Friday, October 27, 2006

1/144 Pegasus/Trumpeteer Figurer Sets

1/144 Pegasus/Trumpeteer Figure Sets
10x Figure per Set
$6 per set
available now! (OCtober 2006)

WWII - German
??where are the British + Empire Troops??
??Where are the Japanese troops??
Modern - US NATO
Modern - US Desert

Finally, after being announced at a toy fair in Germany in Feburary 2006, it appears the Pegasus (USA) or Trumpeteer (Global) 1/144 troops are finaly available!!
see here for original report - also

also note; these have been in the planning since 2004!?

other vendors are available!!

mine have been on back-order here for ages:

updated: here is a picture of the blister packs!

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