and sound of this aircraft once again gracing the skies aims to inspire future generations more than eighty years after R.J. Mitchell’s timeless design first graced the skies.

In the great tradition of exploration, we seek to challenge ourselves by setting out to complete a trip that has never been attempted. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this iconic single-engined aircraft we hope to climb “a pilot’s Everest”.

Summer 2019  a newly restored original Mk IX Spitfire aircraft will begin a spectacular flight around the world. Flown by British pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks, the iconic aircraft will depart from the UK westwards and embark on a journey of more than four months in a physically, mechanically and logistically challenging adventure.

Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight is a world-first project to fly a newly restored original Spitfire aircraft around the world in a celebration of engineering, design excellence and as an inspiration to all those who will experience this unique aircraft in some of the world’s most iconic and beautiful locations. The expedition is the brainchild of British pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks. They located a long-lost Spitfire aircraft and are restoring it into a shining silver aircraft. Starting in summer 2019, they want to bring this aircraft to a global audience in a flight around the world, which will cover a distance of approximately 27,000 miles. The expedition’s principal sponsor is IWC Schaffhausen, a leading manufacturer of Pilot’s Watches from Switzerland.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

1/144 German 28cm K5(E) 'Leopold' Railway Gun - Dragon

1/144 German 28cm K5(E) 'Leopold' Railway Gun - Dragon

Est Release Date: September 2019  (re-issue)

Dragon appears to be expanding the Mini Armour collection, by reissuing the German 28cm K5(E).

his kit has everything needed to form a diorama straight from the box, for the set includes a section of railway track and embankment for the railway gun to sit on. Not only that, but Dragon also includes artillery crewmen to populate the gun and surrounding diorama.

One is finished in plastic that is German panzer Gray, and the other in dark yellow, therefore you can choose the Anzio/Italian theatre or Normandy


This Dutch site has a 'reservation' price of 19.99 Euros

Interestingly, Dragon Models USA website still lists the original 2004 issue on its website ! (I wonder if we are going to see the other railways series and the Karl Morser's issued again  )

1/144 Soviet WWII Fighter La-5 FN resin model - Northstar Models

1/144 Soviet WWII Fighter La-5 FN resin model - Northstar Models

Full resin model of famous Soviet WWII fighter plane – La-5 FN in 1/144 scale
17 gray resin parts
1 clear resin canopy

Decal from Begemot with 4  colour options
- White 30 – Lobanov
- White 01 – Popkov
- White 15 “За Васька и Жору” – (for Vaska and Zhora).
- Gray 23 – Czechoslovak Air Force

14.99 €


also available 
Aircraft and Helicopter upgrades
Figures (Aviation/Naval/Civil/AFV)  for UK,US,DE,USSR:

Rescue Models new 1/144 Range

Rescue Models new 1/144 Range 

All kits made from resin and also including the kabuki style painting mask (yellowish).

144002 DH Mosquito wheel set and tail gear (sagged) (for Mark I. modelkit)
144003 JAS-39 Gripen wheel set (For Revell/Trumpeter kit)
144004 U-125A wheel set (for Platz/F-toys kit)

Available: 2019-07

Price: approx £5GBP, $5USD or 4€ Euro

Sunday, July 07, 2019

1/144 Godzilla Figure Kit - Polar Lights

1/144 Godzilla Figure Kit - Polar Lights

Pr144 Scale TV & Film Kit
Plastic Figure Kit
Skill Level: 3
Suitable for ages 10+
Requires Painting: Yes
Paints & Glue Included: No
Weight: 1.50 KG

Reissue of the large Godzilla kit first produced in 2011. 
Sculpt by Jim Groman. 
16 inches tall when assembled!  75 parts!
Molded in green plastic


ZOUKEI-MURA Super Wing Series 1:72 & 1:144 Horten Ho 229 Two Kits In A Box

ZOUKEI-MURA Super Wing Series 1:72 & 1:144 Horten Ho 229 Two Kits In A Box Aviation Kit

Product Code: SWS72-144-01
1:72 & 1:144 Scale Aviation Kit
Plastic Aviation Model Kit
Number of Parts:
Requires Painting: Yes
Paints & Glue Included: No
Weight: 1.50 KG

Price: @£39 GBP
Available: Japan, July 2019 / Europe, August 2019.

You do get an excellent quality 1/72 with full internals and a "bonus" 1/144 Ho-229

If you are a Ho-229 enthusiast, its probably an easy description

ZM also produce the HO-229 in 1/48 and 1/32 scales, if you really are that enthusiast!?

or, if your fiances are more constrained .... do a nice little 1/144 HO-229 for 11 Euro


Thursday, June 20, 2019

1/144 Daimler Benz Project F -

Daimler Benz Project F - German Service (Plastic model)

-Daimler-Benz Project F is a manned ground missile planned at the end of WW.II.
-The aircraft was suspended under the wing of a large bomber and was designed under the plan of taking off from the air, leaving the hatch below the cockpit just before the pilot maneuvers and guides and lands on the target after taking off from the air.
-However, considering speed etc., it is thought that it was extremely difficult to escape in practice.

-When completed, the overall length will be approximately 89 mm and the overall width approximately 62 mm.

-The canopy is made of clear injection and comes with 4 different decals.
※ The part includes the display stand.

Availability: Now
Price:  @5GBP (tbc)

- Prototype, Hanna Reitsch, Peeenmunde, Sept 1945'

- Heinz Bar, JG52/III, Belgium, 1946.

- Siegfried Lemke, JG2 Richthofen, Mezhausen, June 1946.

- ObstLt Gunter Freiherr von Maltzahn, JG52 'Pik-as', Hungary, MArch 1946.

Daimler Benz Project F - Axis Forces (Plastic model)

Availability: Now
Price:  @5GBP (tbc)

- Italian National Republican Air force, 1st Fighter Group, 1st Squadron, Major Adriano Visconti, Italy July 1946.

- Royal Hungarian Air force, Lt. Col Aladar Heppesm, Vesprem Hungary, June 1946.

- (Royal) Imperial Japanese Air Force.

- Slovak Air Force, Stefan 'Fista' Martis, Malacky Airfield, Slovakia, July 1946.

Daimler Benz Project F - Captured (Plastic model)

- Royal Air Force, RAF No. VF288, March 1946.

- USAF, No. EB201, August 1946.

- Soviet Airforce VVS, Kubinka Base, July 1946.

- NACA, Edwards Airforce Base, July 1947.