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First World War Aircraft in Scale: Scratchbuilding in 1/144 Scale


First World War Aircraft in Scale: Scratchbuilding in 1/144 Scale

Will a member of the forum is proud to present this amazing publication show casing his skills./

examples of the content of this book can be seen Otto Kissenberth's Pfalz D.IIIa from Jasta 23b
The level of scratch building extends even to such areas as wire spoked wheels, demonstrating his skill and determination: Spoked Wheels

First World War Aircraft in Scale: Scratchbuilding in 1/144 Scale
Edited by: William Adair 

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A masterclass in scratchbuilding and fine-scale modelmaking techniques, dedicated to 1/144 scale aircraft of the First World War.

  • The first book of its kind to focus exclusively on 1/144 scale First World War aircraft

  • The author adapts old techniques and devises new ways to create exquisite miniatures of well-known historic aircraft

  • Includes six individual projects crafted entirely by hand, with each step carefully explained and illustrated

  • Packed full of tips, advice and outstanding photographs

Featuring beautifully illustrated chapters on specific aircraft such as the Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2b, Airco DH.2 and Pfalz D.III, First World War Aircraft in Scale takes the reader from the initial inspiration and planning stages of scratchbuilding, all the way to cockpit detailing and the fine-tuning of engines and armaments.

William Adair brings his skills as a jewellery maker and gold and silversmith to the art of scale modelling, presenting easy-to-follow solutions for creating components such as struts, rigging, and assembly jigs, as well as specialised finishing techniques developed for small scales. Further tips are given on painting, weathering, creating custom markings, national insignia, and much more, as well as recommendations on tools, references and materials.

BOOK ISBN9781781559253
FORMAT235 x 165 mm
PAGES192 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS266 colour illustrations

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