Thursday, October 28, 2010

1/144 F-2 A/B - Fighter Aircraft Series 17 by Doyusha / Dragon

1/144 F-2 A/B - Fighter Aircraft Series 17 by Doyusha / Dragon

More F-2 A/Bs............., and there not even colourful!?

Available: November 2010
Price: 600 Yen

1/144 J-wings Vol.5 by Algernon

Algernon have officially confirmed the J-Wings Vol.5 Military Aircraft Series and it will be safe to say they will please :
a) Fans of the J-Wings and the JASDF
b) Insomniacs

Perhaps a little unfair, as the E-2C will interest a few people as this does look a nice looking aircraft that should appeal?

The line-up of J-Wings Vol.5 is as below, or can be seen here: , and


The items will be avialble in the colours announced today, and then it gets a little complex.

1)There will be some mystery colour options for the aircraft show, with the possibility of series special, or series special colour options.
2) There apears to be Three additional "Limited" editions, its not clear if we will see a repeat of the "Alpha" and "Bravo" style releases, or "CCW/CAG" style repaint mini series of 2009?

Available: January 2011
Price : 600Yen (each)

With the coming JASDF series from F-Toys (J3/JSp),Algernon (JW5), Doyusha (*16/17) & Tomytec(G3) we will be subject to a Tsunami of JASDF! - Thanks heavens some Tomytec FW-190s will be arriving soon!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

1/144 JU-88 Mistel Kit G-1 for FW-190

1/144 JU-88 G-1 Mistel Kit for FW-190 (Ref# P-90002)

Although being sold by ekidult on Ebay, there is a suspicion that these is this is a form of releasing the Aviation Model Mistel as it shares the same reference serial as the AM FW-190?

The kit com with enough components to build a complete aircraft with a number of options based substitution of the aircraft nose.

Without doubt you will be able to build the JU-88 G-1 version with BMW201 (as supplied)

The kit however is an nice looking and is well formed. It will look good when completed and an interesting subject for a diorama or shelf display.

Whilst intended for a Fw-190 (not supplied) you maybe be able to adapt for others?

It comes with a range of nose (2x warheads and 1x cockpit), so you will have some spare parts........

Based upon the input from Petersplanes on KG144 BBS if you buy some additional F-Toys Ju-88's you can build arange of Mistels - I recommend looking at John's Mistel Site for options?

Available: Now (ekidult on Ebay)
Price $65

Photos, with permisison PBhawkins

1/144 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X - Peters Planes

1/144 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X - Peters Planes

With the exception of the DH-98 De Havilland 'Mosquito' then the vast array British and Commonwealth twin engined aircraft have been overlooked by the major players except Altaya/Ixo. I think that this under represented group of twine engined British aircraft are about to gain a great boost if Petersplanse continues with these selections.

This kits provides you with the ability to build the Beaufigther and man of its permutations, there is a great oppertunity to obtain a nice looking kit with fine detailing and a great form.

It s a nicely moulded kit with well defined and well formed items, with just the right amount of parts to balance the level of detail and challange for a weekend build. It will provide a nice kit for those modellers just startingout on resin kits, but also come with enough remodelling options and varient that an more experience modeller wull have a lot of fun considering and building someof the the more challenging combinations.

So we arrive at the Beaufighter , and it comes not only with the more familiar Beaufighter round necalled Hercules engine, but the also the school boys favourite Merlin engines (both with metal props) and a option for radome on the nose.

An an underslung 21" Torpedo is also provided!

Available: November 2010 or ebay now
Prices: (its gets a bit complicated!)

