Thursday, October 29, 2009

1/144 USS Arizona (BB-39) by Lindberg (upd)

1/144 USS Arizona (BB-39) by Lindberg
There was a mock-up of the USS Arizona that Lindberg is intending to produce in 1/144 at Hobby Expo 2009!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1-144 C-130 + F4 "Blue Angels" - A-Model (upd)

1-144 C-130 + F4 "Blue Angels" - A-Model

An interesting combination, the "Blue Angels" F-4 Phantom and C-130 "Hercules" Team Support Aircraft!

I expect more information to follow!

Price: @25GBP / 35 USD

Based on recent issues, I think this may not be last we see of these two kits forms.

Thanks to RKM & FCM

Monday, October 26, 2009

1/144 "Big Bird" vol. 4 Algernon (update)

1/144 "Big Bird" Vol. 4 Algernon

Hopefully these should appear on the web soon, and on our desk not long after?
It shouldnt be too long before we fing out the bonus/special items!?

new link:

Avialable: 27/10/2009

Further He-177 pack details (**please read**, there is an error with the in box instructions!)

1/144 Apollo by Bandai - Part 2 !

1/144 Apollo by Bandai - Part 2 !

More information on this amazing item, included is 2x video and many photos:

more photos (without the watermarks):

Manufacturer / Designers Link:

it would appear for your $500 you also gt a book & dvd....?

and Launch Complex Models can be found here!!!
$750 will buy you a NASA Launch Complex 39 Service Tower and Mobile launch pad in 1/144!

other (cheaper) options can be found here!

Although, these ironically do make the Bandai rocket look good value?
1x musuem quality rocket = 1x $500 = $500
10x cheap nasty toys = 10 x $50 = $500

1/144 Saturn V Rocket ($50)
1/144 International Space Station ***Early Version*** ($20)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

1/144 Westland Wyvern - Damiya vs Miniwing (upd)

1/144 Wyverns - Damiya vs Miniwing
This year has been a good year for the revival in British and Commonwealth Aircraft, starting with Anigrands various releases and more recently Miniwing and now Damiya.

I have obtained two versions of the recent Westland Wyvern release and thought it interesting to give a quick comparison, this isn't coming to be am empirical or ARC style as some would undoubtedly want (usually as i do to many thinks ad-hoc and forget to take all the photos correctly!). It is however a bit of fun to see how two similar models compare and the positives and negatives of each. It is also always interesting to see how two different modellers approach the same subject and which areas they choose to focus on!

It might be slightly academic, as unless you can get to a Tokyo show you are less likely to score a Damiya Kit than a Miniwing kit!

Westland Wyvern TF.1 - Damiya 144-wyvern-by-damiya
Westland Wyvern S.4 - Miniwing 144-wyvern-by-miniwing

First off, I am not an expert on the Wyvern - and most of the drawings of this aircraft on the web are not consistent enough for me to find one set of plan drawings that give a solid basis for comparing the shape and profile of these two aircraft. I will however say, when taken each and on its own they both look fine, once you compare them side by side they have obvious differences... I also don't know if there where differences between the TF.1 and S.4 to merit such deviations?

In summary:

Damiya Wyvern TF.1
I like the mulitpart wings of this enables you to build a great "wings up" (folded wings) with it double hinges. This would make an interesting display and as indicated in the previous article the wing ends are detailed and the photo etched parts allow for hinges. I think this would make a "wings out" (straight wings) a little more tricky to build as great care in the alignment would be needed? The profile of the aircraft looks slight out, maybe a little short and squat?

The Photo etched parts is a nice touch and allows for winglets and flanges to be finely modelled.
It also adds some finishing touches again with the wings regarding the airbrakes? at the rear as they are dropped down as per the real thing. It also has a 'clear' resing canopy although it may need some 'future' polish applied?

The tailplane is also interesting as it is moulded on the fuselage it looks like the Rudder could be cut out easily for repositioning. The multi part exhausts look good.

The down sides of this kit are the trailing edged are a little too thin and are almost not there, the panel lines on the fuselage are a little coarse in places and on the nose a little arbitrary? The landing gear also looks a little thin and fragile.

The underneath of the aircraft centre section is very detailed and well cast.
The decals are the usual ALPS style.

Miniwing Wyvern S.4
This has a single piece wing which will be easy to fit, it is also very nicely detialed. I imgaine with some care and a razor saw you would also be able to present this in a "Wings Up" (Folded wing) display, although by it nature it lends itself to a "Wings Out" (Straight wing).
The airframe profile on this kit looks more "right" being slightly longer and slender over all.

On this kit a number of the winglets and flanges are either supplied as resing pieces or moulded onto the wings. This will make for an easier construction, but perhaps less detailing overall.

The canopy is a traditional miniwings vac-form and as ususal you get a spare.
The tail plane and rear wings are cast seperately and should be no problem, they are also finely decorated. The panel lines on this kit are certianly its strong point the wings panel lines look good and the fuselage and nose detailing is excelent, and very crisp they look "right".

The undercarriage is perhaps slighly less accrute than the Damiya but it is more robust and that is probably more important at this stage. The exhausts would also benefit from some drilling.

The centre section is perhaps less detailed, however once you have attached the rocket munitions or (a torpedo) you will not be able to tell much difference. It is interesting to not that both kits vary most in this area!? As indicated at this time I dont have the information to decide one way or the other?

ALPS decals by Y-Kraft(Japan)

I think they are both nice kits, and no one kit comes out on top due to the differences in their implementation. It will be a matter of personal choice as to the amount of detail vs realism vs accuracy vs build difficulty!

1/144 Westland Wyvern TF.1 - Damiya

1/144 Westland Wyvern TF.1 - Damiya
Another item from the summers hobby show, a nicekit of the Westland Wyvern TF.1 by Damiya
(Later, I will be comparing this to the Miniwing Westland Wyvern S.4)
A nice garage kit with some interesting features, of particular note are the
3x part wings
Photo etched parts
Clear resin canopy

The 3x Part Wings lend itself to being constructed with folded wings as this is unusal in 144, and this kit has its end section moulded and incledd PE 'hinges'.

Some of the trailing surfaces on the wing are a little thin, and the undercarriage looks a little thin.

However it does have nicely defiend mid exhauses and the PE sections add some nice detailing to the overal effect.

Of course if you could get hold torpedo it woud add to this kit.

On a display it would overall look a nice kit - as you can see above!

1/144 Royal Navy Mk.15/17 Torpedo

1/144 Royal Navy Mk.15/17 Torpedo - By Damiya

Here is a nice little (microscopic) kit of a Torpedo, normally on an aircraft kit for 144 you would be lucky to get some misshaped lump of plastic that roughly looks right!

Not so here! This is a stunning Brass + Photo Etched kit that takes 144 accessories to a new level.

A 16 part kit that enables you to assemble the Torpedo, the photo above includes the parts and fret for the torpedo and the enlarged photos of the finished kit!
If your eyes and hands are upto the job it will be something you are very proud of!

Those of you living in Switzerand may want to go down the road and find a clock maker?

Check out Yuunagi's latest work here at the Damiya Blog:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1/144 Boulton-Paul "Defiant" Mk.1 - FE-Resin

1/144 Boulton-Paul (P.82) "Defiant" Mk.1 - FE-Resin
A aircraft thats doesnt get much representation, but here we have in 1/144 a Nice "Defiant".
An often ovelooked player in the airwar. A welcome return for a nuew suject by FE-Resin.
It admittedly failed as a day fighter, but came through and was a reasonable nightfighter!

Available: now
Price : expected (watch out for currency conversions)

1/144 IAI "Nesher" - Miniwing

1/144 IAI "Nesher" - Miniwing
A new variation on the Mirage kits, this time the IAI "Nesher" as employed by the IDF:
No.524, 144 Tayest, after Yom Kippur War, 1973
Based on the Mirage 5, this aircraft was also used by Argentina
The kit is nice and cleanly molded, panel lines are nice and crisp and no flash.
Spare canopies are provided as usual, as are Decals by Y-Craft(Japan)
For more details of this kit, you might to look at ther previous Entries for the Miniwing Mirages:

Available: Now
Price : 18 Euro + Postage

1/144 Me-323 "Gigant" - Matsuo Kasten

1/144 Me-323 "Gigant" - Matsuo Kasten =============================
Here is a might beast if ever i saw one!
This is a great kit, although not one to be rushed! The structural parts of the kit are good and the fit is pretty good for a garage kit. The smaller parts should be fine, but will need some cleaning up.
An excellent set of decals is provided as are instructions, which will be needed as I imagine like most this is not the type of craft you have built everyday!
I first saw this many years back at one of the Project 144 shows, and now it can be yours too!
Nice kit and good service from Matsuo Kasten.

