Saturday, April 30, 2011

1/144 Ta-184 Huckbein - Foxone

1/144 Ta-184 Huckbein - Foxone

Foxone is to shortly issue a new resin kit for the skilled resin modeller!

This more credible Luft'46 fighter than some in fact having a number of design concepts that could well have produced a satisfactory fighter akin to the Saab Tunnan opposed to Willi Messerschmidt P.1101 and the potentially follow up Bell X-5?

Personally, I must point out that the Ta-183 is still available in plastic as manufactured by JACH and packaged by VALOM available from various sources

The finish on the following kits by Foxone, is excellent and has much to recommend and inspire!
JG1 "Yellow 5"

JG2 "Yellow 10"

Available: May 2011
Price : TBC

Purchase from Radjapan or HLJ when available

Monday, April 25, 2011

1/144 Sd.Kfz 263 8-Wheeled Radio Car - Panzer Depot

1/44 Sd.Kfz 263 8-Wheeled Radio Car - Panzer Depot

Panzer Depot is continuing to produce items at a prolific rate.
This issue is an eight wheeler Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (Heavy armored reconnaissance vehicle),with a fixed superstructure dedicated radio vehicle with the bedstead frame aerial.
This one was based on the Sd.Kfz. 232/3 series. Note that curiously, that there is also a 6 wheeled Sd.Kfz. 263 (!)?

I think the definition on this one doesn't look as good as previous issues in these photos, although I have found this to be deceptive in the past as the actual models often look better. I am slightly more concerned over the paint schemes used this April on this item and the recent Marder as they are becoming a bit too exotic and to far away from the OKH RAL colours?

3x colour options
Available: April 2011
Price: $17.80 USD

For details please visit our Website:
our online shop:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1/144 Su-24 Fencer (Preview) - Miniwing

1/144 Su-24 Fencer (Preview) - Miniwing

A small preview of the forthcoming Su-24 Fencer from Miniwing, this should be a popular kit judging by the clamour on the 1/144 Forums for this subject in recent times.

No release date is currently available, expect it "Summer" 2011.
The price remains to be confirmed.

for more details see the images at

Monday, April 18, 2011

Waffen144 - Model LineUp

Waffen144 - Model Line Up

This company popped up a while back and I seemed to have overlooked?

They seem to be producing a range of interesting items, some mainstream and others less so.
I let you judge for now as to the value and quality, as to date I have no input from anyone who as purchased these. So, would be interested in any feedback from those who did.

Minenraumer - $19.60 to $20.60
Henschel 33 - $17.60
sFH18 - $18.60

HD Images on KG144

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1-144 Me-264 'Amerika Bomber' - Anigrand

1-144 Me-264 4-Engined 'Amerika Bomber' - Anigrand

While this is a very interesting bomber, it never got beyond a few prototypes before being abandoned, although one is reported to have entered service with the Luftwaffe Transport Command.

It was obviously developed in response to the 'Amerika Bomber' programme, however the Me-264 did find favour with either the Kriegsmarine, or the Lufwaffe. The Kriegsmarine in Germany having more experience in long range multi engined aircraft favoured the Ju-290 and the Lufwaffe allegedly the He-277?!

Although a 4-engined bomber, it is still on the 'Medium' side compared to the 4-engined bomber deployed in there thousands by the Allies, the Lancaster, B-17 and certainly the B-29 are pretty 'Heavy' in comparison to this German development.

Based upon the price, and previous Luftwaffe issues from anigrand we should be able to expect around 4 bonus items from this.

Available: June 2011
Price: $78 USD


1-144 Shaanxi KJ-200 PLAAF - By Anigrand

1-144 Shaanxi KJ-200 Balance Beam 'AWACS' PLAAF - By Anigrand

If you like your planes mysterious and oriental then this is the kit for you!
Unlike the J-20 there does not appear to be too much information on this aircraft, so what do we know? The KJ-200 appears to be based upon the Shaanxi Y-8 turboprop transport aircraft, itself based on the An-12 Cub.

scroll down this page for more photos

No word on bonus items, but I would expect 3-4 as a rule, if past history is anything to go by?

Available: June 2011
Price $88 USD


Saturday, April 16, 2011

A-4 Skyhawk Slick Back Conversion - Retrowings

A-4 Skyhawk Slick Back Conversion - Retrowings

Retrowings have released a new kit to convert the 1/144 kit from Platz ]]
It also include parts to build the "Blue Angels" Team aircraft, and A-4s equipped with the ALR-45 system.

