Friday, September 13, 2013

1/144 RetroWings - Detail Sets

1/144 RetroWings - Detail Sets 
Retro Kit has expanded its RetroWings detailing set to bring you a new set of cockpit detailing:

RW44050 - F-104 Cockpit Detail Set (for Revell Kits)
RW44055 - Harrier GR.7 / AV-8B Cockpit Details (for Revell Kits)

RW44052 - F-5E Cockpit Detail Set (for Dragon Kits)
RW44053 - F-5F Cockpi Detail Set (for Dragon Kits)

RW44049 - Ju-87 Stuka Cockpit Details Sets (for Eduard Kits)
RW44046 - P-51D cockpit Detail Set (for Platz Kits)

RW44051 - MiG-25 Cockpit Detail Set for (for LS MiG-25 Kit)
RW44026 - KM-1/-1M Ejection Sits - (for Eduard MiG-21 Kits)

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