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1/144 Tornado "Gulf War I" Decals - Kits World

1/144 Tornado "Gulf War I" Decals - Kits World
A new release of decals for 1/144 Tornado kits, featuring operational schemes from a number of jets participation in  Operation "Granby" which formed part of the coalition led Desert Storm operation.

Includes full colour decals, and layout charts.

So, if you like RAF Tornadoes due to their active use on operations, then you'll like these particular examples as seen on "BBC News 24"....

See the Kits World site for photo images of the actual combat aircraft! [ link ]

KW144015 Desert Storm 'Set 1'
GR1B – ‘Foxy Killer’ FK, ZA465 16 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Debbie’ - ‘Snoopy Airways’ DD, ZD790 31 Squadron Bahrain 1991.
GR4 – ‘Cherry Lips’ CL, ZD850 2 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Helen – Snoopy Airways’ HH, ZD892 617 Squadron Maharraq 1991. 
See Kits World  [ link ]

KW144016 Desert Storm 'Set 2'
GR4 – ‘Nikki – Nora Batty – Snoopy Airways’ NN, ZA491 20 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Gulf Killer’ GK, ZA452 20 Squadron Tabuk 1991 
GR4 – ‘Mig Eater’ EA, ZA447 15 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Alarm Belle AB, ZD746 9 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
See Kits World [ link ]

Price 7.99 GBP

1/144 Aircraft Shelter / Hanger - Sankei

1/144 Aircraft Shelter / Hanger - Sankei
A new item in Sankei's 1/144 range of aviation buildings that would be able to fit a range of natioanlitys over the past few decades. Its a nice looking kit and to scale.It even has provision for you to add LED lighting (not included). Its biggest problem is the cost, its not cheap for a card and fibreboard building....
Available: Soon
Price: Yen 8,820   $110 / 88Euro / £70 for a cardboard hanger !!!???

1/144 WWII Dutch Airforce Decals - Flevo Decals

1/144 Dutch Airforce Decals - by Flevo Decals (updated)
If you like the Dutch, and who doesnt? Then these aviation decals covering 1942-1947 & modern C-130 will be of interest to you.  It will also be reassuring for you to know that these are screenprinted decals, printed by BOA Decals in the Czech Republic

FD144-002 Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force (ML-KNIL)

There are quite a lot of decal options here, certainly somewhere between one and many!?

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb -   Options for : BE293, BG677, Z5609, Z5664, Z5683.

Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-500 (Vliegtuig Commandant)
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-500 (Vliegtuig Commandant) Ver.2
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-501 "Mata Hari"
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-502 "Miss Carriage"
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-503 "Wham Bam"
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-510
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-512 "Rocky"
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-515 "Amigo"
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-534
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-549 "SNAFU"
Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk C3-520 "Izzy The Injun"

Douglas C-54A -   Options for  :  DT-994, DT-995, DT-996, DT-997.

North American P-51K Mustang N3-607 "Roosje"
North American P-51K Mustang N3-609 "Tonny"
North American P-51D Mustang  - Options for: H315, H-325, H327.

North American B-25J Mitchell N5-230
North American B-25J Mitchell N5-237
North American B-25J Mitchell N5-245 "Lienke"
North American B-25J Mitchell N5-249 "Willy"
North American B-25J Mitchell N5-258
North American B-25J Mitchell M-449

Douglas C-47A Dakota DT-937 VHRDG "Vrouwke"
Douglas C-47A Dakota DT-949 VHREC
Douglas C-47A Dakota DT-942 VHRDL
Douglas C-47A Dakota 971 VHREY

FD144-001 Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF)
4x Options spread over 2x Types

Lockheed C-130H Hercules    G-988 Willem den Toom, or optionally: G-781 Bob van der Stok.
Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules G-275 Joop Mulder, or optionally: G-273 Ben Swagerman.

WWII Dutch Airforce Decals

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1/144 Imperial Japanese Experimental Aircraft - Anigrand

1/144 Imperial Japanese Experimental Defensive Aircraft Sets - Anigrand
Anigrand is releasing two sets of  Experimental Defensive aircraft from the IJN an IJA workshops, experimental aircraft are always of interest to buyers and I have not doubt these will fly off the shelves in Japan!

Experimental defensive airplanes special set vol.1 - Imperial Japan Navy
Mitsubishi Q2M1 Taiyo
Aichi S1A1 Denko
Nakajima J5N1 Tenrai
Kawanishi J6K1 Jinpu

Available: Aug 2012
Cost: 88 USD

Experimental defensive airplanes special set vol.2 - Imperial Japan Army
Mitsubishi Ki-109
Rikugun Ki-93
Kawasaki Ki-103B Randy
Mitsubishi Ki-167

Available: Sept 2012
Cost: 88 USD


1/144 Supermarine Spiteful (Preview) - Foxone

1/144 Supermarine Spiteful (Preview) - Foxone
Foxone is working up a new kit design for a single engined fighter. The Supermarine Spiteful although based upon the Griffon powered Spitfire and incorporated a new wing designed to cope with higher Mach speeds, and a range of other design features to improve visibility and handling. ultimately not adoptied in large numbers by the RAF, it did feed into the Naval Supermarine Seafang and ultimately even the jet powered Supermarine Attacker!

Information Source: Wiki
Images Source: Foxone Blog

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1/144 E-50 'Krokodil' Jagdpanzer (Panzer '46) - by CGD

1/144 E-50 'Krokodil' Jagdpanzer (Panzer '46) - by CGD 

Modelled after a speculative drawing showing a Jagdpanzer developed from the E50 chassis. The gun compartment is in the aft position of the chassis similar to Elefant.

This design has the advantage of reducing the overall length of the vehicle which is important as Germans tried to mount bigger and bigger guns onto vehicles. This also meant that the engine of the vehicle would have to be placed in the front or middle part of the vehicle.

But unlike the Elefant which had a relatively vertical front armour plate on the superstructure, the speculative drawing shows a slanting armour plate following the angle of the front chassis. This covers up almost half of the location of the engine and servicing such vehicle would be very difficult.
This model try to reduce the seating area of the driver as much as possible to allow more space to service the engine but still most part of the engine are being covered up. The driver and the radio operator would be very uncomfortable sitting in their position.

The speculative drawing also shows exhaust pipes at the rear of the chassis. This design is also flawed because as the engine is now seated in the middle, ducting will have to be constructed to channel the exhaust back to the rear passing the crew compartment. If the ducting were inside the compartment, any leakage will suffocate the crews inside.

CGD web shop:


1/144 Panzer Depot Releases for May 2012

1/144 Panzer Depot Releases for May 2012
This month sees a number of releases joining PDs stable. The M10 probably wont exicte too many people, interest in the H-35/H-38 should be greater as smaller and unusual tanks not widely available tend to generate more of a stir with the gamers!?

M10 'Tank Destroyer' [wiki]
Hotchkiss H-38 (H035 Varient) [wiki]
Panzerkampfwagen 35H(f) mit 28/32 cm Wurfrahmen [wiki]

Online shop: 
Ebay shop:

1/144 DHC-4 (C-7) CARIBOU - Ozmods

1/144 DHC-4 (C-7) CARIBOU - Ozmods
Ozmods are issued an update to thier exisitng 1/144 range with thier Caribou kit resissued with new decals. Resin fuselage, wings, wheel doors, wheels, optional radar nose cone, etc. White metal landing struts an props. Numerous Decal options for US, Spanins and Austrailain Aifforces. Construction and decal/painting guides and 3 view drawings.Optional clear vacuum canopy (2 supplied).

The Royal Australian Air Force DHC-4 Caribou is a versatile tactical light transport aircraft, capable of very short take-off and landings on unprepared runways. Its main operational role was tactical air transport in support of the Australian Army. 

Price - Aus $38.50
Available: Now:
From: OzMods  

1/144 Hanger - TACtical Painting


1/144 Hanger - TACtical Painting

TACtical Painting has released a seriies of '1/144' scale laser cut wood hangars, available in kit form or finished pieces. Each hangar kit is constructed of laser cut wood with great detail in each piece, and can be stained or painted. They are also available as finished pieces that are completely built and painted. The hangars can be purchased in either an open door or closed door style.

 The hanger kits are on sale right now for $18.75 with free shipping or finished for $26.25 and also with free shipping (within the USA)

Futher items in the series are planned....

A '1/144' Vehicles line-up [here] is also available.

Friday, May 18, 2012

1/144 Vulcan B.2 'Black Buck' - Pit Road

1/144 Vulcan B.2 - Pit Road
Not content with releasing the excellent TSR.2 kit, Pit Road are paying further homage to the British Cold War Warriors. The Vulcan B.2 is getting the Pit-Road treatment, so clear your desk of that Anigrand resin and book a place in the build line for the Pit Road injection Kit....

Ok, so that not strictly true, this kit is configured for the 1982 "Black Buck' Falklands raids by the British Vulcan(s) (there was a spare) supported by the Victor Tanker Fleet, this late model will be provided by all new tooling, and will feature ECM pods and 'Shrike' anti-radar missiles.

Price: TBC
Release: TBC

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1/144 C-2A GREYHOUND - Foxone

1/144 C-2A GREYHOUND - Foxone

The Grumman C-2 Greyhound is a twin-engine, high-wing cargo aircraft, designed to carry supplies and mail to and from aircraft carriers of the United States Navy. Its primary mission is carrier onboard delivery (COD). The aircraft provides critical logistics support to carrier strike groups. The aircraft is mainly used to transport high-priority cargo, mail and passengers between carriers and shore bases, and can deliver items like jet engines, and special stores.
Prototypes C-2s first flew in 1964 and production followed the next year. The initial Greyhound aircraft were overhauled in 1973. More C-2s were ordered in the 1980s. Further improvements to the C-2 have followed. Source: Wiki
Further Info: NavyHistInfo (cool PDF)

Manufacturer pages:

Design Blog:



Price: 5000 Yen
International Purchases from:  Radjapan  

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1/144 Anigrand Releases

1/144 Anigrand Releases
1/144 Short Stirling Mk.1  British first 4-engined heavy bomber in WWII
Unit price: US$88
Shipping charge: US$14
3x Bonus Items
Left) AW(Armstrong Withwor) or GAL(General Aviation) wing

Mid) post war FA-233 V14

Right) Miles M39A or M35 ?

1/144 scale  Boeing YAL-1A  The Airborne Laser Test Bed
Unit price: US$118
Shipping charge: US$22.00
Available: June 2912

3x Bonus Items
Left) Pilatus Porter - Http://
Mid)'Tacit Blue' -
Right) ???