Saturday, June 14, 2014

1/44 McDonnell Phantom - Operation "Limey Rhino"

1/44 Phantom - Operation "Limey Rhino"  

A project is in progress to produce the RAF variant  MD Phantoms with Spey engines and other RAF options, with the involvement of John Haverstock the man whose mission to create and model a 1/144 phantoms of every type,  period, configuration and colour would put a Japanese Zero collector to shame as last i heard his collection was in excess of 200 items... - it should be good!

Both the FG.1 and the FGR.2 will be available as a basic and a 'deluxe" kit. The deluxe kit will have some optional features that the basic kit wont have.

Neither will be cheap, The FG.1 and FGR.2 will likely only be the first of the Phantom "super kits" that this designer will produce. (plans exist to produce a YF4H-1, an RF-4B,C,E and an RF-4X.)

The kit will have options of gear up, in flight or on the ground landing gear struts, early and late vertical tails, a clear one piece canopy, open or closed radome, and the typical boom stuff found on British Phantoms including SNEB rocket pods!

The FG.1 will have the extended for take off nose gear strut, launch lugs and non slotted stabilators. The FGR.2 will have slotted stabs and no launch lugs.

The Deluxe kits will also have a full cockpit, four piece canopy, boarding ladders, optional position outer wing panels, flaps, ailerons, speed brakes and refueling probe.

The basic and deluxe kits both will have all four aux air doors open.

Alps printed decals available for both the FG.1 and FGR.2

Release: "Coming soon"


John Haverstock said...

The deluxe version is available now from C2D:

The price indicates about $75 US$, hold off ordering because this price isn't right. The designer is addressing this with C2D and should have it fixed soon. The basic model(that's the one I'm opting for...) isnt listed yet, but should be available very soon as well. I should have decals available for both the FG.1 & FGR.2 by the end of the month, otherwise Lilliput AF has some for the FGR.2 already.

John Haverstock said...

Oh, did I mention that this is a 3D printed kit, not injection plastic or resin... .