Sunday, November 27, 2011

1/144 Fw-190 Series 2 - ACI (Aviation Model)

Aviation Model 1/144 German WWII - Fw-190 Series
Series 2 - "Night Fighters"

Originally announced in 2010 as seen on this blog , this series seems finally ready and availabe for purchase directly or through your ACI distributor!. 

It is interesting to see some of these with wire added to represent the radar arrays used in the night fighting role. I wonder if Tomytec or F-Toys will take notice?

(Without Wire)
#70007 “RED 3” FW 190 A8
#70008 “Yellow 18” FW 190 A-7 (JG300)
#70011 “Green 3” FW 190 A-6 ("Hptm.F-K Muller; Stab/JG300)
#70012 “Green 1” FW 190 A-6 (Major.Hajo Herrmann "Stab/JG300)
#70013 “Black 12” JG300
#70014 “Black 4” JG300
Price (w/o wire): US$15.50

(With Wire)
#70009 “Red 21” FW 190 A-6 Neptun with wire
#70010 "Yellow 1N" Fw190A-7 Neptun with wire (Lt. Klaus Bretschneider 6./JG300)
Price (w/wire): US$17.99

Packaging: Paper box and blister (each pc.) / size: 90 x 124 x 36 mm

Please click following link for more details.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

1/144 SU-100 & SU-102 'Uralmesh' - CGD

1/144 SU-100 & SU-102 'Uralmesh' - CGD

Soviet Weaponry is often the poor relation in terms of 1/144, not only in aircraft but also armour. Even more so when presenting some of the more exotic or late planing items. The item presented here is more than just a paper panzer and was scheduled to enter full production, in which case it would been a tank killer with the job of hunting down those late ware German projects....

SU-101 / SU-192 - was an experimental vehicle designed by Uralmash design office in autumn 1944 to spring 1945 to replace the SU-100. Based on the T-44, it was special designed to deal with the ever increasing length of guns on vehicles to counter thick German armour, which make tank destroyers and self-propelled guns difficult to maneuver in cities. The tank had engine mounted sideways and in front, significantly shortened the overall length of the vehicle, which also provided additional protections for the crews. 

The crew compartment was also had more room for additional ammunition. The SU-101 carried an 100-mm D-10 tank gun. The SU-102 carried an 122-mm D-25-44S tank gun. The crew compartment has less room compared to the SU-101 because of the bigger gun and ammunition. Although successfully passed factory tests with high performances, it was not mass produced as WWII came to an end. A surviving vehicle was displayed in Kubinka Armor Museum, Russia.

(Read more: ... uction.htm

$19.90 SU-101
$19.90 SU-102

Available: November 2011
 From: CGD eBAY in both versions as:  SU-101  and SU-102

1/144 T-34(r) Flakpanzer - CGD

1/144 T-34(r) Flakpanzer  - CGD
The Germans were happy to reuse captured vehicles and armour in support of their forces and these were called "Buetepanzer's", although this could be dangerous it helped feed the insatiable demand the German war machine had when fighting on the Eastern Front. Although clearly this was not always popular with German soldiers who risked being attacked by their own comrades and the Luftwaffe...

Flakpanzer T-34(r) - or 2cm Flakvierling auf Fahrgestell T-34(r), was an interesting vehicle modified form Captured T-34 tank by the Germans. It was a field modification by Werkstattkompanie 653 using armor plates from damaged half-tracks. This vehicle provided anti air cover for the headquarter of schwere Heeres Panzerjaeger Abteilung 653 in early 1944.

(source :

The gun barrels can be elevated and turret transversed, and comes assembled and prepainted

Price: $19.90
Available November 2011
from CGD eBAY

Friday, November 25, 2011

1/144 F-86D Sabre 'Dog' - By OzMods

1/144 F-86D Sabre 'Dog' - By OzMods
Having gone a little quiet OzMods is back with a new kit to their line-up ,
the F-86D Sabre.

The kit contains one injection plastic kit, with clear injected plastic canopy, and also comes with decal options for two aircraft schemes:

97th FIS USAF (1954)
Yugoslavian Air force (1970s)

Price: Aus$ 14.95
Available: Now

Ozmods also do a interesting range of Aircraft 1.144 kits here

Yugoslavian markings for other aircraft can be found at Blue Rider and Lift Here!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1/144 Blue Impluse Acrobatic Series - F-Toys

1/144 JASDF Blue Impulse Acrobatic Team Series - F-Toys

The follow are google translated, so could contain anomalies?
  • F-86F Blue Impulse  @ 1961 ~ 1964 years
  • F-86F Blue Impulse @ 1961 ~ 1964 years
  • F-86F Blue Impulse @ 1964 to 1981
  • T-2 Blue Impulse @ 1982 to 1995
  • T-4 Blue Impulse Blue  1996-2000 (4 years) 
Available: January 2012?
Probably colour options?