Kit Type:
For Resin Kit and Vac form Canopies (A$ 25) For Resin Kit and Resin Canopies (A$ 25)

An additional option is, the "Merlin Pack" for (A$5), consists:
Two Merlin engines, two wings to convert, a vacformed Bouton Paul turret and two white metal props to make either the Mk.IIf or Mk.V

Decal Options:
Choose 1x Aircraft at order (A$ 2) or Decal Sheet for ALL 30x aircraft options (A$ 35)

HD images:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Decals

1/144 Churchill ARK I & II - CGD

1/144 British WWII Churchill ARK I & II (Armoured Ramp Carrier)

The ARK was a member of "Hobart's Funnies" which took part in the Normandy landing in 1944. They were used as an mobile ramp. Usually the whole vehicle was driven into a ditch or river so that other tanks could drive over it to climb over escarpment or cross river.

This kit contains optional parts for building either an ARK I OR an Ark II model.

The ARK I & II ramps are snap-on pieces and can be swapped with ease. The ramp panel and cable support is also snap-on and can be raised or lowered at will

Only ONE chassis is provided .

Available: October 2010
Price : $18 USD
Source: CGD Shop

Friday, October 22, 2010

1/144 Bachem Ba349A "Natter" - by Foxone

1/144 Bachem Ba-349A "Natter"- by Foxone

Foxone has released his latest kit. A great reproduction of the Bachem 'Natter' rocket fighter, designed as a short range 'point defence' of key infrastructure such as factories or cities in a bid to stop the Allied bombers.

As with a lot of the late war German products it is an interesting item for us historically, but useless in it time. Perhaps, resources assigned to building more conventional fighters may have been a better tactic?

The Foxone kit is supplied with a reduced number of parts for easier Assembly, and and included a launch gantry that will greatly help the reproduction of a nice diorama and display!

See the development of the kit -here-

I am liking this alot!

Available: "coming soon"
Price: 2000 Yen

Order page:

1/144 VK3001 12.8cm SPG - Panzer Depot

1/144 VK3001 12.8cm SPG by Panzer Depot

The 12.8 cm Selbstfahrlafette auf VK3001(H) "Sturer Emil" was an experimental World War II German self-propelled anti-tank gun.

Two chassis were produced called one 'Max' the other 'Moritz'. both of which served on the Eastern Front, One vehicle was destroyed, the other captured at Stalingrad in January 1943

It was based on the Henschel VK3001 chassis and armed with a Rheinmetall 12.8 cm K L/61 gun (based on the 12.8 cm FlaK 40).

Available: October 2010

VK3001 Camo - $18.80
VK3001 Grey - $17.80

For details please visit our Website:
our online shop:

1/144 CH-47J/D GiMix by Tomtec

1/144 CH-47J/D GiMix by Tomtec, the new series of high quality Tomytec

Helicopter series first step, the world's leading transport helicopter CH-47!
- Pre-painted pilot, two figures included
- Opening cargo ramp
- Twin Powered motor option available (seperate)

① HC01 Helicopter CH-47J 1 (Kisaradu) 106 Squadron
② HC02 Corps CH-47J JASDF helicopter airlift Haruhi
③ HC03 air corps helicopter CH-47J JASDF Iruma 50th anniversary paint JASDF
④ HC04 U.S. Army CH-47D

Available: January 2011
Price: 2,130 Yen each.

Source: niitakayama Tomytec

1/144 P.1000 LandKreuzer RATTE - Matsuo Kasten

How is a your bank account feeling? Matuso Kasten is to produce a limited edition 1/144 P.1000 LandKreuzer RATTE for the Wonder Fest 2011 (winter) - yes, I know its a long time away - but expect it to be price tag to match the monster tank!

The price is unknown - but 150,000+ yen could be expected?????
Available: Feb/Mar 2011

PS: there are to build a Vomag, but I would recommend the Kampfgruppe144 Black Label Vomag! ;o)

Matsuo Kasten - Info Here

1-144 JASDF Vol.3 - F-TOYS

F-Toys are to issues the 1/144 JASDF Vol.3 Set, it will consist of the following items:


It is my guess that these will come with the usual alternate colours and series special (unkown at this time)

There are more pictures of these and pack shots in the Tokyo Hobby Show 2010 Links #1 #2

Available: December 2010
Cost: 475 Yen each item

1/144 F-Toys JASDF (Limited Edition)

F-Toys are to issues another 1/144 JASDF Set, this time a "Limited Edition" followin on from the main JASDF Vol.3 issue!


