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1/144 F-Toys Early Jets - Lotto Special Mig-15 Bis

The following image is acting strange -
blogger was doing strange things to the indiviual photos!

It is not often we get to see some good close up pictures of the "Lotto Specials", so here for you today is a good oppertunity to get up close to the F-Toys Early Jets - Lotto Special Mig-15 Bis.

There were only 200 issued, and awarded by a "Lotto" process!?

Thanks to Victor for the pictures!

1/144 German Neubaufahrzeug - by Panzer Depot

The next Panzer Depot release is the German Neubaufahrzeug!

No, not a paper project or a Panzer'46 but an early war attempt at a "heavy panzer", although now seem more as a "medium"?

Panzer Depot have produced this in two colour options PanzerGrey and DunkelGelb.
The Dunkelgelb is a bit of strange choice as this isunlikely to have been used, Panzer depot would have been better to go for the 1938-1939 colours including dark grey(75%) and the remainder with dark brown & dark green patches (see achtungpanzer)

Wiki article

Some further pictures from the Bundesarchiv can found ?? #1, #2 & #3 -

I like the 3rd one a lot - some good potential for a diorama, it is also interesting to see this factory scene with the variety of vehicles together.... mass production was not a strong point we can asssume!?

The other pictures are from the Norway Campaign, apparently not a huge sucess when it came to the implementaion of the "Blitzkrieg Tactics" as it was too big and too slow...

Although, as you can see it looked impressive on the Propaganda pictures!

Available: Now
Cost: $16.80 USD

Thursday, February 25, 2010

1/144 EF-2000 / Typhoon Decal Set - Mark 1

There is a full of this book and deal set on HYPERSCALE >> here << The publication has 28 pages, including a total of 49 overall and detailed photographs, 12 pages with colour camouflage schemes and their description. Text in English. Following aircraft are depicted on each decal sheet: Royal Air Force (5x), Luftwaffe (2x), Italian Air Force (2x), Spanish Air Force (1x), Austrian Air Force (1x) and Royal Saudi Air Force (1x). Make sure you purchase the correct version as this package is available for a number of scales. See Publishers page here:

Available: Now
Price: @£18 GBP (Hannants UK, Other available)
1/144 scale decal sheet (MKD144006) - is the appropriate pack!

1/144 Starwars 3 - Special

The F-Toys Series 3 have hit the stores, the above shows the series special.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiger Meet 144 - Edition 1.0

Welcome to
Tiger Meet 144

(Edition 1.0)

>> PDF << Download >> PPT <<

I have attempted to document the Kits, Decals and Models available in 1/144 that feature "Tiger" markings.

I have tried to cover most of the items available that related to "NATO Tigers", Although
I have taken some artistic license and included some "guest" items, but hopefully you will agree they are of interest.

Care has been taken to ensure references are accurate, always there will be some mistakes or oversights. These are not intentional and please inform me me know of any errors, or complaints omissions!?

If enough feedback is received I would seek to produce a revised edition in the future.
Sharks Mouth/Tigers Teeth are not included

Friday, February 19, 2010

1/144 Grumman OV-1 Mohawk for Miniwings

A hot preview for you!

A future Miniwings releases as mastered by the team behind Kampfflieger (#1, #2) and Peters Planes Gold Series (#1, #2).

Expect the Solid Resin Canopy to be replaced with a 'Vac-Form' Canopy in final version!

Flown by US Army, Argentian and Isreal in a numbre of Varinets, so some good scope for decals and maybe more than one version??

If you think this is not detailed enougth, then for $200,000 you can buy a real one >> here << !

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"1/144 Heliborne Vol.4 - F-Toys (Analysis)"

Some of you may not have seen the recent set of comments regarding the Heliborne series, so I have taken the unusual step of reposting these are a primary article!