Matsuo Kasten WWW
Ship International = Yes
Paypal = Yes
Price: 10,000 YEN (@ $110USD)

1/144 V-2 Launch Set - Matsuo Kasten

1/144 V-2 Launch Set - Matsuo Kasten

A nice set of kits from MatK and again, some control and discipline will be required with this kit! It is not one that you will finish in an evening and there are some delicates peices involved and the Meillerwagen (transporter trailer & Service tower) and Abschussplatform(Firing Table) will need particular care. It is however in line with many of the Garage kits you see so there should be no surprises here!

The total set of kit supplied are as follows
- Meillerwagen Transporter Trailer
- Abschussplatform (launch pad)
- The Feuerleitpanzer (Launch Control Vehicle)
- Hanomag SS-100 TRACTOR
- B-Stoff tanker (Opel)
- T-Stoff tanker (opel)
- A-Stoff Trailer
- V-2 Rocket

Possibly, the best source of V-2 Information on the web?

Matsuo Kasten WWW
Ship International = Yes
Paypal = Yes
Price: 10,000 YEN (@ $110USD)

1/144 Henshel Hs. P.87 - Matsuo Kasten

1/144 Henshel Hs. P.87 - Matsuo Kasten

We have featured this item before, but as I have now got my hands on a copy I thought I would revist this item.
It is a nice resin garage kit that will take some skill to complete (dont come thinking Revell or Anigrand), but is in pretty good shape will make a nice item when complete.
It comes with nice decals and a good instruction sheet with actual photos of the model!
Panel line are always a subject that divides people, the panel lines on this kit are not too deep or canyon like, so that will please some, others may wish to sharpen the panel lines up to their taste.
The double blade set will be a little tricky as ever on a kit this scale
Matsuo Kasten WWW
Ship International = Yes
Paypal = Yes
Price: 2800 YEN (@ $30USD)

1/144 WWI "Wing Of War" Balloon Packs

1/144 WWI "Wing Of War" Balloon Packs
The "Wings of War" series is still going strong and a new series is expected soon with new planes, also coming shortly (these are pre-production shots taken at the Essen 2009 Show in Germany)
As you can see, some kind of Observation Ballon and two new fighters.
. (registration required)

1/144 Apollo Saturn V (die-cast) by Bandai

1/144 Apollo Saturn V (die-cast) by Bandai
Ever since I was a kid and went a friends house and he had the Airfix 1/144 Plastic kit, I think I have secretly had a desire to have one, but never had.....
Now, I have a new problem.............
Look at the stunning detail of this prebuilt 1/144 Saturn V from Bandai !!! (oh, then check the price).
Now its one thing sneaking a 1/144 aircraft into the house, but how do you sneak at 50cm+ Moon Rocket! (even down my trousers it will look too large...)
Available: March 2010
Cost : 500 USD !! (best Start Saving)
Available via HLJ

Saturday, October 17, 2009

1/144 scale Luftwaffe Bomber-B special set by Anigrand (upD)

1/144 Anigrand - Luftwaffe Bomber-B special set

Fw.191 / Ar.340 / Do.317 / Ju.288


Another great looking set of Luftwaffe aircraft, not Luft'46 - but "Bomber B" programme prototypes and projects. These were announced at the sumemr Tokyo show and are now available for ordering!

4x Kits (no bonus)

Price: $98 USD + Shipping

Pre-order now for Novemnber 2009 Shipping

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Algernon Big Bird 4 - Wallpaper Download!

Algernon Big Bird 4 - Wallpaper Download!
some free fund stuff from Algernon - PC Wallpaper in 3x Sizes

Sunday, October 11, 2009