Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport (Starwars) - Anigrand

Starwars GR-75 Transport, as first seen in he Battle for Hoth


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/144 Ftoys JASDF F-2A Wondefest 2010 Specials (update)

F-Toys have also announced on the F-Toys blog a special set of JASDF F-2A Jets also to be released at Wonderfest 2010! They are also featured on the Platz Blog and Hobby Shop, it maybe that the unlikely event that there are any surplus they will be released for sale at the Hobby Shop or Platz webstore!?

Available Wonderfest 2010 (7th Feburary)
Price : 1800 Yen

1/144 IJA/IJN "What IF" (Re-Issue) Algernon Products

It would also appear that Algernon are pulling out all the stops, not only should there be a preview or actual sales of the New Dive Bomber Series - There appear to be a re-issue (and repaint) of the old Cafe Reo "What If" Series!

Algernon (New Issue) Repaint - Bonus Free PC Wallpapers!

Cafe Reo (Original)
KG144 (Original Post)

More news at Wonderfest 2010 (7th Feburary)

1/144 A-4 Skyhawk - Area 88 Anime Special - Platz

Platz will be selling a Area 88 Limted Edition of the A-4 "Skyhawk" at Wondefest.
Its not clear if any unsold will become availale from Platz direct or other sources?

For some English information and Free Wallpaer

If you have any of the Cafe Reo Area88 collections, you might want to keep an eye on ebay?

Available: Wonderfest 2010 (7th Feburary 2010)
Price: 1000 Yen

There is also talk of a special edition Area 88 Saab J-35 a WF2010......???? (here)

Monday, January 25, 2010

EuroFighters & Tigers - Kazama Blog (Update)

"Tora, Tora, Tora...!!!!"

Kazama Blog from Taiwan presents a range of Modellig items
(I think he is a Big Area 88 Fanatic!)

Some interesting painting conversions for "What if" and "Tiger Meet" on various fighter types!
Also, a range of other 1/144 items.

Photo Gallery #1:

Photo Gallery #2:

Photo Gallery #3:

Kazama Blog:

Ps: Nice Hangar buildings see links (Tom-Tom #1) (KG144 #2)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/144 Cessna T-37 / A-37B Trainer/Attack - By Senworks

Cessna T-37 / A-37B Trainer/Attack - By Senworks

So, you thought that Cessna just make dull little weekend hobby aircraft?
Well here is a project that should shake up that view and cause you to look again!

It would appear that Cessna made a interesting jet trainer the Cessna T-37 "Tweet" that could also be used as a (cheap) ground attack aircraft (favoured by third world Dictators and Junta around the world, allegedly).

The project is in its early days but this is the Atelier that bought us the really nice Junkers W.34 Hau at the end of 2009.

It will come with mulitple decal options

I also assume for the Cessna A-37B "Dragonfly" or"Super Tweet" additional munitions and wingtip fuel tanks? (tbc).

The other great news is that according to wiki these was used by a whole host of countries around the world, so there should be some great scope for further paint and decal schemes
Available: to be confirmed
Price: ?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/144 Curtiss-Wright C-46 "Commando" by Miniwing

This has to be the largest kit produced by Miniwing todate, it pretty much fills the box and has a certain 'heft' that other smaller kits do not have!

Whilst the C-47 "Skytrian" aka "Dakota" gets all press, there were other transport aircraft out there and this C-46 "Commando" is one of the significant others.

In the sameway that the C-47 was derived from the passenger DC-3 the C-47 was also derived from an airliner project (it may also have been a competitor produced to the Boeing B-307?)

Anyway, back to the kit...

The kit is as usual has high production values and is a nicely produce kit, cleanly cast and nicely detailed.

The casting captures the shape well and has the signature crease along the length of the fueslage, the fuselage is in three parts, two halves and the tail section. Everything looks straight and some minor trimming on the tail plug maybe requied, but this is a strong kit with thick walls on the fuselage so there should be no problems. It might be worth considering some careful drilling and inserting of pins to help the stabilisation and join of the wings to the fuselage, again this is obviosuly a matter of taste?

There is a large amount of detail in this kit with regard to panel lines and the like.
It is possible to build this in a "Wheels up" or "Wheels down" setting, the undercarriage should be strong enought to carry the weight of this beast, but you will certianly want to keep it out hte way of any little people!

The decals are basic but produced to the usaul YKRAFT standard and providedes variation for two USA schemes.

Whilst the C-46 did not serve with many airforces it did go one to provide service to many airlines, so there could be some scope for the adoption of other schemes and colours?

