Friday, October 18, 2019

1/144 Base and Background Sets - Coastal Kits
£6.50  GBP

We have featured diorama, airfield and carrier based before, now a new range of base and background sets are available:

Want to display your model kits quickly and with minimum fuss?  Want to avoid glue, scatter, paints and modelling clay? Move on to your next build?

Whether an experienced modeller looking to display your favourite model kit, or are looking to enter the world of diorama building, Coastal Kits Scenic Display Range is an ideal way of bringing your model kits to life

All our Display Bases are constructed from durable, hard wearing 3mm Plastic board, printed with the latest odourless latex ink onto laminated matt vinyl for near photographic quality, giving a permanent and waterproof finish which unlike paper/card products will not fade lift or bubble.



 by Plex

Anime tie-in product.

Release Date: November 2019
Cost: £17 - £18  GBP


Monday, October 14, 2019

1/144 USTAR - Tank Kits

1/144  Tank Kits  - USTAR

Soviet T-54
US M-60 Patton
RoC M48H
CAN Leopard C2 Mexas
Chinese Type-59

May include photo etched parts?

Seen on twitter.

The site has no kits showing, only tools??
Listed on this Taiwanese site:*&af=selectmanufacturer:ustarhobby

Friday, October 11, 2019

1/144 Mig-31 Firefox - HMA Garage

1/144 MiG-31 Firefox - HMA Garage

Plastic Injected kit with Decals

A kit of the aircraft from the movie of the same name: "Firefox"

Available Late October 2019?
Price 3,383 Yen, 30USD, 28EURO, 25GBP

a resin version is available from Anigrand (

1/144 ZIL-131 Trucks by Armory

VZ-20-350 air tanker on ZiL-131 chassis plastic injected kit w/ resin & PE parts

Price: £8.80
Available: October 2019

AKZS-75M-131-P oxygen tanker on ZiL-131 chassis. Plastic injected kit with resin and etched parts
Price: £8.80
Available: October 2019

Friday, October 04, 2019

12mm Kits from Victrix Games

12mm Kits from Victrix Games 

Press Release from Victix Games:

We’re excited to announce the we have set up a new company called VICTRIX GAMES.

This is a subsidiary company of Victrix Limited and will be focused on bringing you fully functional gaming systems as well as high quality vehicles and figures to use in these games.

Our first launch is a 12mm World War II Gaming System. We have chosen 12mm as it allows gaming on a 1:1 scale for all vehicles and figures. By ensuring that 1 vehicle/figure represents 1 vehicle/figure in real, life, it gives the game a more authentic feel, with the attritional nature of war being ever present in the gamers' mind. 12mm allows for realistic scale actions even on a small 6ft by 4ft gaming table without the battle looking overcrowded and unrealistic. You decide how big or small you want the game to be. Our figures will also be compatible with most 10mm ranges.

This first theatre will be based on Normandy 1944. It includes separate British, German and American forces. The game is predominantly a tank and infantry-based system but will also include rules for ground attack aircraft. Other theatres currently being developed include North Africa and the Eastern Front.

The system is based around a set of core rules which is scheduled to be released in late 2020. However, for those already keen to get their hands on VICTRIX GAMES’ products, you’ll be glad to hear that in the meantime we will be releasing several vehicle and figure sets based on the Normandy 1944 theatre. You can expect these to be available in early 2020.

First Wave Of Releases Includes (Early 2020):
German Forces
Panther Ausf  G
Panzer IV Ausf  G
Panzer IV Ausf H
Tiger I
Stug III
Sdkfz 251/D + Variants

British Forces
Sherman M4A3
Sherman Firefly
M3/M5 Half Track

US Forces
Sherman M4A3
M5 A1 Stuart
M3/M5 Half Track

Second Wave Of Releases (Late 2020):
German Forces
King Tiger
Pal 40 + Crew
Panzer Grenadiers
Support Weapons
88mm + Crew
105mm + Crew
JagdPz IV

British Forces
Bren Carrier + Variants
6pdr + Crew
British Tommies
Support Weapons
Lloyd Carrier
Armoured Car tbc

US Forces
57mm + crew
US Infantry
Supports Weapons
GMC + Jeeps

Thanks to the use of smaller cutting tools, we have really been able to accommodate the finer details of the tanks. You’ll notice that these vehicles have even sharper details than some larger scale models.

We hope you’re excited as us for the release of these superb figures. We’ll be bringing you more VICTRIX GAMES’ details over the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Victrix Ltd

1/144 F-104 Starfighter and Harrier FR . AV-8 Weapons Sets - Mark I

1/144 F-104 Starfighter and Harrier FR . AV-8 Weapons Sets - Mark I

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Weapon Set (resin parts) (designed to be used with Mark I Models kits)
This set contains five resin runners with external stores for the F-104 Starfighter kits.

The following pieces of armament, incl. reconnaissance and rocket pods and pylons, are represented:
Mk.28 (B-28) A-bomb (1x)
Orpheus recce pod (1x)
SUU-21 bomb dispenser (1x)
Mk.83 1000lb bomb (2x)
Mk.82 500lb bomb (2x)
BL755 bomb (2x)
AS-34 Kormoran (2x)
pylon for AS-34 (2x)
LAU-3A rocket pod (2x)

Comprehensive instructions with stores diagram are included

Harrier Weapon Set (resin parts) (designed to be used with Mark I Models kits)
Air intakes
Martin Baker MBB-9 Ejection Seat
GBU-16 Paveway II Bombs
MK.83 1000lb Bombs
Matra 155 Rocket Pods
GP 1000lb (retarded) Bombs
MK.82 500lb (retarded) Bombs

Release Date : To be confirmed
Prices: To be confirmed

1/144 Wing Kit Collection 17 "IJN & German Floatplane" - F-Toys

1/144 Wing Kit Collection 17 "IJN & German Floatplane" - F-Toys

There are 10 + ? kinds of toys.

-The wing kit collection that is completely familiar as a big staple of airplane toy, the 17th is a masterpiece seaplane collection of Japan and Germany.

- Aichi M6A Seiran, am attack aircraft developed for mounting on the submarine aircraft I400 Arashi.

-  Yokosuka E14Y 'Glen'. the first small water reconnaissance aircraft that succeeded in the first mainland bombing in the United States (Warrant Officer Nubuo Fujita) , from the I-25 submarine 

- German Kriegsmarine Arado Ar-196.

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Release Date: November 2019

new image:

1/144 軍武.鐵道.商品情報第一帝國