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1/144 German E-10 Jagdpanzer - CGD

1/144 German E-10 Jagdpanzer - CGD
with Crouching Ability and Optional Schürzen

The E-10 Jagdpanzer based upon the PzKpfw 38 (d) chassis, and designed to utilise a standardised platform for a family of armoured vehicles. The E-10 was meant to replace the successful 'Hetzer' Jagdpanzer itself based upon the earlier 38(t)

E-10 Entwicklung Series at: wiki info and Achtung Panzer

One special feature of the design of the E-10 was an auxiliary drive connected to the suspension to lower or raise the vehicle. The potential of this design was not practically realized until in 1950s with the introduction of the Swedish S-tank.

This 1/144 Panzer '46 German E-10 Jagdpanzer model contains 4 parts, a chassis, a detachable track system, and two Schürzen. To simulate the ability of the E-10's adjustable suspension, customer simply flip over the track system during assembly, to have the E-10 in travelling or crouching mode (which reduced the vehicle height).Glue is not required for the assembly of the track system and Schürzen.


1/144 Thunderbird 1 - Aoshima (re-issue)

1/144 Thunderbird 1 - Aoshima (re-issue)
Aoshima are to re-issue their classic kit of Thunderbird 1 (original version), its quite a bird at @260mm.
It can be build legs up or down, and the wings are movable to provide the variable geometry, the various build threads indicate that the panel lines and detailing is nice and fine and in proportion. Interestingly, a number of different versions of the TB1 were used in the original Gerry Anderson productions ranging from a Shiny TB1 in Series 1, to the more dull matt version used subsequently. In addition, there were differences in the the actual detailing of the design, it is widely held that the Aoshima takes the best bits of all of those design to make this the most interesting to build and display whilst retaining the look and feel of the originals.

Estimated Release: June 2012
Estimated Price: Y2800/$30/20Euro/£17

Various review and build threads:

1/144 U-2R "Dragon Lady"

1/144 U-2R "Dragon Lady" - Plastic Kit
U-2R is the U-2C-model enlarged and improved with under wing pods and increased fuel capacity; 12 built. Initially designated TR-1A (U-2C Enhanced single-seat model with J75-P-13 engine and modified engine intakes)

- Glider-like U-2R aircraft is fully detailed 
- Slide-molded cockpit canopy 
- Detailed antenna included 
- Cockpit interior details including pilot's seat and instrument panel 
- Realistic rudders reproduced 
- Detailed panel lines on both surfaces of high-aspect-ratio wings 
- Landing gear can be assembled in either taxiing or flying positions 
- Turbojet engine clearly modeled 
- Intricate air-conditioning cooling air outlets molded on fuselage 

Despite its advancing age, the U-2 “Dragon Lady” continues to fly high-altitude all-weather reconnaissance missions for the US Air Force (USAF) even today. In fact, the Pentagon recently announced the aircraft will continue in service until 2023 because it held advantages over new technologies such as the Global Hawk! Built by Lockheed, the U-2 is powered by a single engine, and its high-aspect-ratio wings and light construction resemble that of a glider. While its particular planform is required by the high altitudes at which the aircraft flies, this also makes it very difficult to operate. Indeed, the U-2 has to be flown at near maximum speed to avert stalling. Landing is a particularly hazardous undertaking as it uses bicycle-type landing gear and titanium skids on its wingtips. 

This specific U-2R variant is the subject of Dragons’ newest 1/144 scale plastic kit. It’s exciting as it’s a brand new design made from completely new toolings. The long, slim fuselage and outspread wings are accurately reproduced, and panel lines are finely engraved. Slide molds are used – for example, the cockpit canopy. Items like the turbojet engine are well represented too. When assembling this kit, modelers can elect to show the landing gear in either taxiing or flying position. With a wingspan of more than 210mm in this scale, this is a truly impressive model. This high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft is rarely seen, but modelers can now get their very own plastic U-2R Dragon Lady…from Dragon!


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1/144 Panzer Depot Releases - April 2012

1/144 Panzer Depot Releases - April 2012
Panzer Depot have returned to the table with an array of releases for the close of April.
The FCM 2C is appealing to me as its an unusual early super heavy tank, roughly teh size of a 'Maus' but almost a third of the weight! The Luchs is nice although previously issued by Pro-hobby. I'm not so sure about the accuracy of Luchs chassis as a VK1602 - although as with many paper panzers it iss the thought that counts (and, like the 'X-Files' you have to want to believe!). The M11/39 also fills a hole for the gamers!

USA M8 Howitzer (Green) 
French FCM 2C (Green)
French FCM 2C (Camo)
German Luchs (with option 50mm gun for VK1602)  (Dunkel Gelb)
German Luchs (with option 50mm gun for VK1602)  (Camo)
Italian M11/39 (Gray)
Italian M11/39 (Camo) 

Online shop: 
Ebay shop:

1/144 WTM JGSDF Vol.2- - Kaiyodo/UCI

1/144 WTM Vol.2- JGSDF  - Kaiyodo/UCI
The reboot of the WTM franchise continues with another JGSDF  release, containing the
Type 61 Tank, 
Type 87 SPAAG, and 
AH-1S Cobra

Available from the usual stockists and ebay from May 2012.