I hope you find them useful and interesting as I did, there is lots of useful information regarding the helicoptors in the Heliborne 4 series and some of the oppertunities and challenges faced with potential conversions:

Dear Friends,

It’s delightful to see that the new F-Toys heliborne edition is coming. I found some better quality pictures on the website, which I used as a references. Before the new models will land on our desks, let me give some comments about the chosen types. I owe You an explanation, that I have started to write these comments just after first message at Kampfgruppe 144 website, but it took me a bit of time, so some informations can double the later posts.

EC-145 / BK-117 -
First let me tell that the designation used by the company is a little confusing, as it refers to the same family of helicopters, but to very different versions.

The BK-117, designed by then MBB in West Germany (currently Eurocpter Germany) and Kawasaki in Japan around 30 years ago, is still one of the most successful helicopters of its class, especially as HEMS/Rescue, corporate or oil rig service rotorcraft. It’s final model, designed at the beginning of new Millenium is the EC.145, which in official factory documents is still named as “BK-117C-2”.

However both these models differ from each other as much as Spitfire Mk I and Mk XVI, or – to look into the cars’ world – VW Golf from 1974 and 2008. The older variants have characteristic box-like fuselage, with its usefulness winning over beauty – see:

The EC.145 fuselage is not only slightly larger, but also more streamlined and stylized. So, retaining all the values of older models, the newest one is also more pleased for an eye, see

So if anyone of You would like to add a real BK-117 into his/her 1:144 collection (eg. famous TV star Medicopter 117, or military Iraqi one), the only chance (except from self – building) is an old Revell snap-tite Mini Kit which is approx. in 1:150 scale. (see the last picture)

The F-Toys model is definitively EC.145 only. However the new model gives us nice opportunities too. The company makes it in three interesting variants, two of which are really very special.

The olive one is an “Americanized” version UH-72A (former UH-145) “Lakota”

This newly introduced type serves as an utility transport / medevac vehicle in continental USA and soon should be seen in Europe. To improve the model I recommend changes of antennas and skid steps plus addition of wire – cutting blades over and below the windscreen and optional rescue winch.

The yellow one is operated by German HEMS company under the name of German National Automobile Club ADAC. Model looks basically correct, especially with its different nose, housing weather radar. However the oversized steps on the landing skids need correction again, see

This ADAC models gives nice opportunities for conversions into the other rescue variants, eg. Swiss REGA (note rescue winch and absence of radar nose) or French Gendarmerie and Securite Civile:

And finally – some pictures of Doctor Heli copter:

Kawasaki – Vertol KV 107 II

This medium weight twin rotor transport helicopter was built by Kawasaki under Boeing Vertol license. It was operated by all three services until the end of 2009. Some examples found their way to civilian operators.

The F-Toys launched the model in three JSDF forces colours and models display both sub-variants of undercarriage sponsons. The smaller are used in non-amphibious variants, while the bigger “sausages” are provided for water landing.

The available models represent three versions:
1) Army Tactical Transport

2) Air Force SAR (Search and Rescue)

3) Navy utility and minesweeping
(note different undercarriage sponsons)


These models will offer interesting opportunities of conversions:

The only problem is the different shape of rear end of fuselage, according to placement of APU turbine.

Compare the following pictures:

It’s important to check the particular example of helicopter, You would like to build.
The perfectionists will show their skills using resin and/or putty, the rest of collectors can just forget about it, turning their models into helicopters operated by:

- USMC or US Navy

Swedish Armed Forces (note unusual radar mount)

Canadian Armed Forces, famous rescue CH-113 Labradors

The history of colours of Canadian Voyageurs and Labradors could be found at the modelers website

Saudi Arabia

Not to forget civilian variants – passenger “air buses” from 1960-ies and 70-ies

…and current workhorses in North America:

AgustaWestland EH.101 (currently AW.101)

The biggest problem is that Japan has purchased this helicopter (plus license rights) in the version originally designed as civilian (passenger), Consequently the airframe has the largest number of windows of all the EH.101s ever built.

