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1/144 Sd.Kfz 8 DB10 (Armoured) 'Lufcik' - KG144

1/144 Sd.Kfz 8 DB10 (Armoured) 'Lufcik' - Kampfgruppe144

The History
The history of this vehicle begins on January 18 1945 when it was lost while trying cross the Pilica River in Poland, becoming embedded in the sandy river bed. This vehicle is probably one of several prototypes of this variant for which the production has never been fully accounted.

While the history of the Sd.FKz 8 series dates back to 1934, the evolution and history of this particular variant is undocumented. It clearly shares a heritage of the Sd.Kfz 8 which was designed as a standard tractor chassis for the purpose of towing the 88mm Flak Cannon (and other large guns), this one however having alternative configuration with an armoured body with 12mm steel plates.

This vehicle was of late war production and served on the Eastern Front with a Luftwaffe unit, probably tasked with providing AA Flak duties utilising the mighty 88mm.

Interestingly, the original license plate WL 323863 was still with the vehicle when recovered from the river and identifies it as Luftwaffe Vehicle. This plate also differs to the license plate seen in other SDKFZ8 DB10 variants of this type, thereby giving weight to the argument that there was more than one of this type.

The first attempt to extract this from the Pilica River in 1957 by Polish Military Engineers was unsuccessful. It’s not clear if the vehicle suffered further damage as a result of this action?

In 1999 a group of Military Enthusiast were able to extract the 18-ton Vehicle and reconstruction was completed in 2003. The engine was further renovated and the vehicle was able to move under its own power by 2005. It was during this restoration process that the vehicle acquired its nickname of "Lufcik".

Model Features::
This miniature has a range of interesting and unique features
1. Detailed Model
            a. Detailed Exteriors, including MG.42
            b. Detailed Chassis and Running gear
           c. Detailed interior with drivers and crew compartment
2. Compatible with KG144 & CGD towing hook systems  (will hook up PAK-43 etc...)
3. Digitally mastered and produced using state of the art 3D printing technology.
4. Made with strong and flexible nylon material, extremely durable.(note)
5. Individually hand painted and weathered.

Fact or Fiction?
Although only one of these beasts have been found it is thought to have had a short production run of 20 – 30 units in this configuration. What we can see is that one unit has been recovered and restored in Poland and a small number of photographs exist of this configuration deployed in the field.

No official records have been discovered to reveal how many of these vehicles were completed, and it appears that this example is the only one to make it past the scrap merchant and into a museum.
This restored vehicle can be seen at the Pilica River Heritage Park in Tomaszow, Poland where you can actually ride as a passenger during the Summer Events!

Interestingly, the original Maybach engine was thought beyond economical repair, so it was to be replaced with a Russian Truck engine. However, on inspection it became evident that the later period Russian engine had very similar design to the Maybach engine (possibly a Soviet copy of the Maybach design) this allowed for an engine to be restored incorporating much of the original transmission and many other elements of the running gear...

Available: November 2012
Also compatible with;
KG144 PAK-43   @ CGDStore  or @CGD eBAY
KG144 PAK Crew @ CGDStore  or @CGD eBAY

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1/144 Hakwer Sea Hawk FGA.6 (MK.50)- Miniwing
Another great kit of a very successful design from the famous Hawker Company. This early jet aircraft was conceived towards the end of WWII, but did not enter service until 1952. Although original intended for the RAF which had to many jet types, it ended up in service with the Royal Navy, and also the served will with  German, Dutch and Indian naval forces with over 580 being produced. It was finally retired from Indian service in 1983!

This kit from Miniwing is produced to their usual excellent standards and as nice clean lines, there is also a nice amount of detailing with regard to the panel lines, and should make an excellent addtion to your collection!

The kit contains 17 Resin parts, a small fret of PE parts, plastic rod, a clear cockpit canopy, instructions (not shown) and  two decals schemes are provided as follows:

 - 804th Squadron (Royal Naval Air Service), HMS Bulwark, Suez Crisis 1956 [1] [2] [3]
 - 860th  Squadron (Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service), 1960s

Further Images:

Available: November 2012
From Miniwing or Usual Stockists

Review Kit Supplied by 

Hawker Sea Hawk Mastered by Kampfflieger

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1-144 Wing Kit Collection 10 "US Naval" - F-Toys

 1-144 Wing Kit Collection 10 "US Naval" - F-Toys

Grumman Hellcat,
Grumman Wildcat
Douglas SBD Dauntless

Available: Jan 2013


Alien Abduction! - Lucas Rizzi

Alien Abduction! - Lucas Rizzi 
I haven't spotlighted a particular diorama for a while, this one is quite fun and playful and is well executed.
OK, so most of its 1/150 - but its close enough in this context,  I am sure you will enjoy the build pictures!
(the UFO is the E.V.E from Atlantis models, the remainder are Prieser and TakaraTomy items)

