Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1/144 M-18 Hellcat USA - Panzer Depot

Another release for April, the M-18 Hellcat, a nice later war item for your collection
I recall from the 'Tank Overhaul' TV programme that these were pretty fast machines!

Used by the USA in Europe and Pacific during WWII, subsquently used in Korean War
Also used by Taiwan and Yugoslavia (&Serbia)

Colour: Any colour you like, as long as its green!
Available: Now
Cost: $15.80 USD

1/144 Zis-5 Soviet WWII Truck - Panzer Depot

Another new release from Panzer Depot, this month another softskin in the guise of Zis-5.
Interestingly from Wikipedia, it would appear you could use this truck for scenarios between 1930-1950s!?

Colour: 2x Colour Options
Available: Now
Cost: $13.80 USD

Saturday, March 27, 2010

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.4 (Specials #1)

#SP1 RAF No.601 sqd, Stanisław Skalski DSO, DFC

#SP2 - RAF No.111 Sqn (Night Fighter) ,
Sargent Peter Durnford, RAF Debden, England

more No.111 Squardon Info:

Source: my new found favourite Japanese Blog

1/144 IJN Akagi 'Aircraft Carrier' by KK-eishindo

How big is your bath?

Finally you have somewhere to put all those 1/144 Sweet Zero Kits!

A large IJN Akagi 'Aircraft Carrier' similar to the items previously seen by SoarArt

You will find many more pictures here>

Friday, March 26, 2010

1/144 RetroTracks144 "ADGZ" by RetroKit

RetroKit are pushing the boat out this year and also introducing a 1/144 Armour Range of Kits!!!
This range will be made in co-operation with OKB Grigorov of Bulgaria.

It should appeal to many, as they will invariably be unusual, nice or varient products if thier 1/72 range are anything to go by!

Here we have an item that previously I have only seen on auctions, so it should be a welcome relief for peoples wallets to be able to buy it at a retail price!!!

The master looks good so far, I have high hopes for this range!

Availablity is likely to be later in the year!

1/144 Aircraft Detail Parts - By RetroKit

RetroKit are to expand their RetroWings Range of Detail Parts, Coming soon are:
RW44004 Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk (full kit - decals by Starfighter Decals)
RW44005 Legacy Hornet Control Surfaces Detail Set (for Revell kits)
RW44006 F/A-18 C/D Cockpit Detail Set (for Revell kits)
The still long-awaited RW44003 Hawkeye Folded-wing Set should arrive soon too...
Next should be some Rafale update sets for the Revell kit...

1/144 'Creations Chaubet' Website Sale

20% Price Reduction
Free postage on orders of 150 Euro

Jacques does a great line in 1/144 kits in white metal.
Whilst his range covers WWII to the Modern Day, my favourites are the early French jet protoypes! (Here) or maybe you fancy a Mistel or Magister

Certainly some very nice looking kits that you would not currently find anywhere else!

It is worth reqesting a price list as these kits are availble as kit or built!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1/144 Grumman OV-1A "Mowhawk" - Miniwing

As exclusively previewed on this blog last month => here

Minwing have released another great kit, I think this is were producers like Miniwng score highly over the big boys such as Revell etc. It it their ability to take risks and produce unusal items that otherwise would not be seen.

It has been mastered by Kampflieger, who is building a solid reputation for producing good masters of varied subjects.

It must be noted that the panel lines are once again very fine and subtle, and therefore were quite difficult to get to show up on the photographs (at standard size). This means that you can be assured there are now huge canyons running between the panels!!

Two Decals options, and these as usual are printed by YKraft of Japan

Initially I would not have been drawn to this item, but having seen it and had it in my hands, I really like this! A nice and interesting subject well done.

Further images can be found on the website => Here

Available Now: Direct from Miniwing, or usual stockist such as 144Shop(Cz/Eu), Hannants(UK) or Nostalgic Plastic(USA).

