Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tomytec 2007

Machinima #7 - Modern buildings! and ‘Tatemono Collection’ - Shinto Shrine Complex!!!!

pictures here:

Monday, April 23, 2007

1/144 Blue Rider Decals!

1/144 Blue Rider Decals!

Not sure what to do with all those spare boxes of "F-Toys twin engines" or "Takara Famous Aircraft of the world"?

top quality decals - NOT Alps printed, have even used some myself in the past!

Red China, Manchukuo and Condor Legion AssortmentDecals for Ki-43, Ki-46, Ki-45 (Red Army of China), Ki-43 (Manchukuo) and Bf 109E-1 (Condor Legion).

Sheet #MS-007

Price: £3.00

also unusual options for

RFC and RNAS 1914-1918 Roundels

Bulgarian Roundels 1937-1941

Kampuchea/Cambodia Air ForceDecals for four MiG-21 bis

Yugolav Partisan Spitfires 1944-1945

WW2 Slovak Air ForceDecals for a Heinkel He-111H and a Junkers Ju-87D.

Lockheed LightningsDecals for a Chinese F-5E and a Yugoslav P-38L.Sheet #MS-001

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1/144 U-Boot (Series 2)

From the company that bought you the 1/48 Tiger (Series 1)
he 1/144 submarine! - (Series 2)
it is state to be ABS Resin - that should make the postage easier!?
It is very detailed!
one carton will contain 16 blind boxes.
should be 2 colors standard + special colour
May also include u-boat kriegsmarine crew!!!

Total length Hull: 455mm
Total lengh Hull + Torpedo added: 540mm
expected 25th June 2007
Price 6000-8000 ~Yen.

thanks to wtmblog and plaza.rakuten

Thursday, April 12, 2007

WTM World Tank Museum USA

WTM World Tank Museum USA

want to make WTM USA special?

World Tank Museum USA is open to feedback and suggestions,
(I have it on good authority!).
Why don't you write them with your requests and ideas?

PS:.... don't forget to mention the "Vomag 88mm" ;o)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1/144 WWI - "Wings of War"

There is a new WWI Air Combat System - "Wings of War" - being marketed by the distributor who has taken up the WTM Range in the USA.
apparently the game rules and cards have been produced for a number of years, it is the 1/144 aircraf that are new! - these will be available in May 2007.
The amazing news is that the aircraft models that accompany the "Wings of War" are 1/144!!!!
They also appear to be Prepainted and cover a range of nations and models!
Price is $12, some are compalining - but i think these are very colourful and will be highly collectable in there own right!
Currently these are Fighters only, maybe later they will do bomber aircraft?
More Images:
Spad XIII Francesco Baracca (Italy)
Spad XIII René Paul Fonck (France
Spad XIII Eddie Rickenbacker (United States)
Sopwith Camel William Barker (United Kingdom)
Sopwith Camel Aubrey Beauclerk Ellwood (United Kingdom)
Sopwith Camel Jan Olieslagers (Belgium)
Albatross D. Va Ernst Udet (Germany)
Albatross D. Va Ludwig Weber (Germany)
Albatross D. Va Kurt Jentsch (Germany)
Fokker DR I Manfred von Richthofen (Germany)
Fokker DR I Fritz Kempf (Germany)
Fokker DR I Arthur Rahn (Germany)

interstingly the sharp eyed browser will notice the "booster packs" have two extra aircraft not shown on the other pages!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

1/144 World Tank Battle Maps - WTBのページ

1/144 World Tank Battle Maps
Map designed for the WTB rules set, however these are so nice looking you might also be able to use them for other purposes!!??
8x scenario maps, and each "map is in 8 sections, of A4 size.
For those who like card based games, there are lots of supporting materials, ranging from unit card, commander card and scenarios. The underlaying ruleset being WTB.
of cource if you dont have WTB (please help!) then you maybe able to adapt another ruleset????
- "PAK" Front
- Berlin 1945
- Barkmann Corner
- Bridge at Remagen
- Witches Pot ("Cauldron")
- Desert
- Snow/Winter
Have fun.
warning the page is a bit slow...
using "google translate" might help you?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

1/144 - Luftwaffe Ground Crew (Pro-Hobby, of course)

1/144 - WWII Luftwaffe Ground Crew by Pro-Hobby

expected 2007 May

************ WARNING !!!! ********************

Revell have released at least one kit with the wrong scale on the box!!!

These ARE NOT 1/144 they are 1/72

Revell have made an error!!!


Revell #4309 DH-2 is 1/72 NOT 1/144
I thnk there may also be a new Revell Albatross D.VII that has the same problem

Monday, April 02, 2007

1/144 Pz IV Assualt Brigde - Metal Troops

1/144 Pz IV Assualt Bridge - Metal Troops
Well, the long awaited model has arrvied, and i have mixed thoughts.
On the one hand it is a brave attampet and yo can see where the money has gone in makeing the item and on the other hand there are a few problems!
The simplest is the weathering or shading, i woul have hoped for the quality of finish that ther other 'Metal Troops'' items have, considering the natue of this vehichcle i would have hoped for some more dirt. The there is a little weathering on the up surface but not much to speak off, and the wealths are basically paintein a light earth colour to repreent dust and mud i imagine?
The final issues also relt to the finish, it is good that they have gone to to trouble of adding metal ire to represent steel cables, the only problem is if you move the bridge once or twice the paint falls of and you worry about the longer term life of the cables?
The bridge itself! - it is not clear as to how many of tte sections are designed to expand, i manage to get section to expand which is probably enough for most people, the bridge looks lke it my expnd more, the trouble i the fine metal is (1) too delicate to take much pushing and shoving and bends easily, there is a fear of breakage, (2) the paint has been applied to bare metal and not primed, again this causes for the paint to easily come off the metal base... this is so esy to fix at manufacture.... as anyone who has made metal kits or painted soldier and vehivcles for war games knows!
The other good point with regard to global shipping, is that the product is supplied on the smaller display bases, this will make it cheaper for you to buy and ship!
I look forward to the other releases this year, especialy the tank transporter!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

1/144 Uboats/Submarine - Takara ??

a bit more news on the 1/144 Uboats/Submarine

appears to come in boxes of 16 blind units.

each submarine requries 8 section to make - this is think makes it like the other Takara Ships?
therefore it should have detailed interior.

it is not clear if this is cross sections detialing or lenght ways?

there will be at least 2 colour types (possibley a special???)

Planned Available: 2007/June