Saturday, September 27, 2008

1/144 FE-Resin Releases (September 2008)

1/144 FE-Resin Releases (September 2008)
Two recent releases, resin kits, vac forme canopy, Y-Kraft Decals.
Junkers Ju-87 A-1 "Stuka"
(comes with 2 decal option for the "Legion Kondor", 1938-1939 Spain)
Heinkel He-219A-7
Decals and Photo Etched Parts!
Prices @ £14/$25

Monday, September 22, 2008

1/144 BAE Hawk T.1 - By OZ MODS!

1/144 BAE Hawk T.1 - By OZ MODS!
Coming soon! - September 2008
Price 12.95 AU$ as per the other 1/144 fighter kits
I think htis should be a great kit, the F-toys is no longer easily available.
The potential paint schemes and decals options for aftermarket is huge!?
I think Kura could be a very busy man with special reqest decals for these fine craft!

Injection moulded with vacform canopy (2 supplied).
Detailed cockpit and wheel wells.

Plus decals for :
1x Set for a Green/Gray RAF Scheme.
(see photos)

1x Set for Red/White Swiss Patrol aircraft.
Also interesting recent event:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AZ Model Airport 144- Fokker F.VIIb plastic kits (*update*)

"AZ Model" Airport 144- plastic kits
(also sold under "Legato" Brand)
Expected Release September 2008

Bascially a number of Fokker F.VIIb 3m machines, made by Fokker and under License to other
manufacturers. It will be available with different paint schemes / layouts!

LP4401 1/144 Fokker/Avia F.VIIb 3m,
LP4402 1/144 Fokker F.VIIb 3m Military,
LP4403 1/144 Avro 618 Ten , Imperial Airways, 1/144
LP4404 1/144 Romeo Ro.10/Fokker F.VII 3m , Expe

LP4405 1/144 ATR-72 - Expected: ??/??
Legato website:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

1/144 BASIC Magazine + 1/144 Type 22 by SWEET

1/144 BASIC Magazine + 1/144 Model
There appears to be a new "1/144" Magazine in Japan!.
It is not clear if this a special edition or a new series?
Published by 'Model Graphix'
(maybe it takes over from Modelle Militare Magazine?)
The box of the kit is familar from other scale model magazines in Japan
It comes with a A6M3 Type 22 Zero Kit (1/144 obviously) - from Sweet.
It appears recent as it look like it has logo for the 50th Anniversary of the JASDF?
There are more inside photos of the pages at HLJ
If you like the ZERO, you will like this!?

21sr Centruy Toys - 1/144 SoftSkins?

21st Centruy Toys - 1/144 SoftSkins?
I havent seen any of these available via usual sources or ebay, yet they appear in Japan under a different brand?

Thursday, September 04, 2008


great close up photos!

F-14 A

F-4 J

A-7 E

A-6 E

Ozmods now accepts paypal!

A useful and much requested service now available - payment by PAYPAL!
This is particulary useful to International Buyers!
Check out the site, lots of interesing short-run kits, Soviet, Austrailain, British and American.
An interest range of armanents too!
Check out the photos, you will seem more great model painted by one of our regualr contributors!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Revell 04044 1/144 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III;

Revell 04044 1/144 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III;

First Test shots;

Available: November 2008