Sunday, November 28, 2010

1/144 Tupolev Tu-160 Decals - Begemot

We continue this weekends decal theme with another set of decals.
1/144 Tupolev Tu-160 'Blackjack' Decals - Begemot #144-01.

The decal set includes stencils for one aircraft, and decal schemes for 12x different variation covering Soviet,Russian and Ukrainian aircraft.

The deals come with extensive instuctions (in Russian and English) as can bee seen in this PDF.

Available: Now from these worldwide suppliers (including Hannents)
Price: £8GBP

Begemot have indicated that the decal should fit either the Trumpeter or Zvezda kit

Saturday, November 27, 2010

1/144 Eurofighter Decal Sets - MYK Decals

Eurofighter Decal Sets - MYK Decals

A whole host of Eurofighter Decals are just released, or are soon to be released. If you are a Eurofighter fan then this could be a great day for you. You are also spoilt for choice on which kit manufacturer to use, Revell, F-Toys or Pit Road!

There are 3 main sets:

European User:
A group of classic Eurofighter customers.
Available: Now
Price: 760Yen

Luftwaffe JG.73 "Steinhoff", Berlin, May. 2008
Luftwaffe JG.74 "Neuburg", Jun. 2008
Spanish Air Force, Grupo 11 113 Escuadron, Gran Canaria, Sep. 2009
Austrian Air Force, Zeltweg, May 2008
Royal Air Force, No.3 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, Jun 2006
Royal Air Force, No.29 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, 2006
Italian Air Force, 4 Stormo 9 Gruppo, RAF Coningsby, 2005
Itaian Air Force, 36 Stormo 12 Gruppo, Gioia del Colle, Aug 2009

JASDF - Eurofighter (Special Edition)
The Eurofighter is being considered as a future combat aircraft of Japan.
Whether this is because they feel it is a great aircraft, or using it as a bargaining ploy to get the F-22?
Available: Soon
Price: 760Yen
JASDF, 301st SQ 5th AW, NYUTABARU Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 301st SQ 5th AW, NYUTABARU Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 204th SQ 83rd AW, NAHA Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 204th SQ 83rd AW, NAHA Air Base, 2013
JASDF, 302nd SQ 7th AW, HYAKURI Air Base, 2013

Empire of Greater Japan AIR FORCE "FU-ZIN" (Fantasy / 'What-If')
A distinctly IJA WWII inspired set of schemes!
Available: Now
Price: 760Yen

GJAF, 244th Fighter Group Commander, Tyofu Air Base, 2013
GJAF, 244th Fighter Group, Tyofu Air Base, 2013
GJAF 64th Fighter Group 2nd Squadron, Nyutabaru Air Base, 2013
GJAF,85th Fighter Group, Chitose Air Base, 2013
GJAF, 50th Fighter Group 1st Squadron, Hyakuri Air Base, 2013

Dameya Updates

Dameya is pleased to announce his latest release, as set of photoetched tracks for the Pz.kpfw III
They are highly detailed, and for the skilled modeller!
Suggested use is for the F-Toys Battle Tank Collection Vol.1, or Dragon's 'Panzer Korps' Kits.

Available: November 2011 (Japan Only)
Cost: 1,200 Yen

Dameya has moved his blog and the new location is:

The Dameya Shop remains the same:

Friday, November 26, 2010

1/144 Fw-190 A-8 "GiMix Series" by Tomytec

1/144 Fw-190 A-8 "GiMix Series" by Tomytec (TakaraTomy)

Tomytec(TakaraTomy) are to reissue a series of FW-190 A-8 in using GiMix series branding.
Typically the Gimix ranges have additional funtions such as motors or lights

Interestingly, these FW-190s come on small displaystands as per the Doyusha releases.
needless to all this extra stuff would appear to bump up the price 2-3 times!?
Hopefully these items will retain the excellent quality of the FAOW:WOTL series from Takara.

Available: December 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1/144 sWS with 60cm Infrared Search Light - UHU

1/144 German sWS with 60cm Infrared Search Light - UHU (60cm Infrarot-Scheinwerfer auf Schwerer Wehrmachtsschlepper)

The standard sWS was produced from December of 1943 to March of 1945 and was designed as replacement for sdkfz6 and sdkfz11 and was available in a number of configurations to replace a variety of existing halftaracks.

The sWS is very much a WWII item, however the UHU option presented here is fictional. It is based opon a logical projection of the Sdkfz 251/20 UHU.

