Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1/144 D.A.K Diorama

1/144 D.A.K Tiger Diorama - by Hideaki Kudo

A number of you guys have commented upon this excellent diorama, posted on missing-lynx I am also sure I have seen it in one of the Japanese modelling magazines.
I think I would have seen it in Armour Modeling or similar or maybe as long ago to be in
1/144 Militaire Modele 

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TakaraTommy "Wings of the Luftwaffe" series 4

TakaraTomy "Wings of the Luftwaffe" series 4
I dont know what is in this series yet, there where some photos at an earlier show showing some Me262 2-4 seater varients, plus there are still even earlier prototypes from show photos that have not shown.

The anticipated release date is: 06/11/27

1/144 Me-323 by Matsuokasten [Resin Kit]

1/144 Me-323 by Matsuokasten - Detailed Analysis!



thanks to Robert for finding this...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer Wonderfest 2006 - Early shots

Summer Wonderfest 2006 - Early shots
See "BON RACCOON" Website for a short WF2006 SU photo log.
interesting is Big Bird 2 series this time with 3 aircraft - inc He111 & P61 Black Widow!?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

1/144 Pavla Models RAF GSE #1

1/144 Pavla Models RAF WWII Ground Support Equipment Set #1

A nice resin based diorama from this Czech company. It apears to be thier first product in 1/144 and quite a nice one it will be too!
This would work very well with the SWEET 1/144 Hurricanes!!
U Výtopny 10, 700 30, Ostrava, Czech Republic, phone (fax) +420 59 662 7137



They also do some cool looking items in other scales!

1/144 Heliborne 3 - comes closer!

The official FTOYS Heliborne 3 page has been published, as yet not many individual item photos, but expect these to follow soon?
A larger version of the series item lineup sheet is available at the main site:

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cafe Reo - Bigbird Series 2 ????

Possible announcement at the Wonderfest this weekend....
Could Cafe Reo - Bigbird Series 2 be a HE111 and a Nell G3M2?

1/144 AFV Collector Series

Here you are, promo leaflet for AFV Collection!
( Click above for larger images)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Summer Wonderfest - 20 August 2006

As previously reproted there will be a "Summer Wonderfest" show in Tokyo on the 20/08/2006.
I hope to bring you any news within the days that follow!

Takara / Kaiyodo + WTM = "Coming to America" (updated)

There is increasing discussion sourrounding the potential release 'later this year' .
Details are a still a bit vauge, however.... it is thought that initially WTM 07 and then WTM 08 will be released. It is not know if these will be released as "World Tank Museum" or under another brand.
This has been done before with limted distribution in Europe before where ABYSSE Corporation has sold WTM "VS" Series and some WTM 03 under the "Panzer Squadron" branding - this included a set or series of wargaming rules too!
It is thought that the branding might be "Battle of Kursk" etc for WTM 07?
While it is not clear how these items will be packaged - in that Dragon produced the Can.do range in "blind" packs for the Japanese market and for america the are carded blister packs with bonus diorama cases. It is not known how the Takara packages will be sold.
The final piece of interest is that these are expected to be sold in both "Single" item packs and "mulitpacks" of upto 5 items for "platoons" - at present it is not clear what the selling price will be for the single or mulitpacks (or what price advantage the mulitpacks will have)
It is thought that the company distributing these products in the USA will be "ACD Distribution" whose site can be found : www.acdd.com - There is no information available on the site, but I figure if you are a genuine retailer in the USA you may wish to express your interest?

Monday, August 07, 2006

1/144 Revell Junkers G-38 & Airbus A320

1/144 Revell Junkers G-38 by Federico Kunz
More pictures & Review text
I thought you might like to see this, its an interesting kit and the size comparison with a modern airliner is also enlightnening as it shows up the monster size!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

1/144 Preiser Figures!

Preiser are usually known for their railway items, but they also do a small range of 1/144 items!
Sometime this year they will be releasing the much anticipated 1/144 Panzer Crew!!!!!!
Before that time, here are some examples of what Preiser have produced so far!
1) German Federal Airforce/NATO Air+Ground Crew.
2) WWII USAAF Air + Ground Crew.
3) Civilian AIR & Ground Crew.

TAKARA "Nippon Chinbotsu D2"

See the official TAKARA "Nippon Chinbotsu D2" Website for some interesting pictures!


See the official TAKARA "Nippon Chinbotsu D1" Website for some interesting pictures!

Furuta Aircraft Series 6

Furuta Aircraft Series 6
Release Date: NOW (August 2006)
I know a lot of people dont take these seriously, but I do know some of you out there do collect these, so be aware there is a new series availabe for you!

1/144 F-TOYS/PLATZ 20th August 2006 Special Editons

A new F-104 Starfighter, a cool looking V-22 Osprey, AS332 heli, F-2Trainer (?) and another UH-60J
It looks like there will be some more special edition F-TOYS/PLATZ items coming up in August, I think these are linked to a special event to be held this month (Summer Wonderfest!?). .
日時:2006年8月20日 10:00~17:00
会場:東京ビックサイト 東3・4・5・6ホール
主催:ワンダーフェスティバル実行委員会/株式会社 海洋堂
Day and time: 2006 August 20th 10:00 ~17: 00 - Tokyo - Location ??/

1/144 Pro-Hobby fun!

1/144 (1/150?) Pro-Hobby Railway cart!
Release Date: ????
I think this might be 1/150 rather than 1/144 to fit in with the Japanese railway model standards, but should also work well with the British 1/152 and even maybe 1/160 US/EURO standars - the tracks are the same gauge afterall....
I think this is a nice fun piecem could be used as a civilian item or if you paint it up and raid the spares box you could make some commando special forces?

1/144 Pro-Hobby AntiAircraft Vehicles

1/144 Pro-Hobby AntiAircraft Vehicles..
September (?) 2006
The Panzer 1 + Flak has been teasing me for months, it appears to be scheduled for "after August 2006"..... what ever that means!
The Horsh Flak 30 is scheduled for "September"!!
Both very intersting models and I think they will be very popular with collectors and war gamers alike!

1/144 Steyr RSO - 2x Types

1/144 Steyr RSO - 2x Types
Released July/August 2006!

These two interesting little items have been released by pro-hobby, interesting in there own right as mosted, these can no go along with my RSO fron Pithead!

These are avilable now from the usual places

The skoda ost tractor (RSO) [unpainted] is available from Pithead Minitures in 1/150

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

1/144 Japan Sinks D-1 & D-2

Well some more images for the "Japan Sinks" Series!
Maybe we can see more of this technique in future?
We know in the USA Dragon Can.do items come with a selection of basic diorama bases, maybe Takara could extend this to some of thir WTM releases?
There is to be a thrid "japan sinks" series called "Japan Sinks DX", I am not sure what is in that series at present maybe an other item for this set?