Thursday, April 30, 2009

1/144 Twin Engined 3 - update

1/144 Twin Engined 3 - update
F-toys now list more info on this series, note the Special Black B-25!

Monday, April 27, 2009

1/144 Boeing B-17C by IXO / Altaya

1/144 Boeing B-17C by IXO / Altaya (#41)

An unusual rendition of the B-17 a "Type C", early edition of the might B-17.

Altaya Subscription Service (Contnental Europe): Now!
Retail via IXO (USA) : 2009!?
Ebay! : Now!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Algernon Tease Pictures - #2

Algernon Tease Pictures - #2

more pictures from Algernon on the basis of some future (Big bird) releases?
This time the items are painted, even if the pictures are tiny :(

Heinkel He-177 "Greif"

More Miniwing Releases!

More Miniwing Releases!
Two more kits coming your way from Miniwing!

One an interesting French item, not typically seen in 1/144 -

The Dassault Super Mystere, I think this has the making of a sleek looking aircraft and has a nice set of decals.

Another, this has been done in various Gashopon, and was done by Fe-Resin, however I notice some details that have changed so it could be a remodel rather than a reissue?

1-144 Fi-103 (V-1) (Miniwing)

1-144 Fi-103 (V-1) (Miniwing)
A nice little kit, with an interesting twist of having the transport trolley.
The kit is straight forward, and the trolly is a very finely cast - i suggest you have a fresh set of blades to cut through these and a steady hand!

Interesting kit, the V-1 Looks to be well proportioned, no decals are provided.

available now

1-144 Grumman XF101F-1 Jaguar (Miniwing)

1-144 Grumman XF10 F-1 Jaguar (Miniwing)
A new "eary jet" from Miniwing, this experimental aicraft as one of the first sucessful swing wing designs. This provide effecttive, even if little else of the aircraft did!

Minigwing have produced a nice kit of the unusual item, allowing for straight or swept wing, I imagine most people will still go for the swing wing option! The resin is freshlu cast and the detail crisp and clean. A seperately moulded ejection seat and accompanying cockpit decal should add detial in an often over looked area!

It comes with striking decals from Kura at Y-Kraft and they help make for a striking kit.

Available: now

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1/144 Twin Engine Collection Vol.3 by F-Toys

1/144 Twin Engine Collection Vol.3 by F-Toys - JAPANESE ITEMS ===============================================
F-Toys restate the desire for more 1/144.
A new WWII series of 4x Type, in 2 versions - plus specials?

- Luftwaffe Junkers JU88/A -
- USAAF Boeing B25 B/C
- Japanese Model 11 P1Y1 "FRANCES" (bottom pictures)
- Japanese Type 100 Ki-49 "HELEN" (top pictures)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anigrand Releases!

Anigrand Releases!

Sound-Barrier Breakers Set
All Resin kits. Included: X-1, X-2, X-3, D558-1, D558-2.
ETA: June 2009.
Scale: 1/144
MSRP: $ 53.00

Martin PBM-3/5 Mariner
ETA: ????
Scale: 1/144
MSRP: $ 90.00

Handley-Page Victor Mk.2 Tanker
ETA: ???
Scale: 1/144
MSRP: $ 102.00

Algernon Tease Picture!

Algernon Tease Picture!
One of the future products from Algernon......, needless to say this is some distance from coming to the market!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

1/144 Modern Fighter Collection Series 11 (updated)

1/144 Modern Fighter Collection Series 11. (updated)
Doyusha / Dragon

These will be displayed at : Shizuoka Hobby Show (15-16/05/2009):
Release date: Not known.

There are all JASDF

1/144 Doyusha Vol.11 "Samurai Guardian angels :Apache long bow,F-15 Eagle,F-4 Phantom"
  • AH-64 Long Bow Apache warrior
  • F-15 Eagle
  • F-4 Phantom
  • +Special?
6x items + Special? - So maybe 2x of each type?
Price @525 Yen each

1/144 現用機コレクション ■完成塗装済みボディ
thanks to Akira for the update.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

1/144 Fi-103 (V-1) by Miniwings

1/144 Fi-103 (V-1) by Miniwings

Enough to build ONE V-1 plus Trolley!
14 part Resin Kit

nice addition, would look great in a diorama! - maybe with your He-111!?
although that trolley looks like it would be a hard build!

Available: Now
Price: TBC.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

1/144 Brumbar by Panzer Depot

1/144 Brumbar by Panzer Depot

A new release of pre-assembled, pre-painted resin items.

Panzer Depot are to producing a Sdkfz 166 Brumbar / Sturmpanzer IV "Grizzly Bear", with/without side armour skirting. With two colour schemes.

Nice to see someone contnuing to support 1/144 Armour collectors, there are a number of items in this range not readily available from other producers. i quite like the look of this one, i thnk it looks better than the Yujin Brumar from a few years back!?

Available: April/May 2009

1/144 "What-if" Gallery by Roberto

1/144 "What-if" Gallery by Roberto
A series of models in "What-if" or hypothetical paint schemes, nothing serious (except painting skill), just some model fun!

A series of works by Roberto over the last few months, so here for you hot off the e-mail are items displayed for your entertainment and appreciation.

Me - 163B 'komet' (Popy) - Sud Front
Fw - Triebflugel (Popy) - Luft 46 Ost Front
Horten IX (Ho 290) (Popy) - Pre-War Glider School
FW-190 F8/R3 (Takara) - Ground Attack Scheme

Thursday, April 02, 2009

F-Toys Twine Engined Vol.3 B-25

F-Toys Twined Engined Vol.3 B-25

look what i found!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1/144 F-15J/DJ JASDF MIX by Takara

1/144 F-15J/DJ JASDF MIX by Takara

What can I say? Lots of nice colourful F-15s of the JASDF
interestingly using the same WOTL:FAOW stands with LED.

Available 05/2009
Cost: 2,100 Yen