1/144 WWII German Bauform H667 Wargame Diorama Base - CGD

1/144 WWII German Bauform H667  Wargame Diorama Base - CGD

This new series combines the usage of the model both as a wargame accessory and as model diorama display. The GameDio base measures approximately 99mm (3.9 in.) Flat to Flat, which makes it sitting comfortably on common wargame Hex bases that measures 100mm flat to flat. It measures approximately 114mm (4.5 in. ) tip to tip. This is a two part model painted in Beach Painting Scheme. The top of the bunker opens for placement of anti tank guns and troops.

This 1:144 WWII German Bunker Bauform H667 is a simplified design based on the Bauform H667 used in Normandy Exit E-1, on Omaha Beach (D-Day). These bunker types were usually armed with 5cm Kwk 39/40 (coming soon form CGD). This model has enough room to up-gun to Pak43,and with crew:

Individually cast in resin, hand painted to the finest detail. 100% made in Hong Kong.
A perfect display base for your 1:144 wargaming and/or displaying your collection of Dragon or Takara WTM 1:144 tanks. Also suitable for N scale and 12mm models.

Also available in Summer, Autumn, Desert and Winter painting scheme, and unpainted too.

CGD eShop:

eBay: ... 1100671074

KG144 X CGD Pak 43 and crews available separately:

Advanced version of Bauform H667 also available separately:

other CGD Bunker on KG144

Look!, is that a Willis MB Jeep passing in front of the bunker?

Friday, November 09, 2012

1/144 Willis MB Jeep Kits from Dameya

1/144 Willis MB Jeep Kits from Dameya
Dameya has released three great looking variants of the the classic Willis MG Jeep.

The kit, produced using the Fine Ultra Detail material via the Shapeways process.
I think the prefer the armored version....
Self assembly and painting is required.

1/144 Willis MB with MG

1/144 Willis MB with Armor + Recoiless/MG options

1/144 Willis MB with Cargo Trailer

1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport "Star Wars" resin kit

1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport "Star Wars" resin kit
I do not know if this a  short run Japanese kit from an individual, small studio or piece commissioned from Anigrand? It is however a quite a rare Star Wars resin kit, well, I do not recall seeing one before?

The the finished model will measure 24.8" (63cm) long and 7.1"(18cm) wide, and has over 250 parts including 3 bonus kit.( Tie-aggressor, Cloud-car & Rebel troop cart all in 1/144 scale.)

Currently on Ebay for $368 USD which is quite eye watering!?
and even more in the USA on Ebay for $635 USD and he has 4 of then

More info on the GR-75

1-144 F-14 (Modern Aircraft Collection #22) - Doyusha

1-144  F-14 (Modern Aircraft Collection #22) - Doyusha

A new series of F-14 (using the old mold) with a lick of new paint.

1. VF-124 Gun Fighters  (1974)
2. VF-114 Aardvarks (1978)
3. VF-102 Diamondbacks (2000)
4. VF-2 Bounty Hunters  (2002)
5. VF-101 Grim Reapers (2004)
6. VF-31 Tomcatters (2006)

Available December 2012
Doyusha Product Page 
Price: 800Yen Each Item

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1/144 Luftwaffe Ground Crew Set A + Set B - By CGD

1/144 Luftwaffe Ground Crew Set A + Set B - By CGD
New sets of 1/144 WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Crew comprising of  Set "A" and Set "B" from the Authentic Soldiers series of CGD.

Set "A" contains: 
2x Luftwaffe ground crew pulling a bomb dolly with a 250kg bomb,
1x empty bomb dolly, and
5x SC250 bomb.

Set "B" contains:
2x Luftwaffe ground crew servicing aircraft,
1x bomb dolly loaded with 250kg bomb, and
1x ground crew pulling a bomb dolly with a SC250 bomb.

Available in PAINTED or UNPAINTED figure packs!

Figures are modelled according to average Caucasian of height 5' 8" to 5' 10" (1.73m to 1.78m). Figure measures approximately 12mm when standing upright. Highly detailed, highly realistic and in real human proportion. NOT big headed cartoon-ish wargame figures!Digitally mastered, the soldiers are fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology in ACRYLIC RESIN.

TRUE 1:144 SCALE; Figure measures approximately 12mm when standing upright.

Released: November 2012
Available:  CGD eShop and CGD eBay (painted) Set 'A' Set 'B'  (unpainted) Set 'A' Set 'B'

Other CGD Authentic Figures  on request, as featured on KG144.