The conversion kits comes a single pieces fuselage, and is accompanied by a range of other components such a a new ejector seat, jet nozzle, a very fine refueling probe. The overall etching an line panel detailing is very fine, so no canyons on this craft!

I know quite a few people have complained that Platz seemed to over look this slick back /straight backed SkyHawks, so this kit should fill a good number wholes in peoples collections!

Instructions on what and where to cut the Platz kits wing section is also included

I think it will make a nice kit!

Available: April 2011
Price: 11.99 Euro

HD Images: 01 02 03 04 05

1/144 A-6 Intruder Cockpit Conversion - Retrowings

1/144 A-6 Intruder Cockpit Conversion - Retrowings

Designed for Dragon / DML A-6 intruder kits, this small conversion set comes with a very detailed cockpit tub (hard to photograph) with an array of panels, dials and switches etc, plus the equipment behind the pilots seats. On the subject of seats, two new detailed ejector seats are provided along with new control columns!

Available: April 2011
Price: 3 Euro (2.99)

Buy From Retrokits

1/144 Tornado IDS LRMTS Pods - Retrowings

1/144 Tornado IDS LRMTS Pods - Retrowings

Retrowings continues to release new 1/144 additions and conversions,
The pack includes : (3x)Three clear resin LMRTS pods to add to the Revell or Dragon 1/144 kits. (the idea being you keep the lens portion free of paint)

The RAF Tornado IDS aircraft are fitted with a Laser Range Finder and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS). This consists of a laser that is used to measure the slant rang of a point on the ground relative to the aircraft; this information is used to calculate targeting.

The LRMTS sensor can be used to receive reflected laser energy from a third-party laser, allowing the crew to find targets marked by troops on the ground or other aircraft

(source: wiki)

See these photos that show the LRMTS as used (only) on the RAF and RSAF IDS Tornado Variants

Available: April 20011
Price: 1 Euro

Buy from Retrowings

1/144 McDonnell F-2H-2(N) US Navy - Miniwing

Link1/144 McDonnell F-2H-2(N) US Navy - Miniwing

Miniwing have released another new early series Jet the F2H-2 / F2H-2(N) Banshee,

The F2H-2 served during the Korean War with the U.S. Navy Task Force 77 and the Marine Corps. Pilots spoke of F2H as the "banjo".[15] Due to its good performance at high altitude, it initially proved its worth as an escort for long-range USAF bomber formations. As the war progressed, USN and USMC fighters were primarily assigned to ground attack missions, including close air support of ground troops and destruction of the North Korean army's supply lines The F2H-2N differed from the standard F2H-2 by having an 84 cm longer nose section housing an AN/APS-19 radar set. Only 14 F2H-2Ns were built, one (BuNo 123311) was later modified to serve as an aerodynamic prototype for the F2H-3 all-weather fighter version. (source: wiki)

This kit is nicely produced and has that Miniwing signature format and feel; with well defined panel lines and a pleasing visual form.

The main kit consists of a half dozen main components and a number of additional fine detailing parts. The canopy is the new style crystal clear resin/plastic(?) canopy.

An interesting option on this kit is the optional nose (some cutting required) to allow you to build the F2H-2 and F2H-2(N) configurations.

It has decals for two main US Navy Schemes

This would look nice along side the previously reviewed Miniwing Release, the F2H-3 Banshee

Canopy: Clear plastic/resin
Decals by Y-Kraft of Japan

Available: April 2011
Price: 20.70 Euro

HD Images: 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

1/144 Eurofighter 'Luftwaffe' - Pit Road

1/144 Eurofighter 'Luftwaffe' - Pit Road

Pit-Road have dusted off last years Eurofighter kit and are issuing a new boxing with decals for
the Luftwaffe units JG73, JG74, JB31 also for the decals for an unnamed Eurofighter of the Austrian Air Defence Force(!).

It is not clear to one uneducated in such matters, if there are any physical differences between the German Eurofighter (SN10) airframes and the recent Pit-Road Kit (SN05)?

However, i think the main kit differences is the black plastic sprue shown in the photo containing the following weapons systemd:
- Taurus (KEPD 350) Cruise Misile (Wiki)
- AIM-2000 IRIS-T Missile (Wiki)

Price: 2,000 Yen

1/144 Polish TKS Tankettes- CGD

1/144 Polish TKS Tankettes- CGD

CG Dynamix (CGD) has launched a new series of Micro Tankettes, despite there tiny size they were very effective against the German panzers in 1939. The small size and low profile made it difficult for the german tank gunners to track and target these machines, additionally thier 20mm and 37mm AT guns were more than match for most German armour of the day.

