Saturday, September 29, 2012

1/144 Beechcraft T-6A/B TEXAN II Trainer - Foxone

1/144 Beechcraft T-6A/B TEXAN II Trainer - Foxone
The lastest releases from Foxone are a flight of T-6A Texan II Trainers,  the main basic pilot trainer for the US, Beechcraft are keen to highlight the additional work they have put into this design in order to improve on the original PC-9 so much so they consider it a distinct aircraft in its own right.... T-6 is not a Pilatus PC-9   (PDF Link ) This aircraft is also used by a number of other air forces, so should present some opportunity for other schemes. 

 Further information on the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II here( wiki )

 The Foxone kit is available in 3 differentkits, each with 2 or 3 set of decals for you to configure your chosen aircraft. As with most Foxone kits, some previous experience and skill is recommended.

 Outside of Japan, these items are availble from Radjan's Foxone Page, or HLJ




NAS Pensacola,FL,2011.100th Anniversary.


T-6B TEXAN Ⅱ U.S.NAVY TAW-5, NAS Whiting Field,FL.
T-6B TEXAN Ⅱ U.S.NAVY TAW-5 NAS Whiting Field,FL,2011. 100th Anniversary

Thursday, September 27, 2012

1/144 Bristol Beaufort - Peters Planes

1/144 Bristol Beaufort -  Peters Planes
Featuring more of the Peters Planes range of model kits this week we have a couple more familiar marks and and unique items!

The Bristol Beaufort is the on one on 1/144 I can recall in either injection or resin garage kits, its yet another area that both the big companies and the gashapon makers have over looked to date.

The Bristol Beaufort is design that builds on the earlier Bristol Blenheim, the Beaufort was designed as a Torpedo bomber and was used extensively in the early war period in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operation and in general by RAF Coastal Command. It also had a significant role in the Pacific Theatre where it operated by the RAAF (Royal Australian Air force) and where interesting most of where also built under license there (like this kit!).

There are two Marks to choose from when ordering, a Mk.II or a Mk.VIII (see pictures). Also there is a choice of either vacform windows for all the glazing or solid resin plugs. The solid resin glazing  will require painting and the vacform glazing will require cutting and trimming and glueing (along with detailing these areas as desired). The kit also comes with two White metal props.

The Mk.VIII has fully enclosed undercarriage wheels when retracted as compared to the partially exposed ones on the Mk.II and so has different engine nacelles and undercarriage doors. The tail of the Mk.VIII is also enlarged

NEW price for a basic plane for wargaming purposes. Comes with solid resin glazing (NO vacform canopies), NO undercarriage (doors in closed position),  NO props but does still come with your choice of decals for A$15. (The versions shown here is the "Gold Kit"**)

See the Peters Planes website (Home) for details, and also the Peters Planes Beaufort (Page) for more info and contact details. (**please note: the YAGI Radio aerials are not included in this kit)

Kit Mastered by Kampfflieger

1/144 Supermarine Spitfire MK.VIII (New Tooling) - Peters Planes

1/144 Supermarine Spitfire MK.VIII - Peters Planes
Also produced is a Supermarine Spitfire MK.VIII with the the option also of a "Wargamer" option, the 'Gold kit' has been discontinued due to the forthcoming Eduard Series kit. Although  the  "Wargamers" option is the more basic kit with solid resin glazing (NO vacform canopies), NO prop blades (spinner only), NO undercarriage (doors in closed/flying position only), it does have a new refined master retooled by Kampflieger for Peters Planes! I think you will find this much more apealing fromt an the astetic and production perspective.

Also,  do not forgot about the the Spitfire Mk.XIVe  also produced by Peters Planes as it is one of the best 1/144 kits and rivals not only any other 1/144 Spitfire, but also a great many kits besides produced  in resin or plastic. ( see previous KG144 review of the Peters Plane Spitfire XIVe - ( Here Painted)  and (Here Master) .

