Saturday, June 24, 2006

1/144 Pro-Hobby, M113 & Merkeva - Available NOW!

1/144 Pro-Hobby, M113 & Merkeva - Available NOW!
I know some of you out there like this "modern" kit....
I think you cant get much more iconic than these two pieces!!!!

1/144 Pro-Hobby - Built & Painted Editions

1/144 Pro-Hobby - Built & Painted Editions
These guys will be out shortly in July....... time to start saving!
usually the kit versions will follow soon (except for sdkfz 7/1 - which is already available)
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-12-SS T-26T prime mover
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-15-SS 1 anti-aircraft tank & trailer
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-19-HH Sd.Kfz.7/1 20 mm4 AA
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-20-HH Sd.Kfz.7/2 37 mm AA
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-25-HY
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-27-HY TKS
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-30-HY star year RSO
Micro gallery special selection MGSS-31-HY star year RSO Type #2

Monday, June 19, 2006

1/144 Brass Barrels

Ever buy a resin kit that had a skewed barrel?
You fancy 101% accuracy in your kit?
well in Japane you can source various componants, I have just bought some barrels to enable me to produce some kits I bought some time ago

Sunday, June 18, 2006

1/144 Kätzchen (kitten) late war APC based on Hetzer

This is very nice!
also see this "berge-hetzer"

1/144 Maus Ausf C

This started on the whole as an exercise in trying to make a "production" version Maus, in the end imagination ran wild and it got a little out of hand!?
The turret was remodelled, new hatched added and the existing ones moves, a grille was added on top and too the sides, plus some frontal lugs were added.
The hole where the machine guns should have been were removed and I added some armor racks to mount spare links.
I also added a new rear loading hatch and a ladder.
A new main gun was also added !
I removed the external fuel tanks as I had read this was to be placed inside on the production version and I added some external exhausts (please do not look too carefully).
I also added some racks to the chassis side to provide some detail to the vast empty space.
A poor attempt at zimmerrit paste was attempted at the front, mainly as an experiment with filler that was left to dry a little but lines where made whilst is was still moist.
The paintwork is dunkel gelb with a multicolor "sponge effect" over the top.
Decals were taken from spares.

1/144 3x Experiments!

These are an odd few items, I did wonder about showing them but hey! you live an learn.
The items look much better in real life, the photographhs reflect on odd optical effect where you are automatically zoomed into an unnatureal view point (i.e about 2 inches from your face!) opposed to being at arms length on a display?
The real aim here is to encourage people to get their hands dirty and try new things! (or is that a different blog!!)
I made 3 variations based on "heavy duty" weathering.
first, the tanks had sections of armour cut away,
They were then spray prime, and then were painted in Dunkel Gelb, then dry brushed with a lighter shade of tan.
One tank was specially selected to be covered in netting (this was made from old curtains), this also had a three colour camoflage scheme applied.
another tank had holes and gouges made to simulate shell damage!
Basically I then made a "mud" paste, this was a mix of filler, thinners and brown paint mixed to the colour required and quite a thick texture. this was used to fill the tanks and lower chassis with mud, then various grade of railway "scenics" or "scatter" was sprinkled onto the still wet mixture.
on the upper chassis and turret then "dirty water" or "matte varnish" was used to wet the surface for again allowin the scenics and scatter to be applied.
I did experiment with different grades of "scatter" and "fibres" to see how realistic the differnet types would be. It is safe to say the finer grade scatters look more relaistic, the fibres need to be applied more precisely as a random effect is a bit odd looking!?
I think the use of nets was ok, but in future an option might be to apply it just to the sides of a turret?
Lichens I hear you say? I did wonder about this to simulate bushes or tree branches, but it look too fake!
i hope you find them interesting and they provoke some thought?

1/144 Flak Panzers!

Here is a collection of recent Flak Panzer Projects.
You should have seen the two left hand panzers before, but to recap:
1) Mobelwagon = Klien Design Resin Kit + Popy Vierlink 20mm Flak kit + Klien Design Brass Barrels .
2) "Wirbelwind" = WTM 08 (Chronicles) Plastic Kit + Panzer Korps Brass Pieces + various extras.
3) "Ost Wind" = WTM 08 Built Panzer + Resin Turret & side Piece.
4) "Wirblewind 2" = WTM 08 Ersatz M10 Panther + Etra Pieces + WTM 08 Wirblwind Turret.
I have kept the paint work to a minimum, with a beige paint with pastel dust weathering.
Some Mr Hobby Metal paint was used on guns and barrels various places, a bit of brass paint here and there not authentic but adds nice detialing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


hello all!

if your wondering why the updates have been slower than normal it is because I am not finding so much to write about!

not sure if this is purely down to it being summer and not much happening on the model front or me being to lazy too look?

any how, I have bene busy modeling away and hopefully will post some pictures soon on a variety of subjects.... I am also working on some items for the next Project 144 exhibition later this year!

all this balanced with going on oliday (vacation) and getting a new job my have taken my eye of the ball, plus at the moment there is the world cup (who would have thought USA & Italy would have drawn 1-1 !!!).

Still keep checking back, i have some items clearing customs shortly now i have paid the import duties which may also feature shortly!

please be patient!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

1/144 heartbeat

any of you gys wanting to stay at the leading edge of 1/144 military retail news should sign up for this service
I am sure with the help of "Google Translate" yo can figure out what you need to do - its not hard... so when amnet drops the low down on the latest 1/144 military release you too can be hot on the scene!?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Me-262 flies over Germany for first time in 60 years!

This group in america having been working to reproduce a Me-262 for many years!
now they have suceeded,
see a Me-262 fly over Germany for first time in 60 years!

4mins - lots of good footage

8 mins - German TV

Main website! USA (English)

I have returned!

I Have been on holiday (vacation) and have arrived home!

nomal service will be resumed soon!