Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1/144 Tornado "Gulf War I" Decals - Kits World

1/144 Tornado "Gulf War I" Decals - Kits World
A new release of decals for 1/144 Tornado kits, featuring operational schemes from a number of jets participation in  Operation "Granby" which formed part of the coalition led Desert Storm operation.

Includes full colour decals, and layout charts.

So, if you like RAF Tornadoes due to their active use on operations, then you'll like these particular examples as seen on "BBC News 24"....

See the Kits World site for photo images of the actual combat aircraft! [ link ]

KW144015 Desert Storm 'Set 1'
GR1B – ‘Foxy Killer’ FK, ZA465 16 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Debbie’ - ‘Snoopy Airways’ DD, ZD790 31 Squadron Bahrain 1991.
GR4 – ‘Cherry Lips’ CL, ZD850 2 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Helen – Snoopy Airways’ HH, ZD892 617 Squadron Maharraq 1991. 
See Kits World  [ link ]

KW144016 Desert Storm 'Set 2'
GR4 – ‘Nikki – Nora Batty – Snoopy Airways’ NN, ZA491 20 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Gulf Killer’ GK, ZA452 20 Squadron Tabuk 1991 
GR4 – ‘Mig Eater’ EA, ZA447 15 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
GR4 – ‘Alarm Belle AB, ZD746 9 Squadron Tabuk 1991. 
See Kits World [ link ]

Price 7.99 GBP


ucas said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life...


Woit said...

Great news! I looking for old Matchbox set with this decals but now Kits World offers us much more option. Great, really great info!!!