Friday, September 21, 2012

1/144 Hakwer Sea Hawk Mk. 101- Miniwing

1/144 Hakwer Sea Hawk Mk. 101- Miniwing
Another great kit of a very successful design from the famous Hawker Company. This early jet aircraft was conceived towards the end of WWII, but did not enter service until 1952. Although original intended for the RAF which had to many jet types, it ended up in service with the Royal Navy, and also the served will with  German, Dutch and Indian naval forces with over 580 being produced. It was finally retired from Indian service in 1983!

This kit from Miniwing is produced to their usual excellent standards and as nice clean lines, there is also a nice amount of detailing with regard to the panel lines, and should make an excellent addtion to your collection!

The kit contains 17 Resin parts, a small fret of PE parts, plastic rod, a clear cockpit canopy, instructions (not shown) and  two decals schemes are provided as follows:

 - MFG 1, Bundesmarine, 1957-1958
 - No.300 Sdn, Indian Navy, INS Vikrant 1960s

Available: September 2012
From Miniwing or Usual Stockists

Review Kit Supplied by

Hawker Sea Hawk Mastered by Kampfflieger

Thursday, September 20, 2012

1/144 Dornier Do-17z Kits by Petersplanes

1/144 Dornier Do-17z Kits by Petersplanes

Peter has been busily beavering away on his excellent line of 1/144 aircraft originally seeking out opportunity for under represented seaplanes, the range has also been extended to cover aircraft flown by the RAF and in particular RAAF (Royal Australian Air force) and with the Do-17z marks a move into other under represented aircraft with one of the 'elephants in the room' being a lack of a Do-17 Kit.

Peters Planes can supply this model to you in two formats:

1) "WarGamer" - this is the simplest option available cast for those who require their models to be either robust or similar to build in this case a mere 9 pieces and to be shown stand mounted.

2) "Gold Series" - this is for those who prefer more of a challenge or wish to put the time and effort into a more complex build, often with a choice of marks or variants available with which to complete your kit. The Gold series as seen also come with other value added parts such as white metal props and the option of solid canopies (or, do be used for heat basing vac canopies) and two sets of vac form canopies (in case of trimming 'issues')

Both kits have been mastered using 3D CAD Software and a master produced to then undertake a more tradition casting process, a vacuum pump is used remove the trapped air from the mold to ensure that no bubbles are present in the final cast. I think that you can tell that this provides a nice degree of detailing on both formats of the kit as can bee seen from the photos above, and collective both options produce a very fine looking aircraft.

Peterplanes recommend 'Gator Glue' or similar PVA glue for the vac-form pieces with your favoured glue for the resin cast items (CA etc)

A set of decals are provided also.

The Peters Planes Homepage can be found [ here ], with the link to the Dornier Do-17z below:

Review Kit Supplied by Peters Planes

Do-17z Mastered by Kampfflieger

Friday, September 14, 2012

1/144 Doyusha/Dragon Super Fighter editions

1/144 Doyusha/Dragon Super Fighter editions 
It would appear that Doyusha are doing a Tomy and repackaging old molds maybe slap some new paint on and re-ssue in a fancy box and (potentially) charging more for them......

No.1 - F-2
No.2 - F-22

Cost - 1,800 Yen

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/144 TsAGI A-12 autogyro

1/144 TsAGI A-12 autogyro
Another busy issuer of aircraft is the  Kampfflieger, who when not producing a fleet of WWI aircraft takes some time out to issue some of the more interesting and unusual designs. This time an autogiro, a mode of transport that once was the poster boy of the the 1930s modernist dream and science fiction icon for a modern transport system of the future. It featured in films of the era such as 'Metropolis' and 'Things to Come' and countless printed images.

Initially having a passing resemblance to the Ceirva C.30 this Russian design is an unrelated design that would look great next to your Anigrand Autogiros, or on your pulp gaming table!