My "Super-HD" Edition + Bonus photos (3072 x 2304 [1.5mb] each) can be seen here:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

1/144 Bell AH-1S Cobra (JSDF/IDF) - Miniwing

We have previously looked at the Cobra AH-1J & AH-1G see => Here

Now, the third in the series to be produced by Miniwing the AH-1S.

This should be a delight to JSDF(Japanese Self Defence Force) and IDF (Israeli Defence Force), as this more comes with decals options for both.

As is expected, the kit in nice and cleanly produced and nicely scribe panel lines and a good shape.

Further images can be found on the website => Here

Available Now: Direct from Miniwing, or usual stockist such as 144Shop(Cz/Eu), Hannants(UK) or Nostalgic Plastic(USA).

My "Super-HD" Edition + Bonus photos (3072 x 2304 [1.5mb] each) can be seen here:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07

1/144 Anigrand Future Releases

1/144 Martin P4M Mercator => Here (Nostalgic Plastic), More Info => Here (wiki)
Available: tbc
Cost: 90 USD (estmate)

1/144 Martin XB-48 => Here (Nostalgic Plastic), More Info => Here (wiki)
Available: tbc
Cost: 90 USD (estimate)

1/144 Experimental Century Fighters => Here (NP),
XF-103, YF-107A, XF-108A, XF-109 + F-110A(F-4)
Available: April/May 2010
Cost: 100 USD

Thanks to Russ for the heads up

1/144 scale K-7 Kalinin - Soviet Giant (1935) (upd)

Bonus Kits:

Its been a little a while since we heard much from Anigrand, but oh boy! are they back with a vengence.
This aircraft is a very interesting items and it did reach prototype stage, but did not enter final produciton due to a fatal crash and technical issues (It might also have been rubbish?)

These were still early days in aviation and aero engine technology, so aircraft never often never quite worked in the metal as they did on the drawing board?

111 resin parts + Clear resin canopies, decal

Span 447 mm x Length 402 mm

Plus 3x Bonus Kits

Bonus Aircraft (Left to Right):
Left: Cheranovsky BICh-17
Middle: Kalinin 12
Right: Moskalev Sigma SAM-7
Price : 88USD
Available: April 2010 (Pre-order : March 2010)

other Links:

scratch build

1/144 Spitfire - Petersplanes Gold Series

1/144 Spitfire - Petersplanes Gold Series

Although Petersplanes planning started before Wing Kit Collection, it will not see the light of day until later this year.

It should however based upon other aircraft mastered by Kampfflieger it should set the new benchmark by which others will have to reach!?

Monday, March 15, 2010

1/144 F-Toys Battle Tank Kit Collection [UPDATE]

--- NEW PHOTO ---

Finally, a new company takes up the baton of 1/144 armour....

1. T-34/85
2. Panther G
3. Pzkpw III

Platz Blog - INFO

KG144 Blog == here ==

1/144 Cessna T-37 Trainer "Tweet" - By Senworks

The kit comes with a clear vac canopy, decals for two USAF tweets coloured painting guide and assembly sketch.#
Limited to 20 pieces!

Available: NOW (T-37) - Soon (A-37) Version
Price: 15,00€
Shipping: 2,50€ (Germany)
3,30€ (Europe)
6,80€ (Worldwide)
Contact me for ordering and/or further info!

More Senworks posts & information == Here ==

Sunday, March 14, 2010

1/144 F-Toys Battle Tank Kit Collection

Finally, a new company takes up the baton of 1/144 armour....

1. T-34/85
2. Panther G
3. Pzkpw III

This is good news and bad news.

The good news is that someone is attempting to produce 1/144 armour again,
The bad news is that we have all seen these items before, and currently the paint work looks a little "early prototype"

However, if this gets the next generation of Japanese collector interested? Then maybe there could be more??

Part assembly required.