Interestingly(?), Doyusha/Dragon will also be releasing a Blue Impulse  F-86 Series in Early 2012!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

1/144 Avro Lancaster - "Dambusters" - Amercom

1/144 Avro Lancaster B. MK.I  617 Squadron (RAF) "Dambusters" - Amercom

Amercom's next magazine tie up on the subject of the Avro Lancaster will come with an interesting version of the Lancaster. The Lancaster B. MK.I (special?) one of the variants used by 617 Squadron also known as the "Dambuster's", so it will be interesting to see if this version comes with the "bouncing bomb" or the "Tallboy" bomb? The removal of the mid turret and the fairing of the forward gun turret would infer that it should be the "Tallboy" option?
Released in Poland on 23rd November 2011.

Picture with permission of Inkub at at Miniwojna Blog
see also:

Next in Series: No. 8 - Dornier Do.17 (scale unconfirmed, available on 7th December 2011)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

1/144 Sea Planes (Military) Vol.2 - F-Toys Lineup

1/144 Sea Planes (Military) Vol.2 - F-Toys

The final lineup for the series has been revealed, i would expect the usual colour variations to also be forthcoming.

Available: 30th Janurary 2012

Image source:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1/144 Sea Planes (Military) Vol.2 - F-Toys

1/144 Sea Planes (Military) Vol.2 - F-Toys

As the text on the F-Toys blog states: It has been 6 Years since the original seaplane series that focused on the "Schneider Trophy", this new second series will focus  on 'Military Seaplanes'

The pictures here from the F-Toys Blog clearly show two Japanese aircraft, and whilst there will be more than enough IJN aircraft to fill F-Toys series lets hope there will be outsider...

"Items shown, appear to be Aichi E16A Zuiun "Paul" and the Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu "Rex" floatplane version of the Shiden"

Release Date "early 2012"

1/144 Sdkfz 247 Ausf.B - Waffen144

1/144 Sdkfz 247 Ausf.B - Waffen144
he Sd.Kfz. 247 had an open-topped, thinly-armored body placed on a wheeled chassis. It was unarmed as its six-man crew was not intended to fight. Rather it was intended for use by the commanders of motorcycle and motorized reconnaissance battalions, although neither version was fitted with any radios. Its armor was intended to stop 7.92-millimetre (0.312 in) armor-piercing bullets at ranges over 30 metres (33 yd). Photographic evidence shows some Ausf. B vehicles were retro-fitted with a star-shaped radio antenna, mounted inside the crew compartment, and an additional armor plate bolted to the lower glacis of the hull.

Ausf. B

Daimler-Benz built 58 of these in 1941—42 on a 4 x 4 heavy car chassis (s.Pkw. Typ 1c). The front-mounted engine was an 8-cylinder, 3.823 litres (233.3 cu in) Horch 3.5 petrol engine, giving it a road speed of 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph). It had a maximum range of 400 kilometres (250 mi).

For more information on Sd. Kfz. 247, visit the following:

Available: November 2011 (From Waffen14 Store)
Price: $17.60 USD


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

1/144 Grumman X-29 - Dragon

1/144 Grumman X-29 - Dragon

As part of the Warbirds collection, Dragon has produced a 1/144 scale model of the X-29. This item makes use of 100% new toolings, and it accurately reproduces the sleek shape of the experimental aircraft.

It is a shame that his is a prebuilt model and not a kit as per the recent X-1 and X-3, although the X-1 has been issued in both kit and built formats so there is a possibility.

As part of the USA’s experimental flight program, the X-29 first took to the air from Edwards Air Force Base on 14 December 1984. A total of two aircraft, based on Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter airframes, were produced and they flew in various tests up till 1991. The Grumman X-29’s key characteristics were forward-swept wings (at more than 33° angle), canard control surfaces and composite materials. The design was inherently unstable to increase its agility, so it utilized computerized fly-by-wire controls that could make 40 corrections per second while flying at a maximum speed of Mach 1.8.

Available: November 2011
Price: ?

1/144 F-4EJ Phantom JASDF - Tomytec Gimix

On Fumis blog is a series of images of the the upcoming F-4EJs by Tomytecs GiMix Range!

As Tomytech "Series F-Tech Aircraft first of MIX 4" has been posted on the Tomytec SiteL

AC101. F-305 squadron 4EJ
AC102. F-301 of the squadron breaks 4EJ
AC103. RF-501 squadron 4E
AC104. RF-501 squadron 4EJ

see official page: ... 27_01.html

Available: January 2012 will be released.
Cost: 2,520 yen each.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

1/144 Mig-21 MF -

Eduard Super44 Series  (Eduard eStore)
See previous post on KG144 (here)

It will then also be available in November(2011) as a ProfiPACK or new " Super44" series Dual Combo kit (

Over #58 Sprue and build photos are available at

Eduard Facebook Mig-21

The detailing looks nice, and if the "Super44" series = "a 1/144 Series" then it could be an interesting time next year for a range of new Eduard Quality kits?

Price: 17,50 Euro
Available: Now, (from Eduard and usual stockists)

1/144 Panzer Depot Releases

British Matilda MK II
The Infantry Tank Mark II known as the Matilda II (sometimes referred to as Matilda senior or simply an 'I' tank) was a British infantry tank of the Second World War. It was also identified from its General Staff Specification A12.