Available from Kampfflieger
More items: 

1/144 Rockwell XFV-12 by Matti's Minis

1/144 Rockwell XFV-12 by Matti's Minis
Matti is continuing with his eclectic mix of aircraft, missiles and vehicles and has come up with a gem of an experimental aircraft that you would usually expect from the likes of Anigrand. The original concept for the this USN study was for a VTOL Supersonic Fighter, as an interesting a futuristic almost Manga'esque design it was destined to go no where it role somewhat filled by the Venerable Harrier.

This item is available here:

For other items from Matti's Miniatures see :

1/144 Starwars Collection Vol.6

1/144 Starwars Collection Vol.6
Its very disappointing issue this one. It appears from the text on the Platz site that this is a collection of popular items that are now hard t get hold of as some of them date back to 2008. While I appreciate the local; stores will not stock every release since Year Zero it seems odd that these items are not available from hobby suppliers Rakuten or Yahoo.JP?

Oh well, lets assume that F-Toys knows what it is doing........

As you can imagine I havent spent too much time preparing the images.

Available: 26 November 2012


Thursday, September 06, 2012

1/144 Blohm & Voss Bv.P.184 - Anigrand

1/144  Blohm & Voss Bv.P.184 - Anigrand 
Anigrand next 1/144 release is another German Luftwaffe Paper project that is somewhat obscure compared to the normal topics, part of me suggests that the bonus items could be a range of asymmetrical aircraft but to fair at this stage it could be anything!

The BV.P184 is based upon an all steel and pressurised  long range bomber, with more information at the Luft'4 site.

I'm still waiting for the FW/TA-400, or maybe a Vickers Victory Bomber.... amongst other big birds

Image Source: Anigrand

Sunday, September 02, 2012

1/144 M25 Tank Transport & Hanomag SS 100

1/144 M25 Tank Transport and  Hanomag SS 100
Srategist are reissuing thier M25 and Hanomag items this time with new jazzed up paint schemes in a limted edition issue. Released 1st September 2012, available via usual sources.

M25 Tank Transporter W.M. ( at War Museum in Overloon, Netherlands ) Limited 500pcs.
(KG144 Description)

2. HANOMAG SS 100 Ambush Camo Limited 1000pcs.
(KG144 Description)

All 1/144 products from Strategist

Available from Zetas ebay or Ruten shop

Further information is avilable from 

1/144 Junkers JU 52/3m Balkan Campaign 1941 - Hobby Master

Hobby Master 1/144 Air Power Series
#HA9009, JU 52/3m "1Z+BF", IV/KGzbV1, Balkan Campaign, 1941

Not much information on this one yet either, but it is the first military JU-52 in the Hobby master Air Power Series.

If the B-24 and the Civil Ju-52s from Hobby Master are anything to go on this is going to be the best die-cast Ju-52 to-date!

Est Release Date: October 2012


1/144 Junkers Ju-52/3m - Amercom

1/144 Junkers Ju-52/3m - Amercom
As usual, no "Irone Annie" action for a while and then three turn up at once! I'd estimate this one is deu for relase end of September.

More information as it comes!

It's not on the main Amercom Website yet, but it should show here soon:
Thanks to the Miniwojna Blogspot for the image.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

TSR-2 Titanium Rivet Fastners - RAF Museum

TSR-2 Titanium Rivet Fastners - RAF Museum
For those of you wanting a piece of British Aviation History the RAF Museum is selling off some of surplus TSR-2 Titanium Rivet Fastners !

Surplus to the Museum’s accessioned collection, these TSR-2 titanium fasteners are genuine TSR-2 spares. 

These rivets have been made available to our customers in order to help raise funds for the Museum.
Pack of 10 fasteners (assorted sizes) - Only 5GBP (199 Pages / 28mb)

Maybe I should do what this person has done? put is in a $2 frame and print a foto and sell for stupid money!?

TSR-2 Background Reading: