Sunday, September 24, 2006

1/144 Imperial Japanese Navy - Flightdeck Diorama by "Spice"

1/144 Imperial Japanese Navy
Flightdeck Diorama
by "Spice"
Some recent items shown by the limited batch producer "SPICE"
a number of interesting Dioramas.
Ranging from small square flight deck sections ranging upto a full
carrier superstructure!
1/144 IJN Carrier "YAGI"
Also do not forget the work of "IKE" who has made his works available for modellers
Also, SWEET produce platic kits of a Zero on a deck and a Wildcat, you can also purchase plastic kits from Sweet for for the carrier deck lift sectiond and extensions!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

1/150 Tomy Car collection 4 : The Sixties

I like these little 1/150 (Japanese N-Gauge) old stlye cars, there are vans to in this series to help you fill out your collection, need less to say these are an A1 match for railway scenes and you 1/150 Machinima Collections!

F-TOYS - Twin Engine Aircraft Series 2

F-TOYS - Twin Engine Aircraft Series 2
pity about all the japanese aircraft.... these are not particualry sought after!
the He-219 is excellent
and the Mustang F-82E/F is inspired!!
goo to see someone is showing some imgaination..... maybe Takara & Bandai can take notice?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

1/144 LCAC - "work in progress" by Kuugun Koushou

A very jnice an interesting piece of work, the trouble is I suspect it would be very exspensive!

more items that we are likely to see available are on the homepage

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

1/144 Small Panzer Reviews

I have finally got arounf to producing the review, it is not quite as comprehensive or as polished as I would have liked but its been about 6 months since I first thought of it and If I left it any longer it would never of happended!
As will all reviews there will be some items that have been left out, this can be because:
* I do not have them...
* I can not find them...
* Well, you can not do everything
* A reasonable representation is made?
* you always miss out a favourite of somebody
* people always as you why "B" and not "A"
I also admit some of the kits are not finished to my satisfaction and some work remains to be done to complete a number of the pieces, as for the "unkown" panzer kit I neet to do some rework on that as the more i look at it the more it cries out for the tracks to be realigned and the painting finished.

1/144 Panzer Review - 1 (Panzer I )

1/144 Panzer Review -2 (Panzer I - Alternatives)

1/144 Panzer Review - 3 ( Panzer II )

1/144 Panzer Review - 4

1/144 Prototype Resin aircraft Kits - by "Fantastic Plastic" USA

1/144 Prototype Resin aircraft Kits - by "Fantastic Plastic" USA

a set of very nice resin kits based upon protoype or planned projects...

British - Avro 730 Supersonic Bomber (Concept (1956))

American - Atomic-Powered Intercontinental Bomber (Concept(1955))

"Galileo" Atomic-Powered Moon Ship (Fictional Moon Rocket (1947))

USA & International Sales are via this catalog:

European Sales are through the following agent, which also carries an interesting range of other kits!


NACA/NASA R4B decal sheet, 1/144th

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

21st Century Toys - "Pacific War" Series 2 (repaint)

Repaints for the 1:144 scale warbirds. First look at S2 schemes!
9/11/06Collectors all around the country are eating up the new 1:144 scale warbirds! Today 21st Century Toys has released the S2 paint schemes for the F6F-3/5 Hellcat and the Ki-84 Hayate. Shown here are the paint master models in 1:72 scale. These models will serve as the paint patterns for the final product due for release in stores later this fall. Enjoy the pictures. We will continue to dig up news on any other 1:144 scale updates so keep your eyes glued on AREA-21.

No news on the "European War" Me-262 or P-51D repaints..... ?

1/144 Airfield Dioramas

1/144 Dioramas - a range of dioramas for your delight!

1/144 Japanese Modeling sites of interest!!

Here are some links to some interesting 1/144 modeling and collectors sites, all are worth a look.
Even if you do not know japanese, just click about or use "google translate".

1/144 Sweet Aircraft Kits by "Yufei Mao"

F4F-3 Wildcat was converted from Sweet's 1/144 scale FM-2.
many more pictures here (construction gallery):

Sweet's 1/144 scaleMesserschmitt Bf 109 F
many more pictures here (construction gallery):

Saturday, September 09, 2006

1/144 Flames of War!

It would seem the recent "Flames of Ware" Aircraft Series are in 1/144 Scale.
I think they are aiming at more the "character" of the plane and not a 100% "Authentic" copy.
Still, might be of interest to some of you out there, I must admit I had not paid this range too much attention in the past as I understood the Armour & Figures to not be 1/144.
Each “Wing” box includes three un-painted resin planes, flying stands, variant metal parts, an airplane dice and a decal sheet to give all three planes unique
wing numbering.
Ouch!!! - these sets are $42 (£26) now thats exspensive!
More pictures here:
if you need more gliders, try these below - I dont know if the scale is correctm I am too lazy to test that!