Friday, January 24, 2014

1/144 Nieuport N.17 (Dual Combo) - Valom

1/144 Nieuport N.17 (Dual Combo) - Valom
Valom have released another 'combo kit' into their WWI range, another widely service aircraft in the form of the Nieuport N.17 a development of the N.11

Available: Jan 2014

Valom Website:

Upcoming kits in 1/144 from Valom
Albatros D.V (Dual Combo)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

1/144 Ju-87G 'Stuka' DUAL COMBO SUPER44 - Eduard

1/144 Junkers Ju 87G 'Stuka' DUAL COMBO SUPER44 - Eduard

Not much information at the moment, probably just a reissue with two in a box rather than a remold?
Interesting strategy though, having let Mark 1 models re-issue their old back catalogue 109s & 190s Eduard then choose to reissue their Ju087s themselves?

Release Date: March 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/144 MAZ-541 Heavy Duty Tractor - Armory (Update)

1/144 MAZ-541 Heavy Duty Tractor - Armory (update!)

I can't quite work out if it looks like something from a Gerry Anderson Series such as Thunderbirds, or a squashed American Hot-Rod?

Anyway, this beast is a 38 Litre V-12 4x4 Heavy Duty Tractor, with 3 seats and dual driving positions!

It is a kit, not a solid built piece and comprises resin body, internals, steering wheels and road wheels; clear vacform windows; plus a sheet of PE detailing for the grill work.( see KG144BBS for more info)

My only gripe is it does not appear to have any glazing and has solid windows?

Image and data source:

Friday, January 03, 2014

Revell 2014 1/144 Releases

Revell 2014 1/144 Releases 

04879 Eurofighter 2-Seat (new mould) 06/2014
04885 Boeing 747-8F Cargolux (variant) 05/2014
04859 Airbus A400M (new mould) 08/2014

05019 U-212A (reissue) 02/2014
05123 LSM (Landing Ship Medium) inkl. Trucks, Sherman  und M8 Armoured Car(new mold) 08/2014
05213 Harbour Tug Boat “Fairplay I, III, X, XIV” (new mold) 09/2014

04544 Space Shuttle (reissue) 01/2014
04909 Saturn V Rocket (reissue) 02/2014
04911 Shuttle Launch Tower + Space Shuttle und Booster (reissue) 03/2014


incidently, Model Stories has an 'out the box' on the  Revell 04842 1/144 Spaceship Two & Whiteknight Two kit: