Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L-4 (Nice Box!)

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L-4 (Nice Box!)

Monday, February 27, 2006

1/144 ABYSSE CORP. « Panzer Squadron »

TAKARA are reselling there "versus" series and some of the early series like WTM3

ironically, you can buy this in hobby shops in UK (and mainlaond Europe) but they are much more exspensive than buying your WTM of EBAY!

ABYSSE CORP. « Panzer Squadron » série 1

ABYSSE CORP. « Panzer Squadron » série 2

ABYSSE CORP. « Panzer Squadron » ENGLISH

This is new.... wasnt here last year!!
ABYSSE CORP. « Panzer Squadron » Game Rules in ENGLISH

i think the only items missing are the game cards, but there is an example in the gallery and loads of data available from other sources


yet more WF2006 - F-Toys


Mega Scale Extreme Peer Comparison Results !!! (Part 3 of 3)

this set of images is a comparion of 10mm/2mm, 1/160, 1/150 and 1/144 etc.....
It is to give a brief indication of which scales you can mix and match and which dont even come close!

Mega Scale Peer Comparison Results !!! (Part 2b of 3)

for some reason this would not go on the previous post!

Mega Scale Peer Comparison Results !!! (Part 2 of 3)

Here is a it more of a detailed comparison of peers!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mega Scale Comparison Results !!! (Part 1 of 3)

I have undertaken an exercise on saturday to dig out all the various forms of Panther i have from Many manufacturers do that people can see the comparison between the different scales.

It is also interesting to seem which manufactures produce items close to the scale they say they do!

The first report is a straight forward lineup of all the items from different views.

The line-up covers the big boys such as WTM and Dragon, some new companies like "millenium" toys" , but goes on to includes a number of smaller UK garage style producers!

note, this is a discussion about which item is better than another. That argumentis going to be slightly subjective and dependant on your purpose behind the items.... i.e war gaming or collecting?

Over 2000 hits!!


since January 2006
Over 2000 hits!!
your No.1 Stop for 1/144

Wonderfest2006 - Takara and Bandai

Wonderfest2006 - Takara and Bandai

Also, according to this seller:

Bandai Wing Club 4 is due 3rd week in March!
Takara WTM 9 is due 1st week in July!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

1/144 Pegasus 2006 releases - Troops

It would appear a number of releases of figures will be coming from PEGASUS in 2006
They appear to be releasing GERMAN, RUSSIAN and USA troops...

I notice these look like the the figures that have been on the PANZER 46 site for most of last year!!!?? - is there a connection?
1/144 Germans: http://panzer46.com/WWII%20Germans/
1/144 Trumpeter Tank Range; http://panzer46.com/144%20Tanks/
1/144 USA: http://panzer46.com/144%20US/
1/144 Russians; http://panzer46.com/144%20Russ/

1/??? http://panzer46.com/newpictures/

Also, there appears to be some Russian peasant buildings in this photo - could there be some extra items coming our way?


1/144 Jagdpanzer - Can.do MicroArmour

Wow, at last - colour photo's of the can.do series!!
including an unusal specual, not just specuial paint - but a special version!!


already I can see that the special will be easy to turn into a BERGEHETZER!!!

the special is the SIG version of the hetzer!

this is a good hetzer site:

see some pics here below;
what is remarkable is the complete lack of any room in the thing!

also - if you remember.... weeks back there was discussion on the colour of fire equipment! - there is a red one here, although its hard to say if its authentic?

more images available from this link!

coming soon......

......big comparison article is coming,
.......the pictures are complete,
.........the words are being constructed!
...........should be here sunday (UK Time)

1/144 CafeReo Vol1 pt 2 (Betty)

New CafeReo range of "Larger" 1/144 items... a number of items have been shown so far... will there be more????????

only 600Yen!!

Robert-K points out this is a late version that carried the OKA...

the following is company that sells 1/144 OKA in metal kits:
I have bought some kits from this place and they are quite nice, I havent built them yet...
maybe I could do a review in the next week?

Big Bird Vol.1 B-24

New CafeReo range of "Larger" 1/144 items... a number of items have been shown so far... will there be more????????