Available: January 2010
Price: 35.10 EURO

Also available unedited Large pics in Super HD (3027 x 2304)
(#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6) (#7) (#8) (#9) (#10) (#11)

1/144 WACO CG-4A "Hadrian" by Miniwing

Well, as is often the case.... you wait for ages and then two buses come along at the same time!

It appears to be the same here too, following me showing the Waco by GRA last week - there is a new version arrived and unlike last weeks wargaming piece this is indeed a true model kit!

Miniwing (Fe-Resin) have in the past produced a number of Larger Luftwaffe gliders, but they have not tackled the range of glider topics available for the Allied forces.

Let us hope that this first foray will the first of many to come?

This WACO CG-4A is a nice little kit the main body is fairly simple, although the detial options do lead to anumber of smaller pieces, those that are here are nicely detailed and cleanly moulded. There are number of fine pieces with have a degree of controlled flash, in so much it is actually intentional to help preserve the fine cast pieces during production and shipping.

There are x4 Decal Options 2x US WWII, a RAF 1946 and a Czech Airforce 1950! (now there is something i did not know!) - I think you could also squeeze a RAF WWII by following the D-Day scheme shown for the US version and adding RAF decals (from your stash) or researching an appropriate RAF or RCAF scheme.?

This kit can be produce "with wheels" or "Without Wheels" so, a diorama could be build featuring a "tug" or "towing" plane on a airfield (2x CG-4A were towed by a C-46, or 1x (?) by C-47/DC-3), or perhaps just the glider itself after landing.

The kit is hollow, so with care it would be feasible to drill or cut out the doors (at your own risk!).

There is also a very interesting cockpit section including folding(jump) seats and yokes, but rather than a typical reassuring aircraft cockpit "tub" these guys where hooked up to some scaffolding!? this has been finely produced by Miniwing

I dont know what the survival rate of glider pilots where, but judging by the number of them with smashed up noses afterlanding it cant be a sought after job! The cockpit seems to provide as much protection and comfort as shopping cart dropped from the sky

If your a modeling Ninja then you would certianly impress if you made this with the "nose up" configuration!

There is a nice 3 plan view > Here <
Available: January 2010

Price: 23.40 EURO

Also available unedited Large pics in Super HD (3027 x 2304)
(#1) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6) (#7) (#8) (#9)

I will be looking to do this where feasible in future to allow you to see more detail over more pictures than is sensible for a blog post!

1-144 Bell Sea Cobra AH-1 J - By Miniwing

As previewed last month, the 1-144 Bell Sea Cobra AH-1 J from Miniwing is now available.

I an now safely confirm that the kit us cleanly moulded with crisp clean lines, there will of course be some work required to remove certian parts from the sprues but this is normal.

I have tried to capture the detialing on the fuselage and the rotor hub in particular to show the detail available. The landing skids may look like a oversized Zimmer frame in the picture but this is largey down to the sprues and changes to ensure a good consistant flow of resin, as a result with no obvious bubbles or defects. This is equally true on some of the smaller detailing such as the exhausts.

There are some detials for the interior although these are across a number of spures, so pay attention to the parts and the instructions. The interior may also draw you to be creative and add some additonal detailing yourself?

As I may have said previously, this is a nicely produced kit that looks like a straight forward build, and best of all the rotor blades are in one peice which should allow for a stress free assembly! It does run the risk of getting me more curious on the helicoptor modelling front!

Decals produced by YKraft of Japan, provide two versions
- US Marines
- Iranian Airforce

Available: January 2010
Price: 16.20 Euro

(coming soon - AH-15 S inc USA & JGSDF decals)

Also available unedited Large pics in Super HD (3027 x 2304)
I will be looking to do this where feasible in future to allow you to see more detail over more pictures than is sensible for a blog post!

alternative review at Internet Modeller

Friday, January 22, 2010

1/144 A6M5cType52c Hei by Sweet (Update)

Well here we are again, ever had one of those days that you have lived before, or a uncanny sense of Déjà vu? If your thinking oh my, its still November(Type 52a) or December (Type52Ko) you are througuhly mistaken, no sir.

We can proudly bring to your attention the announcment by Sweet of the next in the line of Zeros to be released.

On a more serious note...
Those delighted with this announckent can indeed expect to find an excellently moulded kit and top quality decals wrapped in a witty and amusing box art. - The rest of us will just go and cry into our beer.......