See also the original recent reissue of WTM  JGSDF Vol.1

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1/144 de Havilland Canada DHC-3 "Otter" - Miniwing

1/144 de Havilland Canada DHC-3 "Otter"
The latest release form Miniwing the veritable Otter, a 'super beaver' with extended range and payload, whilst serving with many airforcess (see wiki below) the version here is shown with US Army  in Nha Trang,Viet Nam 163 and RCAF of CFB Trenton, 1981markings. The kit itself features all the hallmarks of a typically Miniwings release of nice casting, good detailing and fair panel lines. Additional features for Miniwing are the clear resin glazing, and the p/e etched parts, in particular the prop blades.

More images from Miniwing

Available form usual sources
Price: @22,50€. 

1-144 New Releases by Creations Chaubet .

1-144 New Releases by Creations Chaubet 
Announced for released are the following aircraft that have seen service with the The French Airforce the Armée de l'Air (ALA).

These are metal aircraft, so a bit more unusual than the aircraft we normally report on, the experimental aircraft the  Belphégor would have to be my favourite!

S.N.C.A.C. NC.3021 Belphégor (here and here)
Breguet 411

see Creations Chaubet for more info

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1/144 PBY-Catalina Part.1 by FCM

1/144 PBY-Catalina Part.1 by FCM
A new set of decals #14434 by FCM of Brazil have been released providing 3 alternative scheme on a South American theme. The screen printed decals are printed by Microscale in the US and result in incredible detailing (see pictures above)

2x from the 2nd Patrol Group of the Brazilian Air Force. (FAB), one of which is the interesting scheme for Ärará (She was christened Arará after the steamer of the same name previously sank by the U-507 off the Brazilian coast), although shown here in 1945 markings, the aircraft was in July 1943 involved in sinking the U-199 of the coast of Brazil east of Rio de Janeiro

and the other; a surplus RCAF PBY from the Argentine Grupo Aeronaval de la Flota (GAN)seen here in 1958 colours.

Available from FCM
Details of suppliers

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1/144 Russian KV-1s Heavy Tank - CGD

1/144 Russian KV-1s Heavy Tank - CGD

The KV tanks was a series of WWII Soviet heavy tanks named after defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov. The tank was heavily armoured and was immune to early German antitank guns. But later in the war, these heavy tanks were unable to keep up with the fast T-34 tanks. So a light armour version was produced. KV-1s, or in Russian KB-1c, is a lighter armoured version of the KV-1. Lighter armour meant faster speed, which is what the "s" stand for, high-speed, or in Russian, скоростной. The new turret was also the first Soviet tank to be equipped with a new commander's cupola with all-around vision blocks.

Also, available as a turret conversion set is for converting existing 1:144 Takara KV-1 tanks into KV-1s. The turret pivot is 2.7mm in diameter. Should fit tanks from other manufacturers too.
Photos show painted turret mounted on Takara KV-1 chassis (KV-1 chassis NOT included. THIS MODEL IS UNPAINTED.):  See KG144BBS

Available: here and here, CGDstore, CGDebay

Other recent CGD Soviet Releases include the T-26 TU! available here and here

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1/144 US Attackers - F-Toys

1/144 US Attackers  - F-Toys

A new series of modern jets from F-Toys Workshop Series. I cant see to many people getting overly excited by there release as a number of these aircraft types have been done before, and in the case of the F-15 probably better too!? I hope that generally awful paintwork is due to these being photos of the production prototypes or some heinous act on the part of the photographer?

Still, its not just US schemes, but RAF (UK), RSAF (Saudi Arabia) and IDF (Israel) schemes.
Expect the usual colour variations and a series special.

Available: June 25th 2012

USMC VMA-214 AV-8 Harrier  II+ (wiki ) (wiki)
RAF No1. Squadron BAe Harrier Gr.9 (wiki) (wiki)
USMC VMA-214 AV-8 Harrier  II+ (wiki) (wiki)

389th FS USAF F-15E (wiki) (wiki)
IDF 69th Squadron F-15I (wiki) (wiki)
RSAF F-15S (wiki) (wiki)

47th FS USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II (wiki) (wiki)
18th FS (?) A-10 Thunderbolt II (wiki)
66th FS A-10 Thunderbolt II (wiki)

Source: Platz

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1/144 F-105 Thunderchief upgrades - Retrowings

1/144 F-105 Thunderchief upgrades - Retrowings
Retrowing is continuing to issue a range of resin upgrades for those much loved but under detailed kits out their in your modelling stash. This month sees the release of two upgrade sets for the ARII 1/144 F_105 Thunderchief kit, highly recommended!

RW44030 F-105 Cockpit Detail Set €3.99 (available direct)
Provides a stunningly detailed four piece upgrade, of ejector seat, cockpit tub, control column and a instrument panel.

RW44031 F-105 Exhaust and Airbrake Detail Set €3.59 (available direct)
Provides a new deepened and nicely detailed exhaust cone and the four separate 'petals' of the airbrake.

For other Retrowings 1/144 upgrades (  See here )

1/144 Petroczy-Karman-Zurovec PKZ 2 - Kampfflieger

1/144 Petroczy-Karman-Zurovec PKZ 2 - Kampfflieger

The Petroczy-Karman-Zurovec PKZ 2 helicopter, despite its name, was invented by Wilhelm Zurovec for which he alone received German patent No. 347,578, dated 12 February 1918. The 1400 kg PKZ 2, primarily developed by Ensign Wilhelm Zurovec. The triangular structure used three 100hp Gnome rotary engines powering two counter-rotating propellers. The engines were soon replaced with 120hp Le Rhone engines and flight tests resumed that May. The vehicle was flown over 30 times, eventually with a second observer, and reportedly achieved a tethered height of 50m and an endurance of 30 minutes

Sources: combatreform and Aviastar

Available from Kampfflieger @ Shapeways