Friday, March 25, 2016

1/144 HMS Holland (class) submarine - MIKRO-MIR

1/44 HMS Holland (class) submarine - MIKRO-MIR
Another in their range of 1/144 submarines, this time an boat from the early days of the evolution of modern submarines.

Expect this to be injected plastic with a photo etched parts.

Its not on the website , but it is appearing on ebay already!

1/144 Grumman F9F Panther - Oz Mods

1/144 Grumman Panther - Oz Mods 
Reissued, with injected plastic kit with vacform and clear canopies. Silk Screen decals for the Blue Angeles and VFA-192 Golden Dragons - aircraft 209 as seen in the movie Bridge at TOKO-Ri.

The Grumman F9F Panther was the manufacturer's first jet fighter and one of the United States Navy's first successful carrier-based jet fighters. A single-engined, straight-winged day fighter, it was fitted with an armament of four 20 mm (0.79 in) cannons and could carry a wide assortment of air-to-ground munitions.

The Panther was used extensively by the U.S. Navy and the United States Marine Corps in the Korean War. It was also the first jet aircraft used by the Blue Angels flight team, being used by them from 1949 through to late 1954. The aircraft was exported to Argentina and was the first jet used by the Argentine Naval Aviation.

Available: March 2016

1/144 F-Toys WTM Vol.3 (IJA)

1/144 F-Toys WTM Vol.3 (IJA)

Type 2 Ka-Mi amphibious tank

Type 89 I-Go medium tank

Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha medium tank - NOT the same Chi-Ha as the one from the OOP F-Toys' Battle Tank Collection Vol.2. This new one represents the improved Type 97 variant with a high velocity 47mm gun replacing the original low velocity 57mm gun.

Source: and Smeg1959

Thursday, March 24, 2016

1/144 Bachem Ba-349 A / Ba-349 M52/M58 - Brengun

1/144 Bachem Ba-349 A  and Bachem Ba-349 M52/M58  - Brengun
Brengun have released another set of interesting little kits, previously available in resin from Fozone, its not available in build and wallet friendly injected plastic, and comes with decals and two kits in a box.

for more info on the development and history of this aircraft:

Bachem Ba-349 A Natter (two in box)
Catalog number: BRP144001

Bachem Ba-349 M52/M58 (two in box)
Catalog number: BRP144002

Available: March 2016
Price: 12 Euro

Maybe there is some hope of seeing their B&V-40 in 144 too now?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

1/144 Euro Jets Vol.2 - F-Toys

1/144 Euro Jets Vol.2 - F-Toys
A new set of "Euro" jets from F-Toys, expected release date "late March 2016"

- 1-A: MiG-29S Fulcrum C Russian Air Force technical training center
- 1-B: MiG-29S Fulcrum C Russian Air Force aerobatic team
- 1-C: MiG-29S Fulcrum C Ukraine Air Force
- 1-D: MiG-29S Fulcrum C Russian Air Force 28th fighter regiment
- 1-E: MiG-29S Fulcrum C Soviet Air Force 115th  fighter regiment
- 2-A: JAS39A / C Gripen Swedish Air Force
- 2-B: JAS39A / C Gripen Swedish Air Force
- 2-C: JAS39A / C Gripen Czech Air Force
- 2-D: JAS39A / C Gripen Hungary Air Force

Image Source:

Thursday, March 03, 2016

1/144 Bugatti 100P & Type 75sc Atlantic- by MACH 3

1/144 Bugatti 100P & Type 75sc - by MACH 3

I love this aircraft and wanted a kit of this ever since i first stumbled across it on the web, the only trouble now is that i want two - one in blue and one in a military scheme!

This is a new release from by MACH 3, but only available at shows and via which will make it hard to get:

2016 Fantastic Plastic 1/144