For more information on TKS Tankettes

The following items are available:
* TKS - 20 ($15.90) (ebay)
* TKS-D - 37 ($15.90) (ebay)
* TKS - Auto Trolley ($18.90) (ebay)
* PzKpfw TKS(p) + Figure ($18.90) (ebay)

Available: Now

Friday, April 15, 2011

1/144 Modern Aircraft Series Vol.19 - Doyusha

1/144 Modern Aircraft Series Vol.19 - Doyusha (Dragon)

Doyusha are issuing more old mold with new paintwork.......

1/ F-15DJ
2. F-4EJ Kai Phantom II
3. F-2A
4. F-2B
5. T-8 a
6. T-6

May 2011
630 Yen (each item)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1/144 Battle Tank Kit Collection Vol.2 - F-Toys

1/144 Battle Tank Kit Collection Vol.2 - F-Toys

F-Toys is coming back for another go at the Battle tanks collection,

the IJA Type 97 will undoubtably be popular within Japan (previously seen as the 1/150 Yujin kits),

the Jagdtigers are ok and look better than the Panthers from Collection Vol.1 (perviously seen in Cando 5 and WTM 5), and

the IS/JS-2 were last seen in WTM02 & WTM VS

Available: June 2011
Price: 473 Yen (each item)

Battle Tank Collection Vol. - Here

source: F-Toys , Platz & 8-Bee

Thursday, April 07, 2011

1/144 Rammtiger (RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P)

1/144 Rammtiger (RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P)
Compatible with WTM Series 5

Kampfgruppe144 is please to announce the Launch of the next set of models in the Black Label Series.
The subject of this release is focus on the concept model of theRammtiger RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P)!

This is being offered in two configurations,
1) Rammtiger (RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P) "Full Set" - This is includes a Armoured Shell, A Street Clearance Dozer Blade and a Porshe Tiger (P) chassis.
2) Rammtiger (RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P) "Shell Set" - This is includes a Armoured Shell and A Street Clearance Dozer Blade only

Note: The shell on both options os compatible with the Tiger(P) models from Takaras WTM Series 5!

Available Date: 08th April 2011
Available Shop: KG144@CGD

$ 21.90 USD - Full Set
$ 15.90 USD - Shell Set

Colour Options:

This miniature has a range of interesting and unique features
1. All new superstructure design
2. All new street clearance plough (option)
3. All new VK4501 Tiger (P) lower chassis (*** FULL SET ONLY ***)
4. Compatible with WTM Series 5 German Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P) VK4501
5. Digitally mastered and produced using state of the art 3D printing technology
6. Made with strong and flexible nylon material, extremely durable
7. Individually hand painted and weathered

The History
In early 1941 the German High Command requested designs for anew heavy tank, Porsche submitted a design designated the VK4501(P) and Henschel the VK4501(H) design.

The rest is history, the Henschel the VK4501(H) design was selected and went on to be the world renowned mighty Tiger 1.
The result of losing the completion meant that there were an estimated 100 chassis of the planned total produced VK4501(P) without a purpose....
In September of 1942 the order was given that the unsuccessful VK4501(P) chassis were to be converted and be used as to produce both a series of Bergepanzers (P) and a series of heavy assault tanks known as the Ferdinand or Elephant.

This was not to be an end to the story, as a final twist in the tale of this Tiger was the proposal to convert some of these VK4501(P) chassis to form the basis of a series of prototypes to demonstrate a capability for a new urban demolition panzer. This concept has arisen from the experiences of the Wehrmacht fighting on the streets of the Russian city of Stalingrad. It was thought that to prevent a repeat of the house to house fighting and close quarters urban conflict encountered within the streets of Stalingrad that a new way of clearing the streets and landscapes of obstacles devised.

The result being that in November of 1942 it was decided that three VK4501(P) chassis were to be modified and converted to Rammtiger (Raumpanzer) to prove the viability of the design.

There is conflicting information from various sources as to whether one of the three prototypes was actually delivered to an operational Wehrmacht unit for trails or deployment. The record however does show that three prototypes were completed by Porsche at the Niebleungwerk and signed over to the Wehrmacht for military acceptance and proving trials.

WWII German Design Concept Models
The Vehicle
The Rammtiger was based upon the standard VK4501(P)’s hull with the turret removed, over which an armoured and streamlined upper superstructure with a reinforced prow was mounted. The main purpose of which was to demolish, or punch holes through buildings or obstacles. The armour was 50mm on the upper surfaces and 30mm thick on the frontal glacis plate, the sides and rear. Access could be achieved by the primary rear hatch, supplemented with an auxiliary frontal access hatch.