Friday, February 24, 2006

scale comparison

this need to be updated soon to include a few other pieces!
but here you are for now.... i hope those who have seen this forgive me for posting again...
it may prompt me to re-do this with some addtional items for comparison.

of the top of my head there is the;
"New millenium" 1/144 panthers
"pithead" 1/152 panthers
"pendraken" 1/160 panthers

so there is some scope for expansion!

maybe this will be this weekends research project?

maybe some alternative views?

side and rear??

for those who have never seen the "Ishibashi" 1/130 range see here on BLUEDONKEY99 pages;


the Yujin range can be seen here ;


more Wonderfest Winter 2006

the blog of NORDWIND contains some interesting new photos!

including F-toys & a toropo 1/144 puma 234 ..... i think we may see a finished version of this by a familar person quite soon!!

there is a german flak in the background that looks familiar

see my other BLUEDONKEY99 pages:

more Flak from NORDWND

Thursday, February 23, 2006

1/144 Bandai EX-04/08?

There technically "Gundam" but I quite like the look of these flying craft, mind you I can not find them on the ususal sites but have seen some blogs with them on so they are obvisously out there somewhere.., never mind I still have many other items to attend too first!

1/144 Renault UE "Stuka Fuss" - SPICE Resin Kit

When the German blitzkrieg over ran the French Army and British Expeditionary Forces in France they obtained a large amount of tanks and vehicles.

Rather than just scrap these vehicles many were pressed into service sooner or later in the war.
Here is an example of a Renault UE scout tank/vehicle...

The germans often added PAK, Flak or Rockets to captured armour and used them in infantry support roles. It was often too dangerous to mix proper German armour and captured armour as in the heat of the battle accidents could happen, so where possible captured armour was not used near the panzer formations.

As well as this version of the Rocket renault, there was another type with smaller rackets mounted horizontally across the back of the wagon.

many examples of captured equipment feature on this site (which is also a useful reference site for modelling)


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Global Village!

Thank you all for visting where ever you are, what ever time of the day.
I can't promise to have something new everyday for you - but i try to have some new items every week and for the weekend!?
I hope you are enjoying the show!
We have now had visits from all over the world, I have attached an image showing the flags of the nations that have visited - sadly I may have missed one or two, be do not be offended it is not intentional just an oversight!
May there be many more items to write!
I will look to include some poll's soon when i have a few more ideas!

PS: Malta, The Philippines , Albania and more interestingly "The Unknown"!!!!! have looked in on us over the last few days too!

Wonderfest 2006 - Winter (early report) WTM9

Wonderfest 2006 - Winter

some shots of WTM9 and a few other items, this page is still being prepared so check back for further updates.

Last year, this gentleman provided a large amount of information from his visit.
Please respect the pictures and his efforts.


The following links also give good wonderfest coverage (in english) but cover the whole festival not juut armour gashopone etc.... still well worth a look!

in Japanese 日本語

Sunday, February 19, 2006

1/144 76.2 Russian "Zis" Cannon 1939 (Resin Kit)

This kit was sent as a gift which i hope I have done justice too?
I hope you like this its an unusual item and very very small!

for more information se

/144 Panther G - Dragon vs Taito comparisons (Part 2)

As requested a comparison on the two version of the 1/144 Dragon Can.do Panther G armour series, i think these photo's will demonstrate there is a difference in all units although there is one unit that is very close to the original.... I am not saying that the Tatio items are "authentic" paint schemes - just that they are different to the original Can.do series.

1/144 Panther G - Dragon vs Taito comparisons (Part 1)

As requested a comparison on the two version of the 1/144 Dragon Can.do Panther G armour series, i think these photo's will demonstrate there is a difference in all units although there is one unit that is very close to the original.... I am not saying that the Tatio items are "authentic" paint schemes - just that they are different to the original Can.do series.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

1/144 T-34 (2x types) Quick Repaint and Re-model?

Here are a couple of T-34's I have worked on, note the 2x types.
The one on the left "White 25" has additional external fuel tanks - there are from "Pendraken" in the UK and are meant for 10mm models so are probably around 10% smaller than they should be but I think they still work well and you would notice?
It makes alternative from just gluing any old barrels to the back of the tank an pretending there fuel tanks. These tanks have the correct mounting straps and fuel caps as part of the mold.
I have a couple more of these to finish, but maybe next week?