Available: May 2010.
Price: 475 Yen (each item)

Source : Obake Blog

Platz Blog - INFO

KG144 Blog == here ==

1/144 Diorama "Götterdämmerung", Austria 1945

Lucas "Director's Cut"

1/144 Diorama "Götterdämmerung", Austria 1945

The movie...

History of the full diorama build, including liberation!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

1/144 Diorama "Götterdämmerung", Austria 1945 by Lucas

Lucas is back with another epic diorama build, not one, but two aircraft and interesting diorama!

The diorama is set in 1945 Austria (Innsbruck/Salzberg area), the luftwaffe have retreated into the mountains and are flying what aircraft they can from often temporary grass airstrips. As the Allied troops advance the airstrips are abandend and the aircraft sabotaged, the allied troops are then abale to sieze them..., and before they are shipped to the the USA/UK the Kodak camera comes to cpature the moment!

I think it is work looking at the full build history, there are some interesting techniques on how to detail and dress up your diorama. Even down to the figures being atonomically rearranged!

Also, no corners are cut with the aircraft. Again full details are given on how they were produced.
It is hard to fault such an allround and thought out presentation, a lot of work went into the research and short of putting a mountian in the background i think it has come good!

Full build history can be seen on I is a little slow at times, but worth the wait...

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

or summaries can be found on the:
ARC Forums == here ==
WW2 Aircraft Forum == here ==

Monday, March 08, 2010

1/144 Algernon Dive Bombers - Colour Specials!!!

Wow, Algernon have gone back to the CafeReo days of pulling a surprise Special!
Rumours had been circulating of a Westland Wyvern Special, but now here is the proof!?

Frustratingly, its the same aicraft that is provided as a decal option for the kit!?
WP337/J/378 – No. 830 NAS, HMS Eagle, "Operation Musketeer" (Suez), December 1956.

Did Algernon do no market research? (well, obviosuly not or else the Ju-87G would not be the same as "Rudel" Stuka!?)

Miniwing Wyvern Review >> here <<
Damiya Wyvern Review
>> here <<
Miniwing vs Damyia Review
>> here <<

Also, alternate item colours seen for the first time! that USAAC(?) looks fun too!!

With thanks to Wey for the original image!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

1/144 C-130 Middle East Hercules - Isradecal

1/144 C-130 Middle East Hercules - Isradecal

Two sheet decal set & 8 page intrstuctions.

More detailed review on ARC >> here <<

Decals and color painting guide for 16 aircraft representing 7 air forces: Royal Jordanian, Egyptian, Royal Saudi, Royal Moroccan, Libyan, United Arab Emirates and Israeli. Includes stencils, tactical numbers and national/squadron insignia.

Available: Now
Cost : $28 USD

Saturday, March 06, 2010

1/144 JASDF Blue Impluse Display Team - Doyusha (Dragon)

To celebrate the 50 anniversary of the creation of the "Blue Impulse" Acrobatic Display Team, doyusha are releasing this special 6 aircraft display team.

The stands, must be noted of interest. It it mentioned that with these stands and combination of the aircraft it is possible to recreated all the formaitons of the "Blue Impuse" Actobatic Display Team.
It is though the stands may come with two display height options and with 360 Degree pivoiting heads.

There is no expectation for a Series Special, unless there was a one time historical aircraft? It would be hard to see how you could have special item on this series?

Depending on your view this is either brilliant or formulaic? Probably a very sucessful release in Japan.
If they could do this for other Acrobatic Display Teams of the world, it could be cool? RAF Red Arrows, USAF Thunderbirds,
Patrouille Suisse, Russian Knights?

Interestingly, this is still a "blind set" series so there will be trading required to get the full set

Cost: 600 Yen (each Item)
Available: April 2010

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

1/144 Heliborne Vol.4 - F-Toys (Box Art)

I have found some interesting "box-art" for the Heliborne Vol.4 from F-Toys.
Its not quite "wallpaper size", but it is '800 x 576'

I suspect there may be more available in teh coming days!?