A great site covering the sWS can be found here

Future sWS releases from CGD

Available: November 2011
Price: $18.90
CGD Ebay (pre-order)

1/144 French Char B1 bis & Flame thrower - Panzer Depot

Panzer Depot has annnounced thier new release for November 2011.

The French Char B1 bis & German conversion flame thrower

The Char B1 Bis is offered in French colours and also a captured version, as the German Panzerkampfwagen B-2 740 (f), used for training and second line duties.

The Flamethrower version Flammwagen auf Panzerkampfwagen B-2 (f) of which 60 were convereted, is available in Panzer Grey only.

Aroiund 400 Char B1-bis were produced beween 1937 & 1940 and was armred with a 75mm & 47mm cannon.

If you have bought Panzer Depot before there should be no surprises here.

Available : November 2011

French & German - Mulitple Colours $16.80
German - Grey $15.80

For details please visit our Website:
our online shop:

Friday, November 19, 2010

1/144 C-130A 'Hercules' USAF By Amodel

New molds from AModel of the Ukraine the C-130A & JC130A

The C-130A looks to be in SEAN style camo, and C-130A were indeed used in Vietnam and surrounding areas, the JC-130A were use as flight test airframes.

The "A" varient is obviously the first in the long line of long serving transport planes.

The first 27 airframes had this unusual "roman nose" and not familier the step nose we are comfortable with today and Allison T56 engines

Available: now
Cost: 25Euros

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1/144 IJN A6M2b Model 21 'Zero' - Sweet

1/144 IJN A6m2b Model 21 'Zero' - Sweet
A6M2b Model 21 Zero Fighter for IJN Carrier Fleets.

Well, if you dont know what to expect by now where have you been the last five years?

Excellent quality plastic injection kits and quality decals (for 10 aircraft options) ....

Features decals for the carrier wings of the KAGA and HIRYU

Available: Early December 2010
Cost: 1,500 Yen

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1/144 Heinkel Long-Range Bomber - Fantastic Plastic

Fantastic Plastic are to release a Luft'46 subject in 2011.
Its an interesting concept, one I can't say I am too familiar with, and nothing on Luft'46?

It looks reminiscent of the love child of the Shorts SC.1 and a V-Bomber, so already there is some potentail to paint this up in a RAF Anti-Flash white paint scheme!?

The model is to be produced by Anigrand for Fanastic Plastic.

Avaliable: July 2011
Cost: tbc

Further Artwork by Martin Letts can be found here:

1/144 F-15J/DJ/SE JASDF GiMix Series 04 - Tomy

1/144 F-15J/DJ/SE JASDF GiMix Series 04 - Tomy

Tomtec are to issue another batch of F-15s in thier GiMix Range, this series differs from the

Available: February 2011
Cost: 2310 yen each.

AC14 F-15J team development test flight (Gifu)- (possibly with parts to make four variants)
AC15 F-15DJ flight instructor Corps (Tahara Shin), No. 086
AC16 F-15J 306 Squadron (Komatsu), established 20th Anniversary paint (includes 40th anniversary decals)
AC17 F-15 SE Silent Eagle prototype

Friday, November 12, 2010

1/144 German U-Boat Type IIB - by

The German U-Boat Type IIB “Einbaum” (1930) is a new model kit from ICM in the Ukraine (see news).

built between 1934-192, The beginning of WWII saw the the Type II U-Boats actively used as mine-layers in ports and river estuaries of England and Scotish East Coast, and for anti-shipping duties in the English Channel area. From Spring 1941 the coastal U-Boats were used mainly in training roles in the Baltic

Historical background:

A review posted on this German website (with Sprue phoos ) Indicates that it is of overall good qaulity, although there could be some issue with the
torpedo door?

The kit contains parts of two different bridges, that of the U-9 and the U-19.
No decals are provided.

Parts: 60
Length 297mm

Available: Soon
Price 12-18 Euros.

Thanks to Thomas

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1/144 Dameya - Net (Updated)

Currently, sales are for the Domestic Japanese Market only.
Consideration is being given for International Orders in the Future...
Some very nice looking models on here, and in the past has included aircraft.

Monday, November 08, 2010

1/144 LVT 'Buffalo' & Willys Jeep - Panzer Depot

The November releases ftom Panzerdepot are the following USA & Allied items,
The distinctive LVT, useful for those marine landings, and the ubiquitous "Jeep" seen around the world and on many a cinema screen!

LVT 'Water Buffalo + Willys Jeep with figure +trailer - $33.60

LVT 'Water Buffalo' - $18.80

Willys Jeep + trailer - $14.80

Available direct from Panzer Depot at shop or ebay