It doesn’t matter if the model will represent one of a bit over dozen examples operated by Japanese Naval S. D. Forces(JMSDF) for maritime patrol, minesweeping or sub polar areas research support:

and some more nice pictures at the AgustaWestland’s own website:

However the third member of F-Toys family is something far away from reality.

Its colour suggests Royal Air Force version. But if You would like to add a realistically looking “Merlin” HC.3 to Your collection, some work will be necessary.

First – to correct number, size and shape of all fuselage windows. The more experienced modelers can fill the unwanted “holes”, cut new ones and make an observation “bubbles” e.g. from the transparent foil used for medicines storage (sorry, I don’t know the shortest popular term to describe that thing). Less experienced can just repaint the whole side of fuselage and imitate the windows with black or blue decals.

The British variant will need some more details – RWR receivers, flare launchers and – not every example – the aerial refueling probe.

If You will feel Your window-making skills as well practiced, the next challenges will be easy to face.

The conversions to Canadian CH-149 Cormorant

or Portugal Mk 512
will need careful window check and addition of undernose radome, FLIR head, rescue winch and specific antennas.

The Danish rescue version is more difficult with its unusual asymmetrical nose:

What is rather too big a task is to rebuilt F-Toys model into Naval variant (eg. British Merlin HM.1 or Italian one), due to very different fuselage shape, with completely redesigned rear :

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope that I have not bored You with this long comment and that You will find my notes useful.

Best regards,

Monday, February 15, 2010

1/144 F-14 Conversion - Goffy Web Site updated!

Goffy Models of the Czech Replublic

Are producing a number of detailing/conversion kits for the 1/144 Revel F-14 Kits

These are mainly resin kits, with the exception of Set-1 which provides some photo etcehd detailing and decals.

Set 1 - Cockpit Detailing.
(new cockpit plus decal, entrance ladder, nose wheel bay, vacu canopy and photoetched parts)

Set 2 -Swing Wings (Variable Geomerty) replacement.
(new wing with extended slats and flaps, 4x new AIM-54 missiles with racks)

Set 3 - "Bomb Cat" conversion.
(for Revell F14D - new GBU bombs with racks, AIM-9 missiles with racks, Lantrin Pod, main wheel bay covers)

Available: 2010 Feburary (Now): Order Online Direct

Price: (direct order)
Set 1 - 12.5 euro
Set 2 - 8.4 euro
Set 3 - 8.2 euro

my previous post >> here <<

1/144 Nakajima G10N1 ++ Kawasaki Ki-91

I stumbled on this and thought it looked great, and I have bever seen one built!

It is of course the Anigrand kit from a few years back.

G10N1 Picture Gallery:

Ki-91 Picture Galleries:
Built - "in progres"

More build Galleries:

Anigrand Links:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1/144 VF-111 Sundowners F-14 - FCM Decals

First the Goffy Conversions to make the perfect F-14 (Revell Kit), and now the decals to match!

FCM whose great work you have seen here before, is to produce the first in a series of decal sheets to cover the most famous F-14 Squadrons.

This volume covers the VF-111 "Sundowners", previous F-14 series covered VF-33 Starfighters and even Iranian F-14s!

These decals are designed for the 1/144 F-14 by Revell both the kits and decals should be easily obtained from the usual suppliers and most certainly in the UK, Hannants stock both Revell and FCM

As you can see there are enough decals to produce 6x differenct versions of this aircraft, so it is lucky that the Revell kits are so cheap!!!

Available: Late March 2010
Price: To be Confirmed

Further Distributors in US, EU and SA.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

1/144 Kami de Korokoro - WF2010

Kami de Korokoro at Wonderfest.

There are 3 items on interest on this photo!
1) Caproni CC2 - Italian Jet Fighter for WWII (real name Caproni N.1 (?)) wiki google
2) Martin B-10 wiki google
3) Spitfire mk XVI (?)

interesting to see the relative size of the N.1(CC.2) and the A-10,
The N.1(CC.2) is no little volksjeager its a big beast!!

