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1/144 Ju-52 Decals by Print Scale

1/144 Ju-52 Decals by Print Scale
I thought I had featured this company before, maybe it was on the KG144 BBS?
Print Scale Decals based in Russia are quietly expanding their range of 1/144 decals and are definitely worth a strong consideration when it comes to deciding what scheme you are going to paint your next kit or repaint and existing gashapon! The review for the larger scales are positive and their use of colour and registration id well executed.

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1. Ju 52/3m, D-ALYL (ex-OE-LAR), serial number 5180, Berlin 1936, Lufthansa

2. Ju 52/3m,22-59, Grupo de Bombardeo Nocturno 1-G-22, Spain 1937

3. Ju 52/3m, 2nd snd squadron of 1/KGzbV.I, Southern Greece, May 1941

4. Ju 52/3m g4e, 4U+NH, allocated to 2. (F)/123,Derna, Northern Africa, June 1941

5. Ju 52/3m g7e, 4V+HL, 3./kgRZBV 9, Eastern Front, 1941

6. Ju 52/3m, 4V+HY/3, of 14./TG 3, Stalingrad, winter 1942-43

7. Ju.52/3m, 6th squadron of II/TG.2, Mediterranean, 1943

8. Among the Ju 52/3m g7es assigned to the VII. Fliegerkorps (7th Air Corps) was this aircraft (V1+LP). The Corps operated on the Eastern Front during the winter of 1943-44

9. Ju.52/3m 102/1. No. S.207 This aircraft was shot down by Frantisek Kiprich of mixed-level near the village Radvan 2nd September 1944 Junkers crew: pilot - fhdgy George Gach, co-pilot Nandor Vermes, Imre Matslagi radio operator, flight engineer Laszlo Tseki (the only one who died.)

Print Scale also do 1/144 scale decals for the:
FW-190, Ju-87, PBY Catalina

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