Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/144 MAZ-541 Heavy Duty Tractor - Armory (Update)

1/144 MAZ-541 Heavy Duty Tractor - Armory (update!)

I can't quite work out if it looks like something from a Gerry Anderson Series such as Thunderbirds, or a squashed American Hot-Rod?

Anyway, this beast is a 38 Litre V-12 4x4 Heavy Duty Tractor, with 3 seats and dual driving positions!

It is a kit, not a solid built piece and comprises resin body, internals, steering wheels and road wheels; clear vacform windows; plus a sheet of PE detailing for the grill work.( see KG144BBS for more info)

My only gripe is it does not appear to have any glazing and has solid windows?

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