Friday, May 24, 2013

1/144 Dornier Do-27 - Miniwing

1/144 Dornier Do-27 - Miniwing
This latest release from Miniwing brings us a nice little light utility aircraft that has been widely used by military forces around the world. Also of interest, is regard as the first mass produced aircraft by German industry following the WWII at around 630 aircraft. Notable (or infamous?) users as covered by one of the decal schemes were the Portuguese with their retreat from empire colonial wars of the of 60s. It would appear that Miniwing have stayed away from the playful Zebra scheme as used by naturalist and campaigner Bernhard Grzimek who contributed to the Serengeti National Park being created!

The kit conforms to the Miniwing signature format and feel being cleanly cast and no obvious air bubbles, panel lines on fuselage are finely cast and provide a good balance between finesse and detailing.

This kit comes with two schemas:
Bundesmarine,  MFG-5 Kiel-Holtnau, January 1967
Força Aérea Portuguesa, Nambuangongo, Angola 1968

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