Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Takara / Kaiyodo + WTM = "Coming to America" (updated)

There is increasing discussion sourrounding the potential release 'later this year' .
Details are a still a bit vauge, however.... it is thought that initially WTM 07 and then WTM 08 will be released. It is not know if these will be released as "World Tank Museum" or under another brand.
This has been done before with limted distribution in Europe before where ABYSSE Corporation has sold WTM "VS" Series and some WTM 03 under the "Panzer Squadron" branding - this included a set or series of wargaming rules too!
It is thought that the branding might be "Battle of Kursk" etc for WTM 07?
While it is not clear how these items will be packaged - in that Dragon produced the range in "blind" packs for the Japanese market and for america the are carded blister packs with bonus diorama cases. It is not known how the Takara packages will be sold.
The final piece of interest is that these are expected to be sold in both "Single" item packs and "mulitpacks" of upto 5 items for "platoons" - at present it is not clear what the selling price will be for the single or mulitpacks (or what price advantage the mulitpacks will have)
It is thought that the company distributing these products in the USA will be "ACD Distribution" whose site can be found : - There is no information available on the site, but I figure if you are a genuine retailer in the USA you may wish to express your interest?


Anonymous said...

The link seems wrong. opens to a educational portal for finding universities and such. Can you please repost the correct URL?

Thanks for the updates!! We're starving here in America for WTM vehicles.

bluedonkey99 said...

sorry, looks like I had finger trouble.

I have updated the link.