KdK blog is a good source of seeing what items will be coming up for production soon.

It is by this method we have been able to observe some of the lasy years British and Japanese themed kits come to light!

It is then upto you you to look out (obviously I will help!) and then fight out on prices to achieve the kits you want!?

Source: HLJ WF2010 report.

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.4 (update 3)

Some tease shots from the F-Toys Photo Blog.

#2b - Spitfire
#1a - Ki-43

1/144 F-14 Detail/Conversion Sets- By Goffy Models

Goffy Models of the Czech Replublic

Are producing a number of detailing/conversion kits for the 1/144 Revel F-14 Kits

These are mainly resin kits, with the exception of Set-1 which provides some photo etcehd detailing and decals.

Set 1 - Cockpit Detialing.
Set 2 -Swing Wings (Variable Geomerty) replacement.
Set 3 - "Bomb Cat" conversion.

Available Now: Prices vary £6.60 - £12.60 / 6.75 - 13.60 Euros for each depending on Set#
Source: #1 #2 #3
Hannants #1 #2 #3 F-14

or, if you prefer DML 1/144 F-14 Conversions - although, I do not know if he ships International?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1/144 Heliborne Vol.4 - F-Toys (update 3+)

3x EH-101 / (Kawasaki MCH/CH-101 (license built))

- JMSDF MCH-101 (LightGray&White, for Minesweep/Cargo)
- JMSDF CH-101 (OD&Orange, for icebreaker "SHIRASE") - YouTube
- Military British RAF HC3(?) "Merlin"

3x KV-107 Japanese License Version of (Boeing Vertol 107 Kawasaki KV-107

- JGSDF (OD&Brown Camo, for Cargo)
- JASDF (White & Yellow, for Rescue)
- JMSDF (White & DeepBlue, for Minesweep)

3x Eurocoptor EC-145/ MBB-Kawasaki BK-117 (under License)
- BK117 (White with Red Line, for AeroAsahi "Doctor Heli")
- USArmy UH-72 (OD)
- Civil Rescue (German ADAC EC-145 Rescue)

Available: unkown (3-6 months?)
Price: Unkown (usual price?

Source: e-mail, and thanks to Morihachitoraya

Platz Pages + Large Photos :

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1/144 Wings of War WWI Series IV - By Nexus

After a long wait, Series IV of the 'World War I" is soon to be upon us!
Pictures from Nurnberg/Nuremberg Toy Fair 2010

Colour profiles: Wings of

Price: tbc
Availablity: "Soon"

Also, the "Burning Drachens" Observation Ballon + Bonus Aircraft packs.
Price: tbc
Availablity: "Soon"

Official Site:
Unofficial Forums: , WoW Nexus

See the photo galleries at the following links for more photos!!
Source(s): , Kraenzle web, Angiolillo@WoW

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WF2010(winter) Report via 8-Bee Blog

A nice summary of WF2010(w) Posts
  • Finemolds - "Millenium Falcon"
  • Cafereo/Algernon "Dive Bombers"
  • Pit Road "Eurofighter" & "TSR-2"
  • Also, various 'garage kit' manufacturer

1/144 Eurofighter by Pit-Road!

Also on the HLJ Wonderfest report was a photo of another Eurofighter Kit!!!
I am not a big expert on Eurofighters so I cant tell you if it looks better than the highly anticpated update of the Revell kit - but I do like the look of that Storm Shadow Pack!

Available: ???
Price: ???

Monday, February 08, 2010

1/144 Ultra Hawk 001 - Hasegawa

Hasegawa remembers 1/144 exists and produces 'Ultra Seven' Sci-Fi Kit.
Not really a Wonderfest item, however it was only released 2010/Feb/01.
Although, I am not sure if this is 'New' or a 'Reissue'?

An interesting mulitpart kit, lots of Sci-Fi and 'What-If' potential.

Available: now
Price: 3,196 yen
Source: HWJapan

Now..., if only they could find that book on "Warbirds of the 20th Century!"

1/144 Kawasaki P-2J - Fujimi (updates

improved picture (

Another blast from the past....

Previously avialable from 'Aeroclub' as a Resin Kit, and as a Plastic kit from 'Monochrome'.
Fujimi are now to release a P-2J bult by Kawasaki (under licence) based upon Lockheed P-2 / P-2V 'Neptune'

This is appears to be a prepainted, part-assembled kit.

The pricing and decription is a little strange on HWJapan
Individual Price: 1,900 Yen
6Pcs : 10,260 Yen - so is it sold as a set of 6x Pcs
(I only mention this due to the image with 5 + 2 bonus tail fins? - are they selectable decals or lotto options?)

Source: E-mail, KG144, Badger, HWJapan

1/144 Heliborne Vol.4 - F-Toys (update)

Well, I had heard that F-Toys had an announcment and thought maybe it was one fo the Area88 Wonderfest Specials, or even the "official" display of StarWars Vol.3!?

But, no! - under the radar comes.... A new Heliborne Series.

3x EH-101 / (Kawasaki MCH/CH-101 (license built))

- JMSDF MCH-101 (LightGray&White, for Minesweep/Cargo)
- JMSDF CH-101 (OD&Orange, for icebreaker "SHIRASE") - YouTube
- Military British RAF HC3(?) "Merlin"

3x KV-107 Japanese License Version of (Boeing Vertol 107 Kawasaki KV-107

- JGSDF (OD&Brown Camo, for Cargo)
- JASDF (White & Yellow, for Rescue)
- JMSDF (White & DeepBlue, for Minesweep)

3x Eurocoptor EC-145/ MBB-Kawasaki BK-117 (under License)
- BK117 (White with Red Line, for AeroAsahi "Doctor Heli")
- USArmy UH-72 (OD)
- Civil Rescue (German ADAC EC-145 Rescue)

Available: unkown (3-6 months?)
Price: Unkown (usual price?

Source: e-mail, and thanks to Morihachitoraya

extra pictures at 8-Bee Blog

1/144 BAC TSR-2 - Pit Road

Wonderfest (Winter) 2010
(previous) Wonderfest 2008 or 2009

1/144 BAC TSR-2 or TSR-2/MS (Statos 4) - Pit Road
It teases once again.....

Another year, another show, another Delay?

Strange; This year Pit-Road Shows:
Pit-Road show the BAC TSR-2

Previous Years
Pit-Road show the BAC TSR-2/MS aircraft from the Anime 4.

Will we see it this year? Will it be a kit or built (or, both - as per other recent Pit-Road Items?)

Source(s): e-mail, Fumi, HLJ & other

Previous Sightings: #1 HEre
ALso 1/144 TSR-2 Resin Kit by Wolfpack Designs available, or old Cafe Reo Special TSR-2

1/144 Millennium Falcon (Official) - FineMolds (update 2)

1/144 Millennium Falcon (Official Licence) - FineMolds

You know what this is and the history!?
Do I need to say any more?

Availability : Unknown (maybe April)
Price: Unknown

Source: and
GA Graphic Wonder Blog WF2010 Report
8-Bee Blog WF2010 Reports (more photos, than shown here)!

Now you know as much as I do!

Other Starwards models - Directory

Also, Anigrand make "Corellian YT-1300" Falcon

Sunday, February 07, 2010

1/144 J-35J Drakken "Kazama" Area 88

As previously posted on this blog there was talk of a Area 88 J-35 Drakken
Here are the pics from the Pit-Road Hompage, I think you will agree its actually a nice looking pieces!?

due for sale at Wondefest as a show special (limted)

Price: 2000 Yen
Available: ?? Wondefest (Probably), Retail or Ebay (Maybe)