Sunday, March 29, 2009

1/144 Hawk T.1 Build at Modelstories!

1/144 Hawk T.1 Build at Modelstories!

an interesting build of the Oz-Mods Hawk over at Modelstories!

also worth looking at the Modestories site as the new April editions is posted!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Winter 2009 - Another British Bomber + Bonus by Anigrand (update)

Winter 2009 - Another British Bomber + Bonus by Anigrand

Sperrin bomber prototype, the v-bomber insurance!
I must say, it does not have the striking graceful lines of the other 3 classic V-Bombers!

Bonus Kits
P1127, Harrier Prototype
Short SB5, EE Lightning forerunner
Javelin FAW9 All weather interceptor

RAF V-Bomber history

Thanks to D.Campell for flushing this out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

poll at petersplanes

poll at petersplanes

Get yourself over to peterplanes for a chance to vote or comment on future releases!



I have just found these cool 1/144 specialist shop in the Czech Republic!
The site is available in English and trades in Euro, US Dollars & Czech Koruny.
It also allows payment via credit cards and PAYPAL.
Needless to say, it stocks lots of Czech resin and photo etched products
(Extratech, brengun, miniwing, sram) and other specialist suppliers, worth a look!

Friday, March 20, 2009

1/144 Avro 698 Vulcan B.Mk.2 'Falkland Conflict' - Wolfpack Design

1/144 Avro 698 Vulcan B.Mk.2 'Falkland Conflict' - Wolfpack Design
These guys did a great TSR-2, now they are back with a Vulcan!
I think the detailing is the best so far on the recent bombers!?

more pictures:

Total : 48 Resin Parts, 4 Clear Resin Part, 3 Metal parts, and 1 decal

available: March 2009
Price: $ 95 USD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1/144 F-Toys Star Wars AT-AT

1/144 F-Toys Star Wars AT-AT
Many people have discussed if it was possible to fit an AT-AT in the standard size box!?
The answer seems to be No!

thanks to padtopaw for info:
AT-AT is not in a standard box, the box is bigger and they come in boxes of 8 not boxes of 10 as usual

1/144 Twin Engine Collection Vol.3 by F-Toys (Updated)

1/144 Twin Engine Collection Vol.3 by F-Toys ====================================
F-Toys restate the desire for more 1/144.
A new WWII series of 4x Type, in 2 versions - plus specials?

- Luftwaffe Junkers JU88/A -
- USAAF Boeing B25 B/C
- Japanese Model 11 P1Y1 "FRANCES"
- Japanese Type 100 Ki-49 "HELEN"

Ginga: "Yo-283" of the Yokosuka Flying Group
and "762-82 (possibly -62)" of the 762nd NAval Flying Group

B-25: Capt. E.J. York's aircraft of the Doolittle Raiders
and a 340th BG aircraft

The Donryu comes in the markings of 74 Sentai, 2 Chuutai
and 61 Sentai 3 Chuutai. The former seems to be camouflaged,
the latter in green over gray.

The Ju88s are from I./KG54 (standard green camo) and IV./KG1
(North African camo).

The 340th BG B-25 also appears to be camouflaged for North Africa or
Mediterranean use.

There may also be the option to have "bomb bay" doors open or closed!

Available: May 25
Price: 40USD

Saturday, March 14, 2009

8th Project 144 Exhibition - This Weekend!!

8th Project 144 Exhibition - This Weekend!!
if you are in Tokyo with nothing to do this Sunday.....

1/144 EMW A-9/A-10/A-11

1/144 scale EMW A-9/A-10/A-11
Luftwaffe ballistic missile to target U.S .
Another interesting kit from Anigrand!
Just when you think you have an idea of what he might do next, a surprises you and brings out something from left field! (well, kind of?)
Available: May'09
Cost: $78

In 1939, following successes with the A-4 rocket, the von Braun team began thinking of a much advanced Aggregate series as the range of the A-4 was rather limited. One of the projects was the A-9/A-10 which designed to carry a one-metric-ton payload from base in France to New York City.
four 1/144 German rocket-powered aircraft as bonus:
(as determined via Luft'46 - )
Ba 349 Bachem Natter (Adder)
???? looks a little lke a me109-TL, except the wing/engine proportions and tail end look wrong!?
B&V MGRP Blohm & Voss Manually Controlled/Guided Rocket Projectile -
Skoda Kauba SK P.14.01 -
Fieseler Fi 166

1/144 Do-18 by Miniwings

1/144 Do-18 by Miniwings
Available: Now (March 2009)
Price: @ 28 Euro
A new kit from Miniwings is available and most welcome it is too!
Think the Do18 is such a clean and elegant, but strangely robust looking design?
This is brings Miniwings back on track and the quality of the finish and the nice clear crisp lines is great.The panel lines meet a happy compromise of being evident yet not canyons!
Even the exhausts from the engine are nicely picked out.

All items look crisp as stated and no warping of skewed fits seem evident at this stage.

37 parts, a third of these comprise the interior (seating and controls), props and supports etc

still to come in early 2009
Mini003 Fi-103/V-1
Mini008 Dassault "SUPER MYSTERE" B.2
Mini010 Westland "WYVERN" S Mk.4
Mini011 Blohm und Voss Bv-138 C-1
miniwing [@]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cafe REo ==> Algernon Product

Cafe REo ==> Algernon Product
" Manufacturing and sales of hobby character related product "

The new face of Cafe Reo aircraft series, except it is not clear is aircraft will be reintroduced?
Further announcements are expected later......
(although google translate doesn't help too much)

early release are DECALS in 1/144 for: AV-8B Harrier II Plus

Monday, March 09, 2009

1/144 Don Schmenck Collection !

1/144 Don Schmenck Collection !
This extensive collection of 250+ scratch built aircraft, mastered in wood and often then cast in resin of many unusual items. Often these types are only available via Don, although in recent years some of these types have now made it into resin via other resin model companies.

Don, has been a pillar of the 1/144 model community and known to many, he can trace his days back to flying F-100 operations for the USAF!

if you click the thumbnail image, then click the main image these will display at 800x600!

1/144 B-58 with XB-70 By Roberto!

1/144 B-58 with XB-70By Roberto!
Another lesson in the art of painting by Roberto.
This time an great example of a US B-58 with a nice range of metallic finishes and a good distribution of panels and colouring. The decals also finish this off nicely.
The XB-70 is shown for the size comparison.

A great picture of the B-58 in prime condition can be found here:

here is a pciture of an B-58 Chase Plane, with a rough looking XB-70 in flight

and here at take off

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

F-RSIN FR 14067 1/144 Languedoc/Leduc 010

F-RSIN FR 14067 1/144 Languedoc/Leduc 010 - Alain Bernhard / Modelstories 2009 ============================================================
This great kit combination was released last year. Model Stories has a nice photo montage of this kit being created. The text is in French, but i think the pictures will speak for themselves!
c'est tres bon!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

1/144 Tupoplev ANT-20 - Scratch Built

1/144 Tupoplev ANT-20 "Maxim Gorky"- Scratch Built (Joel Christy) =========================================
The Tupolev ANT-20 was in 1934 the World's largest aeroplane. Having a wingspan of 206 feet, a length of 107 feet, it could cruise at 137 mph with its eight Mikulin M-34 engines. Designed as a passenger plane it could carry nearly 80 people. It was named after the Russian poet Maxim Gorky.

1/144 Dornier Do-18 G - By Miniwings

1/144 Dornier Do-18 G - By Miniwings

The net instalment of the great miniwings range is now available!
The classics Dornier Do-18, a nice elegant design.
Plus, decals for two versions.

email for further details!

Do.18 G-1 M2+IK 2./Ku.Fl.Gr.406 - 1940

DO-18 D-1 K6+CL 1./Ku.Fl.Gr.906

Monday, March 02, 2009

1/144 EE/BAC Lightning Kits in Resin via AirAlex

1/144 EE/BAC Lightning Kits in Resin via AirAlex


$19.00 USD for ONE kit

1/144 Decals by Sanger Engineering

1/144 Decals by Sanger Engineering
A small Welsh company are starting to do some 1/144 Decals!
Starting with 1/144 Vulcan decals - Ideal for you Welsh Models Vac Forms or Anigrand kits!!
enough to do two complete aircraft in a range of squadrons
Valiant and Victor declas will follow...., there is a possibility of conversion of other decals on the site!?.
Cost = 4.80 GBP per sheet.

1/144 Anigrand at Dameya Blog!

1/144 Anigrand at Dameya Blog!
for the early sight of the Anigrand Vulcan and Valiant and their Bonus aircraft please see the Dameya blog!

also added to links for your future reference!