Price : 1,200 Yen
Availabe : Feburary 2010

sources: Badger, HWjapan and 1999.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3D Printing - HP

It would appear the world of 3D printing takes one step closer to the home, another 5-10 years should be enough to ensure we have something nice for the model room (in that it will be cheap enough, and small enough!)

HP (Yes, the printer people) have agreed a deal with one of the 3D technology leaders to sell printers under the HP brand.,news-5609.html

Should be released this year (2010) For $15,000 - $20,000 USD (so not quite pocket money!)

Stratasys Press Release >> Here << is it me or does the back of that engine look like a Whittle Jet Engine or is it a Dyson!? ;o)

Strtatsys also protoyped componants for the Tesla Electric Sports Car!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/150 Allied Gliders by GRA Models (update)

GRA model have a range of glider products available, these are primarily designed for "war gaming" and therefore are not quite up to "model standards".

That said, while they would take some work to bring up to "display" standards they are no worse than some "Garage" kits i have seen in my time. Still, it would be an easy job to knock into shape...

The shapes are generally ok and there is detailing that is less evident that in the photos, there are drill marks to help you drill the required holes to help mount the wings.

For war gaming, i risk heresy but would imagine they are close enough?

They are not quite 1/144 as some of the dimension are 1/144 and some are a few millimeter smaller so perhaps in the range of the stated scale 1/150.

However, with the addition of these ranges you can now undertake post D-Day Invasion wargames or dioramas!?

Until the WACO CG-4 release in the next few months these are the only game in town.

The GRA resin kits are produced as seen and bagged not boxed. The Waco & Horsa are produced without undercarriage as they are in the "Landed" stage, the Hamilcar does have undercarriage (metal) as these where usually landed in more controlled environments than the other gliders which were typically "crash landed"

USAAF Waco_CG-4 / RAF Hamilton
RAF Horsa
RAF General Aircrat GAL.49 Hamilcar

Tetrarch Mk VII Light Tank (Air mobile, often carried in Hamilcar)

Images of a Tetrrach in Hamilar at Bovington Tank Museum, UK #1 #2 #3 (by BD99)

GRA MODELS - Typically trades at Wargaming and Model Railway Shows in the UK. Orders are taken in the UK using Royal Mail Postal Orders, or Sterling Cheques. (No paypal!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/144 - 1/72 Gear Puzzle Set? (updates

I do not know anything about these and as far as I can determine the auction doesnt indicate who is manufacturing these items?

Although it is a mixed set - 1/144 Aircraft and 1/72 Armour which in itself is slightly strange!

Part of me is inclined to assume it may be a Dragon/Doyusha reissue or repackage?
(except who did the Mig-29?)

*** Update ***
It becomes apparent these are not really models, but low quality Puzzle Kits!!

Part of this is on the basis there is
1/144 F-117 (Secret, but obvious from the silhouette)
1/144 F-14 Tomcat
1/144 F-16 Falcon
1/144 Mig 29
plus some 1/72 tanks (pah!, who cares about those!)

A slightly amusing point is that the pictures and text for the Mig and Falcon are swapped over?!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1-144 Starwars Juggernaut HAVw A6 - Anigrand

Heavy Assault Vehicle/Wheeled A6
Based upon the Starwars Juggernaut HAVw A6 Anigrand has another Sci-Fi kit on the books!

Judging by the price, there must be a loot of deatiling and a lot of resin

Available: Tbc
Price: $138 USD + Shipping

Image source:

HAV/W A-6 Dimenstions (approximate)
Length 49.4 meters @1/144 = 34cm (13.5 Inches)
Width 19.6 meters @1/144 = 13.6 cm (5.4 Inches)
Height/depth 30.4 meters @1/144 = 20.8 cm (8.2 Inches)

1/144 scale Convair XB-46 - Anigrand (update)

1/144 scale Convair XB-46
Allies jet power: Target Das Reich
Available: Mar 2010
Price: $68 (USD) + $10(USD) Shipping

Anigrand web link is not working for this kit, but the assumption would be that there will be bonus aircraft!?

The Convair XB-46 was a single example of an experimental medium jet bomber developed in the mid-1940s but which never saw production or active duty. In 1944 the U.S. War Department was aware of aviation advances in Nazi Germany and issued a requirement for a range of designs for medium bombers weighing from 80,000 to more than 200,000 pounds (36,000 to over 90,000 kg). Consolidated Vultee Aircraft (Convair) responded with their Model 109, a 90,000 pounds (41,000 kg) design which was accepted by the USAAF in November 1944 and designated as the B-46. Other designs resulting from this competition included the North American XB-45, the Boeing XB-47 and the Martin XB-48.