Its not clear if these will come with the usual alternate colours or series special, butyou can always hope!? There are more pictures of these and pack shots in the Tokyo Hobby Show 2010 Links #1 #2

Available: December 2010
Cost: 475 Yen each item

Tokyo Hobby Show - The Links

It has now been a week since the Tokyo Hooby show and a selection of links area now available, ranging froma 1001 photos of all kinds to specific 1/144 collections!

I provide you with a summary of the best links here:

ミリタリー雑想録 blog

8-bee forum

MYK Decal

Niitakayama Blog

Mega Photo Album (all scales & subjects)

Friday, October 15, 2010

1/144 88mm Flak Sd.KFz VOMAG - Kampfgruppe144 Release

1/144 Kampfgruppe144
Black Label Series
88mm Flak (Motorised) Sd.Kfz “VOMAG” [early version]

This is a new issue 1/144 88mm Flak (Motorised) Sd.Kfz “VOMAG” from the new Kampfgruppe144 Black Label Series.
Manufactured for Kampfgruppe144 (UK) by CGD(HK) .
click here to purchase [ ebay ]

This is the first in a range of new and previously unissued 1/144 minitures, I hope that you will find the designs interesting and note worthy.

I have entered into a maufacturing and distribution partnership with CGD to ensure that the most efficient use of the 3D Printing and design techniques are used, and that items are shipped quicky and efficiently!

Available: 16th October
Price: 19 USD (Grey) + shipping
[ ebay ]
Exclusive distributor: CGD

The VOMAG is one of the most interesting vehicles in the inventory of Wehrmacht in WWII. It was not as some think a ‘paper panzer’, but a real operational vehicle that saw action across Europe.

The development of the VOMAG is an interesting one, based upon the Vogtländische Maschinenfabrik AG (VOMAG) design for the Büssing NAG 900L. The chassis had three axles, two of which were driven, and was powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine that was capable of reaching 90 km / h. (55 mph).

It was armed with the 88mm Flak 18, but with barrel from the Flak 36.
“Arguably, making it the original and most fearsome ‘monster truck’.....!?”

The Vomag served exclusively with the original Wehrmacht unit of the Führerbegleitbrigade (FBB: Führer escort brigade). It was highly mobile and easy to deploy to ‘hot spots’ across Germany and Occupied Europe. Notable engagements where the defence of German cities against Allied bombing, protection duties at Hitlers HQ the Wolf's Lair (Wolfsschanze) near Rastenburg, before the destruction of the units in February 1945 during the siege of Budapest.

This miniature has a range of interesting and unique features
1. Optional parts (included) to built the VOMAG in transportation mode or firing mode. 2. Elevating gun. 3. Gun transverses 360 degrees. 4. Digitally mastered and produced using state of the art 3D printing technology. 5. Made with strong and flexible nylon material, extremely durable. 6. Individually hand painted and weathered.

source: KG144BB, CGD

All Japan Model Hobby Show

Photographs used with permission of Mr Yamada of MYK Decal.
More photos can be seen here:
See also:

It looks like an exciting season ahead (and bank breaking)
I cant remember when I had some many aircraft to report in one day!

Tomytec Gimix Series - Tomy have gone crazy with new announcments:
1) the F-15 Series 03 that we all know about about!
2) the Fw-190 display series we also was aware that was coming.
3) new images of the CH-47 Gimix series - this looks more definate now
possibly with accessories : sound module(?) + Desktop Flyer !
4) the suspected reissue of Wings of Luftwaffe 109s? (new paints - see Romanian 109!)
5) UH-1H/J - Bell UH-1 Iroquois

F-Toys - JASDF Series 3
F-85D, T-4 & U125

F-Toys - JASDF Limited Edition!
F-86, F-4, & F-2?