It is also proposed that a supplemental front mounted plow (ploughshare) was to be added to assist in clearing a path though obstructed terrain and roadways.

The VK4501(P) retained its front mounted defensive MG.
It is thought that the vehicle was to be operated by a basic crew of a driver and an additional crew member.

see also KG144BBS

1/144 Bell X-1 "Sonic Breaker" - Dragon Models

1/144 Bell X-1 "Sonic Breaker" (1+1)

Dragon is offering a fine 1/144 scale model of the Bell X-1 as part of its aircraft collection.

The new set features two complete X-1 aircraft models.
- the first is a standard replica of this supersonic craft, while
- the second has a transparent fuselage that shows off the “interior” of the unique X-1.

Both fully built-up and finely painted models
are masterfully recreated in miniature. They also come with a sleek display stand made of metal that allows both models to be displayed “flying”

Available: April 2011
Price: ???

- New Tooling!!
- Fully detailed 1/144 Bell X-1
- Two complete X-1 replicas: one standard and the other with transparent fuselage showing off "interior" of X-1
- Stylish metal stand included
- Accurate engraved panel lines
- Historically accurate markings
- Pre-assembled

Dragon Wings
This series includes high quality diecast models of modern and historical aircraft. Each item is recreated with lifelike details and is true to scale

1/144 J-20 PLA Stealth Fighter - Dragon Models

1/144 J-20 PLA Stealth Fighter - Dragon Models 'Warbird Series'

Well, not one but now two J-20 kits in 1/144!

Following the resin kit from Foxone, designed to meet a deadline for the Winterfest Hobby Show.

The big boys in the form of Dragon Models have now waded in and announced the their own plastic injection. It will be interesting to see how the two kits compare, and if Dragon have been given any inside information?

Completely new molds!!!

- Realistic J-20 produced
- Lower fuselage section w/crisp detail
- Detailed engine exhaust nozzle molded w/IR signature reduction pattern
- Cockpit made of transparent plastic
- Detailed landing gear can be assembled in either flying or taxiing modes

Image Gallery at Dragon USA - here

more J-20 Info

ARC Build Review

Availability: May 2011
Price: ?

Source: Fumi Blog & Dragon USA

1/144 Marder II SPG (Sd.Kfz 131) - Panzer Depot

Marder II SPG (Sd.Kfz 131) by Panzer Depot

A lightweight self propelled Anti-Tank Gun, developed as a result of encountering the T-24 and KV series of tanks during the course of 'Operation Barbarossa'. Based upon Panzer II Chassis with revised superstructures.

3x colour options
Available: April 2011
Price: $17.80 USD

For details please visit our Website:
our online shop:

For more info see Achtung Panzer or Wiki

Panzer Depot Marder II (Sd.KFZ 132) : Here

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

1/144 Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk by Retrowings

Kit RW44004 1/144 Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk RetroWings

True to his word. Retro kit has shut up shop on the AFVs and has started working on long held ideas of producing kits and conversions for aircraft! Well, the future is looking good with this and the proposed items below..

I know this is one kit that will excite people waiting for the straight back version of the A4, and couldnt belive that Platz didnt follow through with this one!?

The kit comes with Starfighter-designed and manufactured decals for a VA-12 aircraft based on the USS Ranger.

Resin Kit, with Clear Canopy!

Available: March 2011
Price: 19.99 Euro

Advanced news of other kits coming soon:

In production:
RW44008 A-6 Intruder Cockpit Detail Set (for the Dragon kits)
RW44009 A-4 E/F Slick Fuselage (for the Platz kits).

Design completed:
RW44010 Me-262 Jumo 004 Engine Pod (for Eduard kits).

On Hold:
The Rafale sets are currently on-hold waiting for the new Academy kit...

Future Plans:
Various sets are in preparation for the:
Tornado(Dragon) ,
Starfighter(Revell) and

Sunday, April 03, 2011

1/144 F-15 Gimix Series 5 - Tomytec

1/144 F-15 Gimix Series 5 - Tomytec (ex Takara)

A new series of F-15 Gimix edition aircraft, coming from Tomytec.

AC18 F-15J Squadron 304 of (Tsuiki)
AC19 F-15DJ Corps instructor flight (Tahara Shin), No. 090 Aggressor
AC20 F-15J Squadron 305 - 30th anniversary
AC21 F-15C fighter squadron 44 (Kadena)

Available: June 2011
Guide Price 1,900 (each item) - to be confirmed.