  • F-89 scorpion
  • B-45 tornado
  • Ryan XV5A

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/144 #04269 Lockheed C-121C Constellation - Revell Gmbh

Revell have released their first new 1/144 of the year!

Lockheed C-121C Constellation , Includes cockpit detailing, Tip Tanks and other features
Also, Decals for MATS, USAF version and the presidential VC-121E

Full details at Revell >> Here << Available: 2010 January
Suggested Retail Price : £10.99 (GBP)

1/144 Dornier Do-19 "Ural bomber" - Unicraft

Unicraft are planning to produce the Dornier DO-19 "Ural bomber, for some time on 2010 or 2011.

Actually a pre-WWII design, that flew as a prototype but did not go into production.

There was a 4 Engine Bomber competition, which luckily once the military sponsor died the armaments programs shifted back to Tactical Fighters/Bombers!


Monday, January 11, 2010

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.4 (update 2)

SPITFIRE, STUKA and some Japanese Thing!?
more pictures here: @

Platz Blog - has higher quality images

Available: 2010/03/29
Price: Y500 each

Well some remarkable and news and some incredible news!!!

Japanese x3 + series Special
Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar fighter - Kumagai Army flight school (?)
Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar fighter - 77 Squadron / 2ndWing (?)
Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar fighter - 64 Squadron / 3rd Wing (?)

Spitfire MK Vb WX-C (AA853) W/Cdr Witorzeńć. 302 Sqn 2nd (Polish) RAF Dieppe, France 1943

Spitfire MK Vb
SD-J ( X4272)of Flt Lt David Fairbanks, No 501 Sqn, Friston, June 1944

Spitfire MK Vb AV*D (EN853) Maj William 'Jim' Daley, 335th FS/4th FG, USAAF

I think the Spitfire on the WCK4 box art could be:
Spitfire MK Vb FN-T (EN786) K.Birkstead (Danish), 331 Sqn (Norwegian) RAF 1942

Stuka Ju-87 G-2 II - Ernst Rudel (Doh!, not again!!)
Stuka Ju-87 D-5 - Winter
Stuka Ju-87 D-5 - Splinter

Yes, Spitfires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 types + Special (?)
The baseline camo is the same on all 3x types, with only the decals or the D-Day stripes overpainted!? A bit dissapointing, a little more variation would have been nice?

and, erm Stukas ...... I wonder if there is a connection with Algernon/CafeReo??

At least the Winter Stuka looks new, the other not sure, bit OMFG another Hans-Ulrich Rudel (bandai did it first, there is a fear that Algernon/CafeReo will also make one??)


Wonderfest 2010(w) Photos (after Heliborne 4) via 8-Bee Blog

Saturday, January 09, 2010

1/144 Ju-52/3m by IXO/Altaya

She is back! "Iron Anne", "Tante Ju".... Junkers-52/3m

IXO/ ALtaya have re-issued the Ju52/3m in a new paint scheme

The ribs / corrugation is likely to be painted effect, as per the previous issue

This paint schemes mirrors closely the following Wings Pallete schema, therefore is likely to be
a aircraft of GrpzbV.500 (later II./TG4) based in Russia 1942 (so should it be silver or white?)

Currently on offer from French Diecast on Ebay, but I expect other sellers to make these available soon!

Other recent releases, or 'coming soon' include
(subject to change, or alteration, or region!)
These includes a number of repaints
(indicated, or otherwise)

Boeing B-17C USA (seen on ebay)
Douglas C-47B Dakota MK III USA (seen on ebay)
Consolidated Catalina Mk IV UK RAF (seen on ebay)
Junkers Ju 52/3m Germany (seen on ebay)
Consolidated B-24D Liberator USA
Avro Lancaster B.I Special UK (Dambuster / Tallboy / Grandslam version??)
Savoia-Marchetti SM 79 RSI Italy
Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-8 Condor Germany (repaint)
Boeing B-29B/D Super Fortress USA
Piaggio P.108A Italy
Dornier Do 24K-1 Nederland (Dutch Airforce)
Handley Page Halifax GR Mk.II Series IA UK
Heinkel He 111H-6 Germany
Martin B-26B Marauder USA
Vickers Wellington Mk.X UK (repaint)
Junkers Ju 188E1 Germany (repaint)
Douglas A-20G Havoc USA
Dornier Do 24K-1 Nederland
Short Stirling Mk III UK
Junkers Ju 88A-4 Germany (repaint)
Douglas A-26 B Invader USA