Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1/144 Tanks - By New Millenium Toys - "Reissued/Repainted #2"

While these have not been seen to the large extend of the previous series in wal-mart, there does appear to be the potential for another "pre" or "post" series of the new millenium tanks.
They are the same models, but with a different paint schemes!
I know many people would have liked to have seen a completely new range of models produced we must be postitive about the potential for a new edition!
maybe next time there will be some new model designs?
Strangely this "new" series of repainted items was seen not in "Wal-Mart" but in "Kaybee" stores, this is further interesting as it "New Millenium Toys " should be a "Wal-Mart" Brand!?
"The Panzer (IV) is tan with a darker shade airbrushed on the skirts.
The Panther, Tiger, & KingTiger all have a 3 color camo (tan, brown & green).
2 of these also sported small tan dots as part of the camo. "
The Sherman is now seen above in the new colour scheme.
The M18 is a slightly different shade of olive drab with differient "white star" markings"
Many Thanks to "soxpicks" for this information?


Willkiller said...

I have seen the following a a Walmart in IL, Panzer(IV), Panther, Tiger, & KingTiger, having not seen them before wanted to know what else was out there or coming in this line.

bluedonkey99 said...


its is curently not clear if or what may be coming out in the future.

the original series came from nowhere and these odd second series (same items as the first but different paint schemes) thay popped up in Kaybee toys was equally unexpected.

the items you list are the german forces, along side these are the M18 and the Sherman.

we are hoping that the product range will be expanded, but sadly can not give you any further news or hope at this time!

Unknown said...

Can you please tell me if and how it is possible to remove the "New Millennium Toys" vehicles from their display stand without breaking anything?

bluedonkey99 said...


I dont have one with me at the moment, however it is either a "twistie" or screw.

many others do actually use them for gaming, as i presume you are investigating the possibility of?

good luck


Dave Beatty said...

Any recent word on these being reissued? I'd really like to see them put out some T34s. They were all pulled from WalMart when the lead problem hit a couple of years ago.

bluedonkey99 said...

I'm not aware of any plans to rerelease.

Unknown said...

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