Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1/144 F-35A Lightning II - Doyusha

1/144 F-35A Lightning II - Doyusha 

More F-35s this time from Doyusha, not the most interesting of collections. The demonstrator has some colour, the rest are fairly derivative.


Expected Release: 23rd April  2013


John Haverstock said...

Anything new is most welcome, but I could sure use some another run of their F-4EJs. I'm out!

Admiree said...

There is F35A 1:144 by F-toys and then F35A by Doyusha.. do someone had them both covered in review ?

I had seen some photos about F-35A from F-toys weaponry ( 1 bomb and 1 missile in the inner bay ) but i haven't see any Doyusha's armament.. are they include it or not