Monday, February 28, 2011

1-144 Boeing XCH-62 HLH - Anigrand

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1/144 JMSDF PS-1 - A&W

1/144 JMSDF PS-1 - A&W (Anigrand & Willing)

Coming soon..........

A&W Blog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1/144 Zero/Rufe A6M2-N Floatplane - Sweet

Imperial Japanese Navy Nakajima A6M2-N "Rufe" Floatplane

Sweet have released further pictures for the "Rufe" floatplane, which is in turn based upon the "Zero" fighter. Obviously this will come with multiple decals....., usual ballpark prices can be expected.... more information to come soon...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

1/144 XAB-1 Beta-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber (1959)

1/144 Convair XAB-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber (1959
Download here

also available as a kit from Fantastic Plastic

1/144 Ford 6 Standard & Repair Trucks

1/144 Ford 6 Standard & Repair Trucks - By Panzer Depot.
Panzer Depot are continuing to keep up their pace of releasing a new series or model each month and the lastest is another softskin vehicle originationg in the USA and used durinng WWII.

Interesting in this set is the standard 1.5 Ton Cargo Truck, and the more unusual "repair" or "Workshop" M14a truck(?)

Available: Now
Price: $15.80 (Standard Truck)
Price: $16.90 (M14a Ford 6 - Repair/Workshop Truck)

Available direct from Panzer Depot at shop or ebay

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1/144 Akagi Flight Deck Diorama - Paper kit

1/144 Akagi Flight Deck Diorama - Paper kit

Wow, two posts on the AKAGI and Zeros in one week! :o

This is actually quite a cool looking diorama piece that would be great for displaying your Zeros aircraft.(the text also appears to indicate you get 12x of Zero to build too!)

more information & pictures: ... ntent_id=9

Avialable: Now?
Price: 3000 yen (1x Carrier, 12x Zero + postage(Japan))

Monday, February 14, 2011

JU 52/3M ge D-ALYL XI. Olympiade, Berlin 1936

Hobby Master 1/144 Air Power Series
- JU 52/3M ge D-ALYL XI. Olympiade, Berlin 1936

The second aircraft in the new 1/144 Airpower Series by Hobby Master is another Ju/52, this time the 1936 Olympics version. (First Version was the HA9001 JU-52 'D-ABIK' )

double click these images for Super-HD images:

further details of the Ju-52 Range:

The close-ups on both show that HM have the surfaces properly corrugated, unlike the Atlas or Altaya examples, the passengers' windows are also transparencies, not the painted squares used to simulate glass on the other two.

The price being quoted by a number of US outlets and e-Bay sellers is around the mid-$40-dollar-mark, which is considerably more enticing than the original $US80 proposal.

If they start producing a) military Ju-52's, and b) other aircraft, then Hobby Master could be onto a winning series!?

Available: soon Price : tbc

Thanks to Smeg1959 for the heads-up and the text ;-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1/144 SdKfz 164 Nashorn - Hornisse

in Poland has produced a great looking micro diorama with the 1/144 Nashorn from Dragons Panzer Corps Series.

I think you will agree the end result is a very pleasing, the kit has been nicely produced and works well with the diorama pieces. The kit used some mix of photo etched parts from the original it, and some additional brass/copper wire. The diorama is also well presented and includes what looks like an effective and made tree? The weathering has been applied well, especially around the tracks. The crewman sat on the barrel is also a nice touch.

The build gallery shows how a simple cheap kit can be taken through to a good show standard display.

I'd recommend looking at the links below for more information.
Picture Gallery:

IJN Akagi - Towel!!! - Gigant Japan

IJN Akagi - Towel!!! - Gigant Japan

Only in Japan?

Did you ever fancy to add something different to your Diorama?

You know, that something different or unique that would stick in peoples mind as they left the model show, and say "Hey did you see that dio!?"

Well, now is your chance, as yu can be the proud owner of a Towel based upon the IJN AKAGI deck layout!

Dimensions: 22cm x 110cm
High Qaulity Cotton

Available: Now
Price: 1800 Yen

Also available as a set of T-Shirts(Akagi,Kaga,Hiryu & Soryu) and Towel(Akagi) (here)

Maybe for the next Wonderfest SWEET will produce a 1/144 Zero made from Soap?

Friday, February 11, 2011

1/144 Bf-109 Gimix Series - Tomytec (update)

(Update: new larger photos)

Following on from the shows earlier in the year, websites in Japane are begining to show early pre-order listings for the Tomytec Gimix Series for the Bf-109.

Recent Gimix issues have show that these will most likely come with motor options and display base. These should also be comaptible with the optional desktop flyer/spinner accessory.

The Fw-190 Gimix series also indicate that Tomytec hve raised that standard of the old FAOW:WOTL series even further by adding detials such as aerial wires, metal parts and nice paint work.

Bf109 E-3 2nd Air Wing Instructor
Bf-109 E-4/B 54th Combat Wing
Bf-109 E-7/Trop 27th Combat Wing
(finally, a desert bf-109 with interesting paint!)
Bf-109 E-4 1st Night Fighter Wing
Bf-109 E-3 Romanian Air Force

The price is higher than the old series (but the yen is 50% more exspensive than a last year even!, but cheaper than the FW-190 series.

Availble: March 2011
Price: 1,400 (discount rate 1,120)
Source: Tomytec,1999, HLJ & niitakayama

Monday, February 07, 2011

1/144 Boeing 747 'Project Cutaway' - Dragon

1-144 Boeing 747 Project Cutaway: Wonders of Mankind - Dragon.jpg

Announced at the 2011 Hong Kong Toy Fair:
Dragon are to launch a series of 'educational models' featuring cutaway sections.It would appear the series overall will be of different subjec types and scales. However, in the first set of releases there is a Boeing 747 (I have checked the Revell 747 and they are not the same) the assumption is it is a new mold. It is not clear if these will be prebuilt and prepainted (possibley?)

Also an orange "Braniff" Version!? (

Available: tbc
Price: tbc

Thanks to Bootneck42

Saturday, February 05, 2011

1/150 Industrial Complex by Tomytec

1/150 Industrial Complex part of the 'Visual Scene Series' by Tomytec

Its has been a while since I posted any train/railroad accessories.
However, when I saw this I thought it would be of interest for potential diorama uses?
It could be used as part of a industrial, or military complex?

The set will be available as a "mega set", or a individual components for you to compose as required. These item are prepainted, but may require minor assembley

Industrial Complex (14800Yen)
or as components:
A) Distillation Tower (1600Yen)
B) Cooling Tower (1600 Yen)
C) Gas Holder (2000 Yen)
D) Shipping Facility (1600 Yen)
E) Pipes Set ( 700 Yen)
F) Guard Hut (1600 Yen)

These would look good along side the Green Max factory kits (require painting and assembly) and some of the Tomytec Building Site (prepainted, Set and Components) such as those Portakabin Offices?

and if you prefer your site to be under construction there is Wood and Steel

Image Source: 1999 Hobby Search

Friday, February 04, 2011