Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/144 US M6A2E1 - CGD

1/144 US M6A2E1 - CGD

M6A2E1 - M6 was a heavy tank developed by the US during WWII after seeing the success of tank deployment by the Germans. Although the M6 was developed with heavy armour and slightly powerful gun, the US Armored Corps prefered the Sherman instead for its reliability, cheaper in cost and ease to transport. The M6 suffered from a high silhouette, awkward internal layout and reliability problems.

Only 4 units were produced and they never left the US. One prototype was used to produce a 77 ton tank with thicker glacis armour and fitted with a turret designed for the T29 heavy tank, armed with a 105mm gun. It was designated M6A2E1.

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