Friday, April 29, 2016

1/144 "Nell" Interplanetary Fighter from "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980)

1/144 "Nell" Interplanetary  Fighter from "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980)

The years immediately following the tsunamic success of George Lucas' "Star Wars" (1977) saw dozens of low-budget sci-fi shoot-'em-ups rushed into neighbourhood multiplexes. One of the most successful of these "Me, Too!" space operas was Roger Corman's "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980), starring Richard ("The Waltons") Thomas, George ("The A-Team") Peppard, Robert ("The Man from UNCLE") Vaughn,  Marta ("Lost in Space") Kristen and Sam ("Ben Casey") Jaffee. Reportedly ghost-directed by Corman itself, the film was an unapologetic knock-off of Akira Kurosawa's 1954 action classic "Seven Samurai" and its 1960 American adaptation, "The Magnificent 7," all set in a far-future outer space.

Scale: 1:144
Number of Pieces: 12
Pattern: Alfred Wong
Casting: Millennium Models International (MMI)

Price: $110 USD

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

1/144 Space Cruiser - by Freightdog

 1/144 Space Cruiser - by Freightdog

This a 1/144 complete resin kit of the projected DARPA Space Cruiser, a proposed deniable weapon developed from the 1970s Early Spring project. Designed to be carried inside the Space Shuttle bay (up to three at a time), this small manned craft would inspect and destroy Soviet spy or weapon satellites that posed a threat to the USA. This kit is very small, measuring less than 6cm, consisting of just five parts. Suggested paint finish is overall black with a gold canopy, no decals (its deniable, so don't put stars and bars on it!). Limited availability.

Available: now

Price: 6.50 GBP

More info: (inc, built kit) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

1/144 Airport Service Sets 6 & 7 - Eastern Express

1/144 Airport Service Sets 6 & 7 - Eastern Express

Eastern Express have released another couple of sets for your Soviet/Eastern European Ground Support Equipment(GSE). They also look like they would be at home in civilian or military settings?

Price is @$30USD on Ebay..

Available: Now

Thursday, April 14, 2016

1/144 "Resurgam" British Submarine - Mikro-Mir

1/144 "Resurgam"  British Submarine - Mikro-Mir
Clearly, someone at Mikro-Mir is a big fan of early and unusual British Submarines!
Here we have an early one from the 19th Century.


interestingly, in two colour schemes 'historical' and 'bright yellow!??' this has been released in 1/144 before, as part of Takara's Ships of the World Vol.2

Friday, April 08, 2016

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Versus 4 by F-Toys

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Versus 4 by F-Toys
A new Versus series release this time, Late War Zeros and Corsairs over the pacific.
Expect a lottery(?) version - see inset above, and of course, some bonus items....
Will we see a French Aeronavale (or a captured F4U) ???


Mitsubishi A6M5 Type 0 Model 52

Vought F4U Corsair

1/144 Boeing YC-14, MD YC-25 and Budd RB-1/C-93 Conestoga - Anigrand

1/144 Boeing YC-14, McDonnell  YC-25 and Budd RB-1/C-93 Conestoga - Anigrand

Current planned released for Anigrand this year.

Expect more of the usual formula of large kits, plus bonuses....