It served from the start of the war to its end and became particularly associated with the North Africa Campaign. It was replaced in service by the Infantry Tank Mk III Valentine.

When the earlier Infantry Tank Mark I which was also known as "Matilda" was removed from service the Infantry Tank Mk II simply became known as the Matilda.

Matilda MK II (green) $18.80
Matilda MK II (desert)$18.80
Matilda MK II (camo) $19.80

Italian AB41
The Autoblinda 41 (AB 41) was an Italian armored car in use during World War II. It was armed with a 20 mm Breda 35 autocannon and a coaxial 8mm machine gun in a turret similar to the one fitted to the Fiat L6/40, and another hull mounted rear-facing 8mm machine gun.

AB41 (yellow) $15.80
AB41 (camo) $16.80

Available: Now
For details please visit
 Online shop:

Monday, November 07, 2011

Early Preview of

Miniwings upcoming kits, preview.

See how good I am to you! Here are the latest prototypes for the next series of releases for Miniwings.

 SAAB 32 Lansen , looks particiluary sleek and exciting and would look good against the Hawker Hunter that also served with the Swedish.

This aircraft was designed to replace the old Turboprop aircraft in service with the Swedish airforce (Flygvapnet). Swedish Air Force requirements for the P1150 were demanding: the aircraft had to be able to attack anywhere along Sweden's 1,245 miles (2000 km) of coastline within one hour of launch from a central location. It had to be capable of being launched in any weather, day or night. Special attention was to be paid to integrating the electronics and weapons systems to create the equivalent of today's weapons systems approach to combat aircraft design. The aircraft was to be armed with four 20 mm cannons, rockets, bombs and/or a new anti-ship missile being developed, the Rb 04. The design team created a sleek airframe with clean lines powered by a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon Series 100

The AVRO CF-100 'Canuck', another great fighter from the Canadian stables before the American mega corporations squeezed the life from them.

In the early 1950s, Canada needed an all-weather interceptor (fighter) able to patrol the vast areas of Canada's north and operate in all weather conditions. The two-seat fighter crewed by a pilot and navigator, was designed with two powerful engines and an advanced radar and fire control system housed in its nose that enabled it to fly in all-weather or night conditions.Design of the XC-100 to meet a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) specification for an all-weather fighter was initiated at Avro Canada in October 1946. Chief Engineer Edgar Atkin's work on the CF-100 was subsequently passed to John Frost formerly of de Havilland who, along with Avro's Chief Aerodynamacist Jim Chamberlin, reworked the original fuselage design.

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver, well a man can never have to much of a good thing...
An interesting choice given its military service, however it should mean some interesting decal options?

The de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a single-engined, high-wing, propeller-driven, STOL aircraft developed by de Havilland Canada, primarily known as a bush plane. It is used for cargo and passenger hauling, aerial application (crop dusting and aerial topdressing), and has been widely adopted by armed forces as a utility aircraft. The United States Army purchased several hundred; nine DHC-2s are still in service with the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) for search and rescue. A Royal New Zealand Air Force Beaver supported Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition to the South Pole. 

1/144 Douglas X-3 Stiletto -Dragon

1/144 Douglas X-3 Stiletto, Edwards AFB (Contain 2 replicas)

Continuing on with Dragon Warbird’s collection of experimental aircraft is a 1/144 scale model of the X-3 jet aircraft. Developed by Douglas Aircraft Company from 1949 onwards, the sleek X-3 Stiletto was designed for sustained supersonic speeds. The X-3 employed titanium and low-aspect ratio wings, and the first prototype was delivered in September 1952, with the first flight occurring the following month. Eventually a total of 51 X-3 flights took place

 The Dragon Warbirds model captures perfectly the sleek lines of this experimental design, and two complete 1/144 scale models are included in the set. One model is a fully finished replica while the other has transparent exterior parts that reveal some of the craft’s innards.

Format: 2x Kits
Available: December 2011
Price: tbc?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dameya 1/144 on Shapeways

Dameya 1/144 on Shapeways

Many of you will know Dameya's kits and models from the posts on this blog, the galleries from the various Project144 show reports, and also HLJ.

In order to take advantage of modern methods Dameya has branched out into opening a Shapeways store to allow the wider production and distribution of his items in 1/144. In the past is has been traditional for 3D printing in Japan to be confined to the production of masters for subsequent casting in resin. Dameya is looking to try alternatives to this and therefore is taking up the established Shapeways concept and making the 3D printing options available directly to his customers.

Dameya's releases have been designed with production with Shapeways "Fine Ultra Detail" material in minf and are therefore also very detailed.

Although more are planned, the current releases form Dameya are:

The American Super heavy Tank T95 
The German  sd.kfz.4/1 15cm Panzerwerfer 42
The German  sd.kfz.4/1 15cm Munitions Carrier

Available: Now
From: Dameya Shapeways Store