Pit-Road - are showing their new kits
1) Sprue shots of the Eurofighter Typhoon
2) T-50 PAK-FA - Russian advanced fighter
3) TSR.2 - with payload images
4) more J-35F
5) F-35A and F-35B STOVL Joint Strike Fighter

Doyusha / Dragon - various
1) F-2 Series
2) T-4 Series

1/144 Battle of Europe Decals - MYK Decal

MYK Decals of "Battle for Europe":

MYK have quietly launched a new range of intersting decals for this years Stuka & Spitfire releases. These are high decals and not the cheaper ALPS decals, highly recommended.

New decals released for the
1) Ju-87 Stuka "Eastern Front" Series
2) Ju-87 Stuka "Hans-Ulrich Rudel"(+FW-190D)
3) Spitfire Mk.V "British Aces"
4) Spitfire Mk.V "Commonwealth Aces"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1/144 Rafale B conversion Set (Tiger Meet) - Senworks

This October comes the long awaited reissue of the Senworks Rafale B conversion Set for the Revell 1/144 kit. New moulds were made which allow a more precise and less work-intensive casting, but the most important improvement is the all new decalsheet which now allows to build up the faboulous Nato Tigermeet ’09 painting!

The conversion consists of a sprue of resin parts, and an interesting decal sheet.
Although not clear from the photographs, this conversion kit comes with Vac-form canopies

This conversion will be PRE-ORDER ONLY, so contact Senworks now!

see: Senworks

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1/144 Galaxy C-5M & Sentinel R.1 - Anigrand

1/144 Raytheon Sentinel R.1 (RAF)

Airborne Stand-Off radar system

(for this price, i would expect a number of [British/RAF] bonus craft!!??)

Available: October 2010

Unit price: US$78 / International shipping: US$12

Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy

Redefining strategic airlift

(curiously, not the most expensive anigrand kit!)

Bonus Items Left to Right:

1. Fairchild T-46

3. O-2 Skymaster

Available: December 2010

Unit price: US$118 / International shipping: US$22

Also: 1/72 Galaxy C-5A !

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

1/144 Boeing B-54A Ultrafortress - Anigrand

Boeing B-54A Ultrafortress Final variation of the B-29 Superfortress

Green Dragon suggests the bonus items are:
Douglas F6D Missileer, Northrop YF-17 and McDonnell XHJD-1 Whirlaway

If your interested in big American bombers, then this is the one for you!

Available: now
Price: $88 + $14 shipping

1/144 Fighter Collection No.16 - Doyusha (update)

Modern Fighter Collection No.16 (F-15J, F-4E Kai, T-4)

Items 4 & 5 are not the same....., look very closely at the nose markings!

1. F-15J Eagle 22-8935 303 Squadron Unit
2. F-4EJ Kai Phantom II 302 Squadron No. 77-8401
3. F-4EJ Kai Phantom II 302 Squadron No. 87-8415
4. T-31 training squadron No. 86-5611 4
5. T-32 training squadron No. 26-5682 No. 4
6. T-4 13th Flying Training Wing No. 76-5759
This time there seems to be SPECIAL.

Available: 25 October 2010
Price: 600 yen each item

Source: niitakayama & Doyusha & 8-bee

Friday, October 01, 2010

1/144 Landwasserschlepper I - by CGD

"Land Water Tractor" or LWS was an unarmed amphibious tractor prototyped in 1940 originally intended for Operation Sealion.

A handful were built, but difficulties in production prevent implementation.

The LWS I entered service in 1942 and was used in Russia and North Africa.
In 1944 a completely new design (LWS II) based on Panzer IV was introduced.

The LWS remained in service untill the end of the war.

Available: Preorder@CGD (prepainted)
Cost: $16.90 USD

more info Webshots! , Achtung Panzer & WW2inColor